Watches, Prayers, and Arguments

Given to Students by
Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science and Author of Its Textbook,
Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

With a Foreword by Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B.


In the home of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, those whom she called mental workers were instructed to sit quietly in their rooms and watch and pray, usually for an hour at a time. These periods she called watches, after the Master’s query, “Could ye not watch with me one hour?”

It was her custom to furnish these workers with written texts or outlines of thoughts which she expected them to amplify. Calvin Frye, her secretary, would pass these papers around to each worker. When there was a special need, the amount of such work was increased. Gilbert C. Carpenter relates how, in 1905, the workers watched for three days and nights, without going to bed or removing their clothes, being permitted fifteen minute rest periods from time to time. When the work was done successfully, Mrs. Eddy told them so, and the home returned to its normal schedule of three main watches per day, in which everyone, including Mrs. Eddy, participated. Each worker had an additional hour in which he worked alone. Mr. Carpenter, for instance, had what was called the midnight watch, watching from twelve to one a.m.

Mr. Carpenter states, that only Mrs. Eddy knew what the circumstances were that required three days of watching. She directed the lines of work that were taken up, but she did not disclose what the problem was, not even when it was handled.

Students came to her home to learn how to demonstrate — how to utilize divine Mind in its larger aspects — and these watches represent part of her effort to teach and to train students in this most valuable attainment.

Some of the watches Mrs. Eddy gave, sound cryptic or meaningless to us today, because it is not possible to know the various circumstances which made them necessary. Yet mature students may find spiritual growth in contemplating them and seeking light on them. It becomes a means of growth, when a student takes that which the human mind cannot comprehend, and seeks to reflect the light of spiritual understanding upon it. Mind is all-knowing. Then Mind knows what these watches mean, and we can know, if we reflect Mind.

The compiler of these watches would have it understood, that his purpose was in no sense a sentimental attempt to “memorial” something from the past. It is his conviction and hope that God guided him to collect these watches, in order that the vital spiritual work for Christian Science and the world, which Mrs. Eddy conducted in her home and among her students, may be renewed and continued. If such work was needed and efficacious in her day, is it not still needed? And will not a vast amount of good be done, if loyal students, who are ready and fitted to carry on such work, take it up with a consecration and dedication that augurs of success, and merits God’s approval and blessing?

In reading these watches, one is struck by the fact that Mrs. Eddy required work to be done for students in different positions, without their knowledge or consent. Knowing, that in her published writings she forbad such practice, one wonders why it was right for her to do that which today would seem like unwarranted interference. Time and time again she commissioned Calvin C. Hill to do such work for her maids and secretaries, and for the officials in Boston.

In 1906 she directed him to “treat J — A — one or more times daily that he can and does attend strictly and cheerfully and successfully to the publishing of Science and Health and other works on Christian Science, and neither M.A.M. (malicious animal magnetism) nor hypnotism can or does prevent it.”

In 1889 Mrs. Eddy had work done relative to publishing of the textbook in a more impersonal way, as follows: “Nothing can hinder the book, Science and Health, from being published immediately. The press and machinery that publish this book, and all who work on it in the press and bindery, are safe in God’s hands; they cannot be and are not governed by hatred. They are governed, upheld and prospered by Love, and the book is coming out rapidly. (When the book goes to the bindery, then stop the press aid and turn all their force there. Tell each one that I say, by no means take up the mesmerists or any personality, but to have faith in God, and this will do it all — just as the prayer asks).”

Another curious and personal line of work, given to Mr. Hill in 1907, in which Mrs. Eddy named individuals, is as follows: “Neither Christian psychology, R. C., J. C. L., nor I. C. T. can produce any suffering. Divine Love is All and governs.” When Dr. Alfred Baker brought Mrs. Eddy proof in 1900, that Augusta Stetson was malpracticing on her enemies, and using the argument, “You are dead,” she refused to let Dr. Baker treat her personally as error. She declared that Mrs. Stetson’s work for God in New York was not finished. Her treatment for her was, “You are a lamb of God. You must lie down in Truth.”

When Mrs. Eddy had work done on students, and directed others to take them up personally, it was never an attempt to harm them, or to cast a blot on their characters. But she was unerring in her ability to detect the channels error was using at any given time to try to reach her or harm others with adverse arguments. In her endeavors to protect her spiritual thought, and that of her home or the Cause, she did not hesitate to name the channel, if it seemed necessary, even though generally she forbad such practice, unless she gave specific permission. She knew that God could trust her not to make the error real in such a way as to harm an individual; but she did not trust students to name persons in prayer, apart from her supervision. In fact she once wrote to one of the Christian Science Board of Directors, William B. Johnson, “Naming persons in prayer is the fight between beasts. Overcoming their evil and lies with good and Truth in your prayers, is Christian Science.”

Many great actors and actresses have forgotten their lines under the stress of fear. Hence it is customary to have a coach ready to prompt them, when necessary. It is not considered to be a black mark against one, if at times he needs such coaching. Mrs. Eddy recognized the constant suggestions that assailed students in important positions, to forget or to neglect many things which they had been taught, and upon which the success of their work, and so that of the Cause, depended. She trained students who expressed aptitude in this direction, like Mr. Hill, and who could be trusted not to mistake animal magnetism for personal error, to act as mental coaches for any or all, upon whom the bulk of responsibility for the Cause depended. When she named certain students to be worked for, she was not implying that such workers were incompetent or naturally sinful, nor was she implying that they would need such coaching in their daily convictions of the Truth that they had learned; but she discerned, that in the heat of the day they needed special help, especially when error tempted them to accept a human estimate of her.

Mrs. Eddy herself was never too proud to ask for help from her humble students when she felt in need of it, and when she knew that the spirit of God dwelt with them. In fact many of the arguments, given in these watches, were given to aid the students in their efforts to help her. Mrs. Eddy was able to humble herself in this way, because she put the safety and success of the Cause above any temptation of pride; whereas her students had, in general, not reached this selfless standpoint. She found it necessary, therefore, to have them helped without their knowledge. When she detected that a student was listening to error, and was in danger and was unaware of it, she detailed another, whom she had trained for this purpose, to lend a helping hand.

At times a trapeze artist will plunge to earth, because he assumed prematurely that he was skillful enough to dispense with a net. The students Mrs. Eddy detailed to help other students, acted as nets to catch those whose pride was going before a fall; or they were like secret service men, detailed to guard the President of our country, without his knowledge. If he knew how hedged about and protected he was, he might chafe under such restrictions; but his position makes such care essential.

The inside history of our beloved Cause shows that nearly every officer or student in a prominent position received a protecting and steadying thought from time to time, either from Mrs. Eddy herself, or from trustworthy students who were detailed to do such constructive work under her watch and ward.

Mrs. Eddy was successful in founding her Cause, in spite of a lack of seasoned workers. In order to do so, she had to be an exception to her own rule not to name persons in prayer, or to treat them without their knowledge. Her action was justified because it was essential for the safety of the Cause, that it be protected from the adverse influence of those who, for the moment, became darkened by error. It should be understood, that Mrs. Eddy never worked in Science, or had her students work for ends, just because she wanted them humanly, as one might crave to own a valuable emerald ring. She sought only to have God’s will done on earth, and whatever would claim to interfere with that, was the error that had to be handled.

In order to understand why Mrs. Eddy named certain students to Mr. Hill as a source of suffering, and told him to take up the Argument, “Nobody can suffer or produce suffering for speaking the truth; nobody can affect others through a lie,” one would need to know that the demonstration and development that brings one so close to God that one can hear His voice, also causes one to become so sensitive to mortal thought that, unless one rises above it, he suffers. Mrs. Eddy devoted a chapter in her book, Unity of Good, to a discussion of this point. And in a private letter to Effie Andrews, she wrote: “This has been a sad experience of mine, always to be trammelled by the errors before my eyes — if I could not rise above them.”

Almost without exception, when a student left Pleasant View, he would receive a letter from Mrs. Eddy, requesting him to remove his thoughts from her, and not to think of her. She would write, “Do not think of me in your prayers.” One such letter was written to Calvin Hill on Dec. 5, 1906: “Please remove your thoughts utterly away from me. Through the weakness of some students who have been here and report what I say, it is known that I have great faith in you, and so the enemy argues that you make me suffer. To meet this, take it up that you can’t make any one suffer and no one can make you suffer. But do not think of me. Only break the law of the lie. You and the Committee on Business, keep me out of your thoughts. My great struggle is with so many turning to my personality for one thing or another. But that’s a lie, so banish it all into oblivion, for God is All and there is no other Mind.”

Again on April 24, 1908, she wrote him, “Please keep your thought apart from me, and accept my forever gratitude.” Again in 1907 she wrote, “Again I have to write, do not think of me. Your tender thought reaches me — costs me much. Leave me in God alone. He loves us both. I love all — friends and enemies.”

The significance of this last letter becomes plainer, when it is known that in 1907 a lawsuit was brought against her by her own kin and others, for the purpose of wresting her property out of her hands. As Mr. Hill was discussing it with her, he declared that he would like to go to New York and wring the necks of those who were responsible for this outrage against an innocent and good woman. As soon as he had said this, Mrs. Eddy said, “Now you’ve helped me.”

Why was Mrs. Eddy helped by Mr. Hill’s affirmation of human loyalty? He loved her, and let his tenderest thoughts rest upon her, as one would upon one’s own precious mother. Yet his thoughts caused her suffering. Why? Because he was personalizing animal magnetism, and thus harboring it as real. He was mistaking it for the channels it was using to strike at Truth. His desire to strangle those responsible for the lawsuit was as unmetaphysical and foolish, as would be a man’s impulse to destroy his radio, because a program aroused his ire.

Mrs. Eddy was helped by what Mr. Hill said, because it exposed to her why it cost her much to have his tender thought rest upon her — since that tender thought was permeated with a sense of hate which offended spiritual sense. Mrs. Eddy would never permit herself to harbor hatred. She wrote him, “I love all — friends and enemies.”

There have been earnest students — some of whom knew Mrs. Eddy — who have refused to believe that she ever issued to the mental workers such a watch as Adam Dickey recorded: “Mrs. Eddy’s face is not deformed; her eyes are large, natural.”

If a masterpiece had been covered by a daub, it would stimulate the one removing the daub to a more active effort, to be reminded that the eyes of the one in the original painting were large and beautiful. It is in accord with Mrs. Eddy’s teachings, that the realization of the presence of the perfect always helps to improve the present imperfect sense that one is striving to put off. The argument Mrs. Eddy gave in regard to herself applies to us all, since one expressing God cannot help but manifest His beauty, as well as His health. Thus she was merely pointing the way for all.

Rather than to discount any of these outlines or watches Mrs. Eddy gave, it would be more fitting for one to pray in humility for more growth and understanding, in order to reach a higher vantage, from which these moot points become clear and comprehensible.

One attempt to discount the value of these watches to present-day workers who are ready for them, is made by those who contend that their use would violate Mrs. Eddy’s own By-law in the Manual, which forbids the use of formulas. Yet this very By-law states: “Sometimes she may strengthen the faith by a written text as no one else can.” And what are the watches in this book but Mrs. Eddy’s own written texts? Furthermore, if a student felt that it was not fitting to use the exact statements which our Leader formulated, by having them to read, he has the priceless privilege of learning just what were the weapons of her warfare, which were found efficacious to the pulling down of strongholds; thus will he be helped in formulating his own.

A novice may study the music of a master, with no intention of copying it. In his own efforts to write music, he is helped by a study of the compositions of great composers. A study of the flight of a seagull helped the Wright brothers to construct a plane that would fly, but in doing so, they were not limited by, or confined to, a bird’s use of his wings.

There have been critics, who have accused Mrs. Eddy of unduly frightening her students over animal magnetism in private, while she maintained in her published works that it is nothing. A man in a blizzard on his way home may be fainting with cold, and a friend may save his life by imitating the cry of a wolf — thus quickening his footsteps through fear. It is possible that Mrs. Eddy quickened the footsteps heavenward of students, by naming error for them to take up in a way that produced a measure of wholesome alarm. Such a modus would be justified by the results.

The world may never know the loss it sustained, when it no longer had Mrs. Eddy at the head of her household of mental workers, directing them day and night to pour into human consciousness a volume of scientific thought that aided greatly in counteracting and neutralizing the error in human consciousness, and opening the way for Truth to enter and govern. In this group she was the chief worker who set the pace for all. Students found it not only possible, but easy on the whole, to sit and work for one hour, where she worked at the same time and took the lead, when they could not have done the same thing in their own homes for more than a short time. One is reminded of a bicycle race, where speeds of fifty miles an hour are achieved by having a motorcycle cleaving the air ahead, and the bicyclist pacing behind.

In calling on students to watch faithfully with her, Mrs. Eddy put them on their honor, that they would spend the hour in no other way, nor cut it short because it became wearisome. She indicated that the success of her church and mission was largely dependent on such work. In fact she wrote to Hannah Larmanie that if such watches had not been kept in Boston, the Cause would have been lost. She said to her, “This Cause must be carried by silent argument, just the same as you carry it physically. This is the great duty for Christians that they must do, or be accountable to God for leaving it undone.” It is significant that on August 4, 1905, Mrs. Eddy wrote to Irving Tomlinson, “I want you to pray and pray for more additions to our church in Concord.” She knew that in the midst of interesting activity in connection with the church, one might lose sight of the main purpose of the church, namely, to interest strangers in our doctrine, and forget that it belongs to the public, as well as to its members. Hence it ceases to function as it should, when strangers cease coming. Thus, in calling on him to pray for more additions to the church in Concord, she hoped he would be reminded of this fact, which members are prone to forget, and perhaps be led to take the next logical step — namely, to pray for the success of the Cause as a whole.

When the Concord church was being built, she wrote to him, “I ask that you and your sister and all the practical, good Christian Scientists in Concord each day twice take up in prayer the solemn subject that no accident nor harm shall come to those employed on our Church building.” Here was a solemn demand which would surely help to increase the faith of the Concord students in the efficacy of scientific prayer, as well as to provide a practical protection for those working on the church building.

On December 26, 1902, she wrote to him: “I fear I did not make myself understood regarding the prayer for Concord, the State and the whole world, so will say: I never name myself in these prayers, nor a personality, but pray in this wise: O Father-Mother Love, let Thy kingdom come and Thy will be done here in this city and throughout this State. Turn the hearts of this people to seek and to find the healing Christ that taketh away all sin, disease and death, etc.”

If one is surprised at the note of petition in this prayer, let him recall that Mr. Tomlinson was an ex-minister, and Mrs. Eddy knew that she could gain more Christian cooperation from the proper use of such a prayer, than had she sent him scientific mental arguments. Furthermore, she wrote the letter at a time when the criticism was being aired, that in the beginning of her ministry she did not teach a religion, and that she added this element to her teachings later. So she was seeking Mr. Tomlinson’s help in meeting this lie. She wrote him that her very first teaching was from the Scriptures. She also referred him to Mr. Corser, her old Pastor, who knew her intimately in her early years, and who could testify to her early religious life.

A metaphysician could take the above prayer, which sounds like those of the old ministerial school, and expand it scientifically, as readily as the mental workers in her home learned to take the fragmentary outlines which she furnished them daily, and to use them as mental “primers” — as water is used to prime a pump and to start the well flowing — to open a flood of spiritual and inspirational thought that truly was reflected from God.

In reading these watches, one wonders at Mrs. Eddy’s insistence on students handling the weather. Gilbert C. Carpenter reports that she kept Laura Sargent working on the weather much of the time, even while she had other students working on specific problems that needed attention. Mrs. Sargent frequently conferred with him on the subject, especially at those times when she felt baffled by our Leader’s demands upon her in this direction. At times she would ask him to take hold and help her, and he found his work was always successful, when he took up the weather from the standpoint of Mrs. Eddy herself, not as if she wanted pleasant weather for her own enjoyment, but as if the atmosphere at Pleasant View was the effect of her demonstration of a vantage, from which she might do the most efficient work for God and man. In his work he would relate the weather to her demonstration, declaring it to be governed by her reflection of Mind, and therefore to be harmonious, in the sense that it met the human need either for sunshine or rain; but that it could not be controlled by malice or hatred to do harm or to disturb her peace by extremes of any sort.

When one contemplates the workers at Pleasant View praying for the benefit of the Cause and humanity, and Mrs. Sargent working on the weather, analysis will show that actually the latter was also working for the benefit of humanity, since one cannot work scientifically on the weather, without endeavoring to excommunicate the socalled human mind from the world, in order that divine Mind may come in and govern in this physical universe, so-called.

If a student should become fixed in the notion that the entire mission of Science is to heal mankind, it would help him to read these watches, so that he might learn that, in Mrs. Eddy’s eyes, it was no misuse of Truth to apply it to the weather and other general discords. The task of the working Scientist must include correcting the weather, if it violates the law of harmony, as well as to work on whatever else comes to his notice in the world that calls for divine help. On page 427 of the textbook we read: “Immortal Mind, governing all, must be acknowledged as supreme in the physical realm, so-called, as well as in the spiritual.”

One reason Mrs. Eddy kept Mrs. Sargent working on the weather, may have been because students must work on specific problems where the proof of God’s presence demonstrated is evinced by the harmony manifested — like the weather — because demonstrations which carry proof of the success of one’s work are necessary to encourage and convince one of the value and effectiveness of his work, in preparation for that larger work that awaits every man, where he reflects the divine power that rules nations, but where he can point to no tangible results as proof of the success of his work. In this larger work for humanity, one must take its fruitage on faith.

The following extracts from the diary kept by Calvin Frye tell an interesting story: “August 6, 1900. When Mrs. Eddy was out on the swing this morning, she told me to go and tell Joseph Mann for him and me to constantly hold the thought, the sun will not appear for three days and three nights, and there will be a constant rain; the clouds will be continually replenished. It is a very hot sunny day. Suddenly at 10 o’clock tonight a severe thunder shower came up with almost a cyclone. Mother told me to tell Joseph, there is no cyclone. We united in that thought, and in less than five minutes the wind (which was filled with water like mist) came down to a gentle breeze. Mother then told me to tell Joseph, no thunder and lightning, but continuous gentle rain. In a few moments the thunder died away in the distance, and there was a steady gentle rain. Today, Aug. 7, there has been a gentle rain most of the day without thunder.”

Two points may be affirmed, namely, that Mrs. Eddy used the need to work on the weather as a training ground for students in mental work, and as a means of expanding their realization of the possibilities of man reflecting and equipped with divine power, in preparation for his resuming his place in the universe as having dominion over all things. Furthermore, when she gave orders, such as the one given to the Directors, to unite in the thought, it is raining, (found in this book), she had confidence that their work would be correct, based on a scientific understanding of metaphysics. What was her purpose in so doing? Obviously it was to provide divine Mind with a mold. What molds divine Love to meet the human need, according to the promise given in our textbook? It must be the human need itself, held in thought.

Once Mrs. Eddy described this point as follows: “I pray, asking. When I want anything, I ask God for it and He gives it to me. Now only this morning I asked God for rain. I said, ‘I do not want a tempest, or thunder and lighting, but a good, powerful rain to refresh the earth,’ and here it is, you see.” In reading of these incidents in Mrs. Eddy’s experience, it is well to realize that, to her, rain was merely a visible proof of God’s love, supplied through wisdom to meet the human need.

Another point to be noted in these pages is Mrs. Eddy’s frequent use of the names of various poisons, and her insistence that students use a terminology that included such names. On May 26, 1903, she said to her household: “If you take up arsenic, you will hit it in most of the cases in 1903.”

Mrs. Eddy was past mistress of the art of formulating arresting, as well as scientific, terminology that would challenge thought, when perhaps it had become jaded in its use of familiar arguments. A declaration loses its incisiveness through much use; and since the efficacy of Science is in proportion to the extent that thought is mentalized as well as spiritualized, the use of certain material terms in connection with that which is obviously mental, becomes a help in resolving things into thoughts, and so aiding one in reaching that vantage where one admits that, even in the human realm, when one tells the truth about the lie, all is mind. For instance, when one takes material poison and suffers ill effects, mortal mind, not matter, causes such effects.

Thus the lesson Mrs. Eddy was bringing home to her students, concerning mental causation, became more potent when she called upon them to handle certain poisons like arsenic and mercury, when it was evident that she was referring to no possibility of such poisons having been taken or being present materially. Thus she was referring to mesmeric poison, operating exactly as the hypnotist operates, when he causes a burn to appear with a piece of ice.

On August 9, 1900, she wrote to the Board of Directors, “The one devil, evil, takes thought by drugs as well as siege. The drugs are morphine, opium, hashish, arsenic, rhus-radicant, strychnine. There is a need of awakening before it is too late.”

There is no doubt, but that the effect of all mortal suggestions on the advancing student is like poison in the mental realm. Is it strange, therefore, that Mrs. Eddy should find this out, and instruct students to work accordingly?

Among other things Mrs. Eddy had her students handle electricity. On July 13, 1904, when Lewis Strang was asked to interview a student as a prospective maid for her, she wrote: “Ask her, have you always been well and strong in belief before coming into Christian Science. How do you handle belief of nerves, M.A.M., electricity?”

Electricity functions by a discharge from the positive to the negative pole. From this phenomenon we learn the nature of animal magnetism in its claim to be contagious, and to dart from one mortal thought to another. Hence our defense must lie in acknowledging this claim, and then refuting it with the truth of being.

Once Mrs. Eddy asked a student the question: “Do you understand the handling of electrical poisoning? It is mental thought transference with malice behind it — with an intent to harm. Mortal mind sends its messages without wires. It is aggressive mental suggestion maliciously directed.”

When Mrs. Eddy detected that the mental workers were not basing their prayers on a true and scientific realization of the nothingness of the error which they were taking up, she would stop their work, on the basis that something was out of tune. At times she told them to drop the argument entirely and to hold with God. At other times she would tell them to stop denying the error and to affirm the truth, without reference to the negative side. Such instructions were given according to the immediate need, and in no sense were they general rules.

When she found the students making error real, she had to stop their work and direct their thoughts to the right side only. When she found them repeating arguments like parrots, without a spark of spirit in them, or with a strained anxiety that carried little faith in God, she had to rebuke them.

How do we account for the fact that at times she formulated prayers which had about them the aroma of old theology? Her mission was to call students to rise from the old personal sense of God to a scientific definition of Him. In this effort there is a danger that one’s scientific sense becomes so impersonal and cold, that one ceases to feel the Father’s presence as a palpable sense of divine Love, watching over one at all times and under all circumstances. Proof of this contention may be found in the beautiful definition of God which Mrs. Eddy gave to the class of 1898, as recorded on page 90 of Irving C. Tomlinson’s book, “Twelve Years with Mary Baker Eddy.”

The male and female of prayer may be said to be the scientific exercise of power through scientific declaration, inseparable from a loving, humble acknowledgment of Him as ever present and the one source of all power and intelligence. Mrs. Eddy watched to see that the students kept a proper balance in their mental ministrations. If she found prayer becoming too masculine — too coldly scientific — she would outline a fervent prayer of acknowledgment and petition to the loving Father-Mother, forever near.

When she found students using the repetition of mere words without the spirit, she declared that they were chattering the letter of Science like mockingbirds. She explained that the apathy, the lack of love and Christian vigor, came of seeking only the letter of Truth and stopping there, because it costs so much more to gain the spirit thereof.

A formula is a superstitious belief in the efficacy of the repetition of mere words — like chanting some magic recipe, illustrated by the witches in the play, Macbeth. Even the watches in this book could be used as formulas, unless, as one works and prays, he seeks to have God govern his thought. A formula is a human remedy in the mental realm, as medicine is in the physical realm, since it is based on a belief that a set phraseology has the power to heal disease, when the scientific fact to be realized, is that there is no disease to heal.

Arguments in Science are like the match one uses to light the gas in the stove. It is the gas that bakes the cake.

Arguments become a formula when one tries to heal by their means, as if one tried to make the cake with the match. Mrs. Eddy watched the students, lest they sink to the level of believing that their declarations were what accomplished the work. On page 454 of the textbook, we read, “Remember that the letter and mental arguments are only human auxiliaries to aid in bringing thought into accord with the spirit of Truth and Love, which heals the sick and the sinning.”

An airplane taxies on the ground to gain the speed necessary to rise where it may soar unfettered. The repeating and declaring of arguments — even those furnished by our Leader — becomes the use of formulas unless, as one uses them, he carries in mind the goal of Science, where one’s thoughts blend with God and soar in the illimitable realm of Mind.

Mrs. Eddy furnished the tools of scientific thought and work, but she told her students always to go to God for the wisdom to use these tools correctly, as well as for the love to put into them the unction necessary. Only as God directs our thought and work, can we be sure that we are not using a formula.

No student should approach any problem — even though he uses Mrs. Eddy’s exact phraseology — without seeking God’s wisdom to direct him and God’s love to inspire him, since God alone can guide one to treat a case scientifically and enable him to put into it the divine love that heals. To apply mere words, statements, or arguments to a case, mechanically, without the spirit or the directing wisdom of God, breaks the letter and the spirit of the By-law in the Manual, forbidding the use of formulas.

There are those who contend that, when Pleasant View, as Mrs. Eddy’s earthly home, ceased to be her platform of scientific activity because she had left our midst, the watches which she issued to students should have been likewise destroyed, since they were adapted solely for use at the time she issued them. But if Pleasant View is thought of as a state of consciousness, where one strives to use every activity of daily life as an opportunity to establish divine Mind as his only Mind, then it is correct to say, that eventually every follower of Mrs. Eddy must go to Pleasant View, as part of his endeavor to escape sense testimony and find eternal reality and harmony.

If Mrs. Eddy was helping the students in her home to attain a state of consciousness where God is recognized as supreme, by giving them these daily watches to work with, what is to prevent present-day students from a similar effort, namely, to strive to fulfill the mental requirements she placed on those who came to live with her as mental workers? And are not those who had the privilege of going to Pleasant View, and learning what these requirements were from her own lips, obligated to unfold them in such a way, that future generations may learn the same lessons and, if faithful, receive the same blessings?

Mrs. Eddy’s earthly home, called Pleasant View, or Chestnut Hill, is not important to students today, but her sense of home that she established is, namely, a place where one seeks to establish divine Mind as supreme in all that he does, even in the most commonplace and menial tasks, and to continue this effort, until he has made divine Mind his permanent Mind, and all belief in a so-called human mind has been ruled out. A student who seeks to fulfill this purpose may declare that he has been to Pleasant View, in proportion as he fulfills the purposes of Pleasant View. By seeking to do everything from the standpoint of divine Mind, he makes his own home a Pleasant View, and if using Mrs. Eddy’s Watches will help him in this direction, he should have them and use them eagerly every day. What can be more helpful to the student who is ready for the privilege, than to learn from Mrs. Eddy’s Watches, how to occupy his time?

If Pleasant View be regarded as the name of a state of consciousness, into which Mrs. Eddy sought to get every student who came to her home, then it lies in the heavenward path of every student. Hence, only as a student is successful in establishing Pleasant View for himself, can he be assured that he is on the heavenly road.

We have lost the material expression of our Leader, but as the Pastor Emeritus, her spirit still remains to lead us on, the ideal that must be obeyed. Similarly, Pleasant View, as a material expression of her home, has been destroyed; but as a mental ideal, it is still with us. And if, by using these Watches, we can establish our right to live at Pleasant View — because we have fitted ourselves to do so — then these Watches become of the utmost importance to the advancing student.

In conclusion the compiler must say, if this volume should fall into the hands of any who are fixed in the notion that the entire mission of Science is to heal disease and work out the problems of mortals, he will feel rewarded for his labor, if it opens their eyes to see that according to the way Mrs. Eddy worked and taught her students to work, an enlarged use of Truth includes the weather and other general discords. It becomes part of the task of the advancing student to work on the weather, to work for peace between nations, and for whatever else comes to his notice that calls for divine help. It is no violation of our textbook to put into practice Mrs. Eddy’s statement on page 264: “We must look where we would walk, and we must act as possessing all power from Him in whom we have our being.”

Once Mrs. Eddy made the following statements, which she may have been led to formulate, when she found the students indulging a tendency to make Science wholly a matter of cold, scientific argument: “We must talk more closely with God, bring Him nearer to us, more like the old style of praying. We must feel and know that God is what we live in, like the atmosphere or the sunlight. It is all about us. We must rest more in God. When we have a patient, do as well as we can, and let God do the healing. If your children need treatment, do not sit up all night and treat, but treat yourself, and go to bed and to sleep. Give up error to God. Ask for our daily bread, enough for today. A child with its mother does not ask all the time if it will have clothing tomorrow or next week, but runs along happy and trusts its mother’s care. So must we do. Have that trust in the one Father-Mother God, and without fear. If we suffer, suffer it out. The true thought brings the error to the surface, and if we fear not, it will pass off.”

Before this little volume went to press, an important letter Mrs. Eddy wrote, was added on page 131, in which she requested the Directors to treat themselves three times each day against being governed by hypnotism, and that students be appointed to treat them thus, or as she wrote, “to take (them) up against the effects of malicious mesmerism ...” When Jesus washed his disciples’ feet, and admonished them to wash one another’s feet, he was advocating that they help one another to handle animal magnetism, when to do so becomes necessary. Thus Mrs. Eddy was following in her Master’s footsteps, when she called for a Committee to be formed, the duty of which was to help the Directors in meeting animal magnetism, or to wash their feet. “Bear ye one another’s burdens” was the Biblical rule that she was advocating, since the only burden is animal magnetism.

Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.
January 30, 1950 East Providence, R. I.

Instruction for Students in Using These Valuable Contributions Given by Our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, for Spiritual Growth

To master a language, you must first learn to read it; then you learn to talk it; and lastly you learn to think it.

We first learn to read Science and Health, our textbook, with the eyes of belief, then with the eyes of understanding; then we are ready to begin to demonstrate it and explain it to others. But Mrs. Eddy has given us Watches, which you find in this book, to teach us to think Christian Science continuously. This thinking is doubly important. It is not only the way of salvation, because substituting the belief in mortal mind for God’s Mind is salvation, but the Watches include also a vast benefit to the race, and the solution of the world’s problems, including healing the sick. But for us it means attaining permanent right thinking, instead of occasional right thinking, as important to the working Christian Scientist, as piano practice is to the student, determined to become a pianist. It is also like a child learning to cook. Although the main object is to learn to cook, yet the family and friends are nourished and enjoy the food the child prepares.

Use these Watches as Mrs. Eddy instructs, and you will in a measure reap the reward that many received in Mrs. Eddy’s home. She usually asked an incoming student: “How much Christian Science do you know?” They soon learned the answer, which was: “Only what I can demonstrate.” “Never off guard, always ready to demonstrate” should be the desire of every Christian Scientist; and these Watches will enable you to do just this.

Gilbert C. Carpenter, Sr., C.S.B.
July 30, 1952.
East Providence, R. I.

Watches — Prayers — Arguments Given to Students by Mary Baker Eddy

WATCH — Learn what watching means.

I have watched all these years for you and the world.

Now you watch; be always on duty — on guard.

You must watch, as Jesus said, if you would not have the house broken open; you think you are watching, but are you, when the house is broken open? What would be thought of a watchman, who would let the place watched be burglarized? Would he be the right kind of a watchman? That is just why I named our paper, Sentinel, and on it, “Watch.” We must feel the danger and lift our thought to God; He will save us. If we do not feel the danger, and go right on, as though everything were all right, declaring you are all right, you cannot die, etc., when the seeming is all wrong, you will not be watching with God. When we feel the danger, then we earnestly turn to God.

Keep awake — watch; the right kind of watching.

Keep Your Watch

Where all students have failed, is in not knowing how to handle animal magnetism. If we don’t break the belief that mesmerism has power, we are still the victims of mesmerism, and it is handling us. Now then, the main point is to keep your watch. Matt. 26:40 & 24:43. If you stay here, until you learn to handle animal magnetism, I will make healers out of you. I had to do it, and did it for forty years, and you must do it. You must rise to the point where you can destroy the belief in mesmerism, or you will have no Cause. It tried to overcome me for forty years and I withstood it all. Now it has gotten to the point where the students must take up this work and meet animal magnetism. I cannot do it for you. You must do it for yourselves, and unless it is done, the Cause will perish, and we will go along another nineteen hundred years, with the world sunk into the blackest night. Now will you rouse yourselves? You have all the power of God with you to conquer this lie of mesmerism. The workers in the field are not healing, because they are not meeting animal magnetism which says they cannot heal. Will you keep your watch? To keep your watch doesn’t only mean to be awake at that hour and be working mentally. It means to do the work and succeed in breaking the mesmerism for the two hours assigned. If you don’t succeed, you haven’t kept your watch.

WATCH — Don’t see things.

WATCH — Stick to the truth of being.

WATCH — All action is Mind.

WATCH — Take it in your watch: No pain.

No nerves.

No neuralgia.

No fear.

WATCH — Better for Mrs. Eddy’s teaching.

Truth heals.

It cannot hurt.

It cannot be reversed in its effect.

Love governs all.

WATCH — Every effort of the leader of this gang blesses us, makes our way easier, gives us better health and a shorter way to heaven.

WATCH — Cannot make appointments.

Cannot receive encouragements.

Cannot indulge in any mental adultery.

Cannot influence other men’s wives.

WATCH — Inundation, flood, lightning, love worse than beasts.

WATCH — Can’t hurt any one by telling the truth, and no one can hurt me by lying.

WATCH — More mental work for the field must be done.

WATCH — Nothing can reverse the Truth, for Truth is All.

WATCH — No surplus electricity.

All is governed by divine Mind, etc.

WATCH — Impersonal evil cannot use me as an avenue through which to express any discord; there is no evil.

This hourly declaration will keep me invulnerable from error.

WATCH — God loves all of us in this house.

God governs us.

All things are working together for our good.

WATCH — Electromagnetism conveys nothing to nerve centers, and there is no telegraphy over the nerves of the body.

WATCH — You cannot make me believe that I cannot heal, nor can you prevent me from healing.

(Three times a day if not more.)

WATCH — No thoughts of poison or hate coming here.

She can sleep nights and can help herself.

WATCH — A lying argument has just the opposite effect.

The wrath of man shall praise Him, and we rise because of it, i.e., by overcoming it.

WATCH — Let your minds go out every two hours: All is peace, good will, Love, etc.

Say nothing of error.

Confine your thoughts to the right side.

WATCH — No fear of mortal mind. It has no power over us.

We have full confidence in divine Mind, for it is All; there is none other.

WATCH — Truth reverses every argument of error and brings out just the opposite results.

WATCH — Hold steadfastly to God.

Do as you would be done by, and God will bless you in it.

WATCH — No fear.

No sleeplessness.

No suffering from mortal mind turned on us, for there is no mortal mind.

No suffering from the World article.

One Mind, etc.

WATCH — Know and realize: Good is omnipotent.

Evil is impotent.

There is but one Mind.

There is no mortal mind.

WATCH — No unconscious mind. It is all conscious, and I govern my thoughts.

No poison can get in here.

One God, one power only, and it is good and not evil.

WATCH — I am the image and likeness of God. No mortal or mortal opposer of Truth can confine this image in any mortal body to mar or molest it, for divine Mind holds it intact, forever free from mortal touch.

WATCH — When we are better, we are not made worse.

When we help others, it does not hurt us.

The good we do, does us good.

God is Life. God is never death.

We can no more lose life than we can lose God.

Extract from Letter

To run before a lie is to accept its terms. This works like running before the enemy in battle. You will be followed, pursued, till you face about, trust in God, and stand on Spirit, denying and facing and fighting all claims of matter and mortal mind, both one.

WATCH — There are no lies, nothing is real but the Truth.

There is no loss of sight.

It cannot be lost.

Hold this point and demonstrate it.

WATCH — No arsenical nor mercurial rheumatism or neuralgia. No effect of arsenic on the nerves, stomach or liver. No relapse or return of these beliefs. It does him good to work for me.

This, with all else that God gives, use in argument for Frye.

WATCH — Love controls the weather.

No electricity of mortal mind.

No thunder; no high wind to blow.

Divine Mind governs all.

WATCH — No error can harm our Cause or a true Christian Scientist.

Good is supreme, it is all, and evil is powerless.

Our arguments cannot be reversed.

Truth is not hindered. It brings forth.

In Your Watch Include This Always:

When a good point in health or progress is reached, it cannot be lost and the case made worse, but it does remain and no relapse can occur.

WATCH — Watch and pray against becoming worldly; also for spiritual sense to govern all your motives and acts.

WATCH — Never argue all on one side.

But handle the serpent.

Then claim the real, the Love.

WATCH — A lying argument has no power.

What we reject, cannot be forced into our thought.

No involuntary contraction of the muscles of the pupil of the eye, nor of the eyelids.

No lessening of the eye.

WATCH — Cannot make you worse when you are better.

When you are better, you are better.

You are not a hypnotist.

You do not send disease from place to place.

You heal it.

One Mind, — no other.

WATCH — Watch that M.A.M. does not dull your thought to the clear Word of God. I gave so much to your class — my last class — and so little has been done with it! Why? Because sleep overcomes the thought. Students must be watchers against the “thief that cometh in the night.”

WATCH — Declare daily: No mesmeric influence can prevent the law of spiritual growth, understanding, development, expression, discernment, humility, freedom, health, wealth, and healing from having boundless freedom in your consciousness. No mesmeric influence can separate you from the infinite Mind and its faculty.

WATCH — Take this thought earnestly twice each day: There is no evil thinking and no evil argument; the lie and liar are a lie, an illusion; there is no such person nor thought. God is all there is.

WATCH — You have no faith in evil.

You have no power to do evil, or cause others to sin.

You cannot take away from anyone mind, or any of its faculties.

There is no power in evil.

Good is the only power.

You cannot poison anyone.

There is no poison.

These are God’s laws, and you cannot escape them.

WATCH — Christian Scientists must work daily to annul the prayers of the unrighteous, those who unrighteously pray that the Christian Science prayers cannot heal the sick.

WATCH — Better for her teaching and help, etc.

No relapse, etc.

No reversal of Truth, etc.

No pain, no night (fear or doubt). All is joy and peace.

No arsenical or mercurial rheumatism or neuralgia.

No Catholic prayers to harm us, for the wrath of man shall praise Him.

WATCH — The claim of hypnotism, mesmerism, electromagnetism, and animal magnetism, is that they work through nerves.

Now let us cut their wires, and know that there are no nerves.

Mind does the talking, and Mind is God.

WATCH — There is no animal, vegetable or mineral kingdom; there is no poisonous thought or mind. There can be no inflammation from fear, hate, lust or poison, through mental malpractice or mental malpractitioners.

There is no mind to transfer or be transferred, telegraphed or transmitted, and no man or woman to operate those claims.

WATCH — Know that M.A.M. has no intelligence to make a law that mercurial or arsenical poison can be mentally administered to produce catarrhal condition of the body. God is the only lawmaker. There is no belief in a mentality through which poison can be hypnotically administered.

WATCH — Know that a shock only makes us go higher.

Death is fear, and one awakes to find that experience (fear) did not kill him. Now let us know, when mortal mind shocks us, we can use it to go up higher, and so know it cannot catch us there.

(Mrs. Eddy said this after she returned from her drive, during which something happened to shock her.)

WATCH — They cannot be swayed by malicious hypnotism.

They are governed and guided by the one Mind, and say and do according to the divine government and guidance.

God governs it.

Justice, truth and love govern it, and nothing else can or does affect it in the least.

WATCH — I cannot harm myself.

I cannot be made to harm myself.

I cannot harm another.

I cannot be made to harm another.

Another cannot harm me.

Another cannot be made to harm me.

Because we are all God’s children, we all love each other — Divine Love.

WATCH — The earth is simply what we recognize with the material senses, hence it is in reality mortal mind, and the declaration, “I give you dominion over the earth” means, I give you power to control your mind.

WATCH — I have only to trust in God, for Love is destroying disease. I can’t do it. Truth and Love are at work, and error and hate can’t stand before them. They are destroying sin, disease and death. I know this, and my faith in it cannot fail, and I cannot fear.

WATCH — Take this up in every watch:

Mrs. Eddy’s face is not deformed.

Her eyes are large, natural.

Sight, hearing, memory are never lost.

Her finger joints are natural.

WATCH — Dear one, realize for yourself and all each day, clear and strong, that the Christ, Truth, does not merely open “the windows of heaven” for us, or promise us heaven, but the knowledge of the Christ in Christian Science is heaven here and now. This knowledge of Truth, as it is taught in Science, is heaven’s open door for all.

WATCH — Every lying argument of hypnotism, theosophy, esoteric magic, etc., is reversed in its effects. Guard this statement of truth by knowing that it cannot be reversed. Their arguments bless us and do us good, because the reverse of them does us good. And all things shall work together for good to those that love God.

WATCH — Try to realize the omnipotence of Love and Life, the inbreathing of His presence. Arouse yourself to a true sense of God’s power, the eternal and ever-conscious Mind that knows only Life. Fear and death are powerless in even a faint perception of the meaning of these declarations of Truth.

WATCH — Mortal mind cannot send me a belief that I cannot heal through Mind; cannot make me believe there is any law, or so-called law of mental malpractice, that I cannot break and annul. Sin cannot hold a patient. There is no man to treat.

WATCH — Make supplication to God daily, that you may be delivered from all beliefs of sin or of sickness, and after doing this, then turn to, and demand of, yourself to realize their unreality, and recognize your power over the temptation to yield to any such an illusion.

WATCH — Students do not pray enough. They should go by themselves at least three times a day to pray. Their prayers should consist of much divine thanks, more realization of the perfect, as well as the denial of error. There is too much denial of error and too little realization of the perfect.

WATCH — Should you awaken from sleep and find yourself in pain, get up, put on your clothes; take yourself up for alcoholism, poison, and God, and don’t take them off until you have realized His allness. Conquer the error.

WATCH — Impersonal evil cannot use me as an avenue through which to express any discord. There is no evil.

This, hourly declared, will keep me invulnerable from error.

You have no faith in evil.

You have no power to do evil, or to cause others to sin.

You cannot take away from me my mind or any one of its functions. There is no power in evil. God is the only power.

WATCH — The first thing I do in the morning, when I awake, is to declare I shall have no other mind before divine Mind, and become fully conscious of this, and then adhere to it throughout the entire day, and then the evil cannot touch me. I have done it, but am a poor specimen of preservation. But the greatest miracle of the age is that I am alive.

WATCH — I am not hypnotized, not self-mesmerized to believe a lie.

I am governed by God.

I am not glamored.

There is no hypnotism, no mortal mind, no presence, no power in evil.

God is All and my only Mind.

He gives me all my thoughts, words and acts.

He teaches me how to pray aright.

WATCH — There is nobody hurting you.

You or your students cannot help yourselves by taking up others, for nobody is hurting you.

God, Love, governs, and Love is not overcome by hate.

You cannot fight against God.

God, good, is supreme and does govern.

There must be an outpouring of love to meet this hour.

WATCH — Truth cannot be reversed; it bears the fruit of health and holiness.

Life cannot be reversed; it bears the fruit of immortal harmony.

Love cannot be reversed; it destroys all fear and heals the sick and the sinner.

Nobody can suffer, or produce any suffering, for speaking the truth. Nobody can affect others through a lie.

WATCH — There are no thoughts sent here but the divine Mind.

There is no malicious mesmerism nor hypnotism, no evil thoughts in this house, or that can be sent here.

All is God, divine Love.

Divine Love is infinite and there are no other minds.

One Mind and this Mind is Love, divine, immortal Life, health and holiness right here in this house.

No malicious thought coming here.

All is divine Love and its manifestation, health, holiness, immortality.

WATCH — There is no psychology, and no Roman Catholic prayers, frightening us in this house.

There is no sin and no fear of sin.

Christian Scientists love the psychologists and the Roman Catholics, and they love us.

Good is all power and the only power.

WATCH — Hold on and persist for good, because there never is a hopeless situation. When error meets with resistance, it begins to be scattered. Where a situation seems unbearable, it is because error is letting go.

Being is one and cannot war with itself; and there is nothing outside of it to strike a blow.

No shadow of mortal mind can touch me; there is nothing to fear. God works in me to will and to do, and I shall perform my work. No cloud can touch me or my patients. All that is within me is the spirit of victory.

WATCH — There is no hypnotism, no theosophy, no electro-magnetism, no animal magnetism.

Awake from this dream!

You are awake to the Truth, you see it, you realize it, and no mortal mind can hinder you from realizing it.

There is one Mind; Truth, Life and Love govern all your thoughts and annihilate all that is unlike them.

Watch Prayer for the Whole Household

All is Love, peace and harmony.

Heaven is right here.

Truth reigns.

There is no strife.

Peace, be still.

Truth has destroyed the error.

Love has destroyed all hate.

All is peace, Love and joy.

Run, and not be weary.

The need of the hour is simplicity, meekness and obedience.

WATCH — I love to be where God wants me to be.

I love to do what God wants me to do, without asking how, when or why.

I have my place in Principle.

I have my work in Principle.

I have my reward in Principle; and there is no law of mental malpractice that can act through any condition or circumstance to hinder or obstruct the perfect and complete manifestation of God’s plan for me here and now.

WATCH — When you lie down to sleep, know that you have self-control, and that the everlasting arms are about you, and nothing can intrude into your quiet sanctuary — your peace and rest. You say you cannot sleep — why not rather say, you rest in God who does not sleep? You need no sleep. Realize this, and the fear that you will not sleep will disappear, and you will sleep. It is the assurance of knowing that makes us master of the situation.

WATCH — The first thing in the morning, call on God to deliver you from temptation and help you to be awake.

Then do your chores, not as a dreamy hashish eater, but with a clear sense of what to do and just how to do it.

Then sit down, and first get yourself into a consciousness of your power with God, and then take up the outside watch. Sit until this is clear, — if two hours.

WATCH — No fear. No poison, arsenic, etc.

No suffering caused here by the readers of Science and Health. No evil minds.

No feeling the beliefs of patients.

No relapse, no reversal of Truth.

There is but one Mind, God, good.

Evil is not mind, it has no power.

We can help ourselves and help others; we do.

We are not self-mesmerized.

God, good, alone controls us.

We feel no mind but His; there is no other mind to feel.

God gives all the thoughts we have, governs all we do and say and think.

WATCH — God is your only Mind.

Divine Love is caring for you.

No mortal mind can stop the functions of being. God holds them intact and eternally. You are awake to the truth; you see it; you realize it; and no mortal mind can hinder you from realizing it. There is but one Mind. Truth, Life and Love govern all your thoughts and annihilate all that is unlike them.



C.S. Board of Directors

I propose that the students named meet at the room selected and weekly report their success on certain watches to be kept by them on the following subjects: Inundation, flood, destructive lightning, earthquake, tornado or cyclone.

These watchers watch as I do, without price; save the reward of doing good and looking to God for help in need.

WATCH — Mother said, write it on tablets; begin with the law: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. This revelation seems like the transfiguration, where Moses, the law, Elias, prophecy, Christ, Science, were revealed.

Mother said, in the old way mortal belief had one devil; now it had many, but we must not call it they, but evil.

She said, when we take up our watch, we do not help her with our thought; we simply clear our own thought of the belief of evil, and this is getting rid of our thought and getting out of God’s way, so the light can shine through, and this blessed light helps us and all in its shining. This is the blessed, blessed way from sense to Soul.

WATCH — Mrs. Eddy impressed upon a student the great importance of urging her students to work against mental malpractice in all directions. She said, that through the law of malpractice, the students have a great deal to meet in themselves physically, and also financially, and also in a business way. The argument is that Scientists are not wanted in business; and because you are a Scientist, you will not succeed, etc. All this is evil suggestion. Meet it by knowing and declaring that there is no evil mind, for only one Mind exists — God, good — only one voice, the voice of God, good.

WATCH — Everyone in this house is better every hour, every half hour, every moment they are gaining health and holiness.

All things work together for good to them that love God, etc.

Mrs. Eddy says, all things are possible to God, and it is He that worketh with us both to will and to do His own good pleasure.

This is the rule for healing.

WATCH — 1. No fear.

2. No loss of sight.

3. No law of mesmerism that we can’t help our Leader or that it hurts us to help her. We do help her. We can help others and do help ourselves, and it benefits us to do good.

4. No sleeplessness and no suffering from sleeplessness.

5. No return of old beliefs of disease or sin.

6. That good that we would do, we do, and are better for doing it.

7. There is but one Mind; the divine Mind is the only Mind. Love is All.

8. We cannot be separated from divine Love and Life, and no mortal affects a person in this house.

WATCH — I want you to take up the Watch every two hours, as long as you live, or until you can make the right side real to your consciousness.

When I work for the weather, everybody wants fair weather, only they believe there will be bad weather, and I only have to overcome that belief; but when malice comes in and declares there shall be storms, then I have a task to overcome that. Now make real to yourselves:

There is no envy, malice, hate nor revenge. God is Love, and Love is All. All is health and holiness. There is no opposite.

WATCH PRAYER — Pray all the time. Pray this way: Love, just take me in. Give me one Mind, one consciousness, and make me love my neighbor as myself. All is Love, peace, harmony. Heaven is right here. Love reigns.

There is no strife. Peace, be still. Truth has destroyed the error. Love has destroyed all hate. All is Love, peace and joy. After praying, be willing to be fitted to receive the blessing you ask for.

WATCH — Work every day to know that the belief of impossibility has no power over you. Know that it cannot possibly affect you in any way, and can never for an instant hinder your demonstration, whether you are working for health, peace, joy, or any mental quality, thing or experience. Know that you are conscious of the possibility and realization of all that is good and true.

WATCH — God’s laws are eternal; they cannot be reversed; they stand. In your work, you declare the Truth about things; know those declarations cannot be reversed. I have for forty years stood with God through all this effort to reverse my work. If I had allowed the devil to reverse my work, where would it have been? No. I have stood and carried this Cause in spite of it, and all of you can do the same.

WATCH — One day Mrs. Eddy said to a student, “Are you working?” He began to tell of his hours of study and work. She said, “When you see old age, do you declare that Life is eternal activity, beauty and joy? When you see the leaves falling and hear the wind blow, do you declare that there is no change, decay or cold? When you see deformity and disease, do you declare that man is made in the image and likeness of God?” The student answered, “Mrs. Eddy, I am not working.”

WATCH — The official positions must not be considered.

The Directors are responsible for the character of the articles that go into our periodicals. Jesus said, “I have lost my power.” Now we must declare that we will never say this. God teaches me, and His teaching is beyond and above the teaching of man. Tell them that they can help themselves. The argument would repeat the lie of the Pharisees. The world has gained since Jesus’ time, therefore we must claim for ourselves all. The lie of the Pharisees — he cannot save himself — must not reach our consciousness.

Mrs. Eddy sent this to some of the workers in a time of dire strait.

WATCH — The thief is ready to rob and steal all treasures. But our Master saith, “Had the good man watched, his house would not have been broken open.” I beg you to watch and pray to this end. You are in danger unless you do. The more useful and prominent you become, the harder the mental robbers will work to rob you of good thoughts, a strong purpose, and wise efforts to do God’s will.

WATCH — Mentally treat yourself that nothing can govern your actions or come to your thought that is not from divine Mind. Be strong there. So many sinister suggestions come to mind, watch! And each day commit yourself to the care of our one Parent; trust Him, turn to Him in all your ways for light to direct your footsteps, and wisdom to enable you to separate the tares from the wheat —

so that you can judge well between the human or the evil “suggestions” and the good or divine impulse.

WATCH — There is no malignant animal magnetism to prevent me from reflecting light. There is no self-mesmerism to hide me from Truth or Truth from me. There is no mental malpractice to harm me, to affright me or touch me, for divine Love surrounds me, intelligence, substance, power are the source of my being. There is no creative power but God, no universe but Life and Truth and Love.

WATCH — No form of error can make a C. S. treatment produce an opposite effect, nor can I be made to overlook or forget anything in the treatment, that is necessary for its certain accomplishment of good. We must go ahead of error, and keep ahead of error all the way. Error is nothing but erroneous thought, and we must never give in to it, or go down before it. Mental activity must be tranquil — not lazy; it must express force, be exact, and it must know the reality of man’s oneness with God, and the utter unreality of evil in all its forms of beliefs.

WATCH — Repeat the following affirmations silently several times each day, not with strained anxiety to get something out of them, but trying calmly to realize the meaning of the words.

God is All; there is no evil.

All is harmony; there is no discord.

All is health; there is no sickness.

All is Spirit; there is no matter.

All is joy; there is no sorrow.

All is Truth; there is no falsehood.

All is faith; there is no fear.

All is Life; there is no death.

All is Love; there is no hate.

WATCH — Remember, that the power to heal is gained through peace, wisdom, love, dominion over ourselves, and good will toward men. You possess these graces of Spirit, or Christ power, only by loving God, good, supremely. After this cometh the recognition of but one Mind, which enables you to know there is no power or presence that can resist good, or can prevent your prayers being effectual. While you remain in this attitude of mind, you are obedient to the Principle of your being, and naught can hinder your healing the sick and the sinner.

TO THE WATCHERS “Hear, O Israel, for the Lord, our God, is one God.” You are not to come in your own name to pray.

You are not to control any mind.

You are to come only in the divine strength, and know that God will rule and does, and that hypnotism and evil minds cannot, and do not, control men or governments.

All power is God, good.

This is my only formula to Christian Scientists for prayer, and God will give you faith that will remove mountains.

To the Watchers Who Are Mistaken


Beloved Students:

Disband your meeting today, and never meet again to do what is not carried out scientifically. Each one do the work of daily duty. Each one realize the allness of God, good, and that there is no opposite evil. Do not meet together to discuss or to direct the prayers of Scientists, unless I call you together. Each one pray daily and not ask amiss. I have known of the discord before of prayer that is amiss. You all can know that newspaper men will not publish aught against Christian Science. Please know this — and also know that you can do this separately, as well as together.

With love, Mother, M. B. Eddy I forgot to say this: Take up nobody personally, but let your prayer be impersonal and God will bless the right.

Do not think of me or my affairs. Let God do this, and you invoke a general blessing.

WATCH — You can heal the sick; you have power to do it, and no one can take it from you, or make you suffer for doing it, or your patients suffer when you are trying to help them. No mortal mind can make a poison for you or your patients. They cannot reach your patients through you, or in any other way. You do not suffer from your head, from any argument of poison. There is no power but God, and with Him all things are possible. You have no fear of mesmerism, for there is none. There is but one cause, and there can be no effect from any other cause.

WATCH — Realize for yourself daily, more than once, that the fields are already white with harvest; that “Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need,” the need of work as well as any other; that Mind is active, and you reflect the divine activity; that the true source of supply supplies every need; that there is plenty of work for all; that yours belongs to you, no one else can do it, and it comes to you direct, and the supply is abundant, and you know all the time that this is so. Never let a sense of lack of anything stay a moment with you; it is rank error, and breeds all sorts of difficulties. Daily know, that mental malpractice cannot cause Christian Scientists or their patients to have a return of old beliefs, as this is the argument sent out; also, that there is no reversal of the treatment of Christian Science.

WATCH — Blood is thought, and your blood is pure thought, a health-giving, life-giving thought, and nothing impure can enter into that thought; it is perfectly pure.

You are not in body. You are not governed by matter; there is no matter; but you are governed by, and govern with, divine Mind. You are perfectly well and you know it, and are not afraid. You do know the truth and you don’t know error, nor see it, nor hear it, nor can you be governed by it. There is no reality to it. You hear divine Mind, the voice of Truth, Life, Love, and there is no other mind to hear. No rheumatism, no sore joints, no inflamed or weak eyes, no old age; but the meridian of being.

You don’t need to be told these truths by any person, for God has told it to you abundantly, and you hear the divine voice, and are strong and perfectly well.

I can know the right thing to do, and do it, and not have to repeat it. I can know the right place in the roads.

I don’t forget; there is no sensuality, nor effects of it.

WATCH — Evil is not power, not mind, and nobody has any power to accomplish evil of any sort (here stop and dwell on this argument till you realize this truth). Then declare that Love is All, and in all, in every thought, and all power is in Love. There is no other power. Evil is powerless; there is no evil. Hypnotism, theosophy, and esoteric magic have no power to do evil, and cannot reverse Truth — but Life, Truth, Love have reversed, and they have destroyed, all evil. There are no false suggestions, lying arguments or hatred — these are illusions. They do not exist. I have no fear of them. I am not controlled by them. Divine Love is supreme and controls all I think, say, or do. Pray daily, twice at least, to divine Love to give you success. Then realize for yourself that Love and Truth, and action on your part (for Truth does not work for you unless you work), will give you the victory. Guard reversal. There is no law of hypnotism to reverse God’s law. Truth is unchangeable and cannot be reversed.

WATCH — Every C.S. treatment is accumulative; the work goes on to bless all mankind. Error is non-scientific thinking, and scientific or true thinking is all that is needed to destroy it. A treatment must include the realization that it goes forth with power and truth, and cannot be reversed by any law of nature or of materia medica.

When you argue on all subjects that should end well, be a law to your own consciousness, that what you say cannot be reversed and inverted, and made to produce the very opposite of what you argue for. This is a late phase of theosophy and M.A.M., that needs to be met.

Be careful not to use human will, but speak in the power of divine Love, that is a law to human hate and destroys it.

WATCH — Just go alone and close your eyes, and in the depths of your own consciousness, say over and over again, I AM, I AM, I AM, I AM. Your whole being will be filled with the sense of the power to overcome, the power to accomplish, the power to do all things.

I AM because Thou art (Mind is) I AM I AM what Thou art (Mind is) I AM I AM where Thou art (Mind is) I AM I AM one with Thee (Mind)

Oh! Thou infinite I AM I AM good I AM well I AM abundantly satisfied I AM holy I AM free I AM because Thou art (Mind is) I AM I AM, spoken upward towards the good, the true, is sure to outpicture in visible good, in success, in happiness, in abundance.

WATCH — You, lie, cannot fasten your fault upon me.

You cannot unload your filth at my door.

You cannot argue fear, inability, lack of understanding, paralysis, inaction.

You cannot rob me of my God-given dominion.

You cannot rob me of my property.

You cannot rob me of my good name.

You cannot rob me of my friends.

You cannot take away from me what God has given me, nor deprive me of what God has in store for me. You cannot cause me to make mistakes, cannot blind me, cannot accuse me. This lie has no origin, is not a creator — there is but one creator, that is God.

This lie cannot rob me of the fruits of my labors.

Cannot rob me of my individuality. It cannot reach me through jealousy, hate or malice. It cannot argue that I am misunderstood. It has no activity, no intelligence, no personality. It is neither person, place nor thing.

WATCH — God’s law is justice and Truth, which is strength, and the law of extermination to envy or evil, which is weakness. There is no law of suggestion or evil, that can cause me to be unfaithful or disobedient to our Teacher and Leader, or to the Cause of Christian Science.

Ignorant or malicious minds cannot make me believe that I can be made an avenue for error to come to me, or go from me, for there are no malicious minds. God is the only Mind; so there can be no other minds affecting me.

Lies have no other power, nor has envy, jealousy, hatred or avarice. They cannot be made use of to harm me or mine. Love is omnipotent, all-seeing, all-powerful, Allin-all. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as in heaven, and earth is heaven.

WATCH — You did not catch my meaning on mental practice. The student is not yet where he can heal without the argument, or hold himself right. M.A.M. is at work to deprive loyal ones of this power and mentally persuade them not to argue. Why? Because this Truthtelling is a great neutralizer of their lies. Keep up your mental arguments on the side of Truth more than ever before, and tell others to do this. Be watchful, and every day ask Love to keep you from temptation and give you daily bread — grace to know and do God’s work.

WATCH — There is no fear to prevent us from seeing the results of our labor. It is as easy to help ourselves as others, for we have a clearer understanding of God, that destroys fear. We have the Mind of God. Because there is no atrophy in the Mind of God, there is none in our Mind; and as God’s Mind is All, and made all, there is no atrophy.

We are joined by God, divine Science, to Himself, His power and love. And what God hath joined, no man can put asunder. Our work does good. We have not the ability or power to do harm. There is no law that can give anyone the power to do harm. God’s law is the only law, and that does good, not harm, and can give man only the power to do good; not defeat, but victory. We cannot get away from God. If I ascend up into heaven, behold Thou are there. Everybody loves us, and everybody reflects love.

WATCH — Nobody that is trying to hurt us can make laws.

The lies they whisper, hurt no one but themselves.

Lies, hatred, revenge, have no power but to destroy themselves, every time they try to hurt someone else.

This is God’s law and it cannot be broken, and it cannot make anybody suffer because we tell you this.

You cannot help yourself, and nobody can help you, till you stop trying to hurt others.

You can never prosper while you try to hurt others, or make your students believe anybody is harming you, for nobody is doing this.

Then turn to the right side in your own consciousness, and know this truth: God alone reigns and all is Love.

WATCH — Pray that God destroys this effort to harm Christian Scientists, and hypnotism cannot prevent this result. Know, that God makes the wrath of man to praise Him, and He restrains the remainder thereof. All things work together for good to them that love God. Pray that there shall be no lawsuit, and realize that it is put down now by the right proceeding. Realize, that it is stopped now by the divine Mind, who alone governs. There is but one Mind. Evil is not power. It cannot do anything. It is powerless.

God governs the court. Truth prevails. God governs the lawyers, and they cannot make a mistake. Divine Mind governs them and guides them, and they say and do according to this divine government and guidance. See that Baker and Streeter do not become demoralized, that M.A.M. cannot prevent their thinking, saying and doing the right on the case — that God governs them. Look after the judge, that he simply is governed by Truth, and that M.A.M. does not touch him.

Watches Given to Henrietta Chanfrau


Handle the serpent of age. No belief of cyanide or mercurial poisoning. Free use of all faculties. Love is All.

No hate, no darkness of malicious mesmerism. One Mind.


Mother says, take up each day, no fear; all is Love.

Mind controls all. No malicious mesmerism to hinder his thoughts. All is light and clearness. Do not name Eastaman or the others by name.


Christ wore a crown of thorns as easily as a seamless robe. How? By demonstration of his oneness with divine Love.

Handle the serpent that hisses at the heel, and the animal magnetism will be silent. No fear. All is harmony.


Hold the line every day: no fear; God governs all. No M.A.M. to feel or be felt. Mind controls all.


Take up once each day, Mr. Farlow, so he will do his duty to her who has sustained him till now.


Mother says, stop the work for F. The M.A.M. is working in another quarter now. You are to take up for the Directors daily, Mind is All. God is here. There is no darkness, no mental depression, no failure in God’s Cause. Do not name them by name.


Are you a Christian Scientist or not? Then take up the work, and put an end to these scandalous attacks on your Leader and Best Earthly Friend. God is judging us this hour, and we shall be accountable to Him for all. Now take up the work, as you can do, and let us have a peace at Pleasant View. Your Leader has work important to do, and these attacks must stop; see to it.


Mother asks you: Drop all patients, and take for your one unworthy patient, The Mother Church of Christian Science, which needs healing from its sins this day.


Take up at once the so-called Christian Science Lecturers, that they do their duty to their God and their poor unworthy Leader and Friend. A city that is set upon a hill cannot be hid, and the life of their Leader must be shown as it is. Never did I neglect Jesus in my sermons in the first days of Christian Science; now they must not forget me. The scandalous attacks on the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science will stop, if the truth about her be shown to the world.


I cannot take the sins of others upon me longer, for Truth demands work done in His Cause for this hour. Will you be at work at once for your Leader, as she has taught you, and once for all take up the editor of the Publishing Society, that he writes, clearly and forcefully, editorials to heal the sick, not sweeten tongues? Complete trust in Truth moves mountains.


Take up at once: Students shall know their duty to their Leader. Grace divine yet lays many burdens on human hearts unworthy to bear them. When will blind eyes see their Leader as she is!


Can Mother depend on you to tell the truth this once? Then take up the architects, that God may open their eyes to the terrible sin they contemplate. The Mother Church is founded on Truth, and cannot be removed, nor taken down. Mother knows days and nights of anguished prayer that none know aught of, lest the sheepfold be taken down, wherein the lambs are sheltered. Weary in days of trial, but freshened in His service, she waits till all unworthy ones come neath the shadow of His wing.


Christian Science Healers must heal the sick and cast out devils. Take up I. C. T. — that M.A.M. not blind his eyes to his Leader’s work. The wickedness of students will be called to account by God.


Take up, clear voice, strong, clear, for Christian Science Lecturers. Error tries to hinder Truth being heard in public. His Word must be shouted from housetops, not buried in soft voices to tickle ears. The lambs of His pasture must be fed, and the sheep also.


Have six of your best students, loyal and truthful, take up every day with you, work mental, to sustain the Cause and do their duty to their Leader and Mother.


Argument for Transgressors

One Mind; Truth controls all. You are set free in the Love of God, and you cannot make nor believe a lie.

Truth declared is not reversed. It does appear and is manifest. No return of old beliefs. No M.A.M. to work through R.C., hypnotism, mesmerism or theosophy, demonology or old theology, to hinder the work of the Cause of Christian Science. Divine Mind governs every hour, and evil is powerless.


You are to take up work for Miss Wilbur, as Mother said, when you were last here. The R.C. in her thought is to be handled, and in this way make sure and certain results for benefit of the Christian Science Church, by giving the world a correct life of our Leader.

WATCHES GIVEN TO LEWIS STRANG 2/15/01 Mother sends you this message: Rise up and defeat the evil one in the gates. The hour of deliverance is at hand, and all must do their duty as Christian Scientists to defeat the evil that tries to find entrance here. Love, Mind, Truth rule this and every hour. Error is not met by prayer alone, but by fasting.


When Mother asked you to handle the architects, she wanted only the clear, sound Truth declared. Watchfulness is the word of this hour of trial for our Cause. Keep apart from the Sunday students in our midst, who trample His divine Word underfoot all week, and expect forgiveness on the Sabbath. Their reward awaits them.


Truth declared heals the sick. Prove this, and help the Cause at once. Students asleep M.A.M. has already handled. Know, that your Leader cannot be deprived of the helpers she needs by the glister of the world. Mind is All.

Divine Love rules this hour. Know this.


Dear one, come to Pleasant View and pray with Mother — she will teach you Christian Science as no one else can.


When Mother says the work is done, it is done, and not until this is the student to cease waiting on the Lord.

Leave Johnson and the rest to Mother, and take up the Readers of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, that they do their duty to the Discoverer and Founder of this Church before the people. Healing alone built this Cause and will not be lost, if hearts open to His Truth and Love sustain the hands of those appointed to voice God in this age. Form in service means nothing; only healing can build His temple in the wilderness. How Mother longs, prays to hear of more healing in the service of divine Love!


Take up Farlow to be wise and strong this hour. Faith in Truth is nothing. Many old students do not understand this saying of Mother. Do you?


You will take up Mr. Farlow at once, that he will do his duty to his Leader and the Cause of Christian Science this day, and refute error with the power of his God. All is Mind; no darkness, no night in His presence. Love is All. When will so-called students stop paying service to their Leader with their lips and begin the work of Christ, Truth, for humanity? Mother longs for rest, and finds sinful students always at hand.


Take Pamela Leonard, that she will feel the debt of love and service she owes her Leader this hour of trial in His service, and that no earthly care will take her from the side of her Leader and Best, Surest Friend.


One Mind controls this, and every, hour. When the Discoverer of Christian Science in this age must deal with sinning so-called Christian Scientists, those who know their Leader, as she is, must be awake to the delusions of M.A.M., that would make Jerusalem a waste and desert place. Take up those transgressors in our midst, who would undo the work of their Leader. Love is All. One Mind. Dear one, Mother knows your heart is active in His service. Waken to the need of this hour, that those who would set aside the Manual of The Mother Church with its just By-laws see the sinfulness of their ways.


The Cause of Christian Science needs healing. Do you know what this means? Take up Streeter and the others in the legal affair, that they know one Mind, clear for His purpose. The future will bear witness that the Church established four-square rests on foundations of Love, which cannot be taken away. Christian Scientists will one day know the wisdom of their Leader and Mother in Israel.


Take up Edward P. Bates and Joseph Armstrong, that they do their duty to their Leader.


To my Household at Pleasant View:

The rules of this house do not permit of evil being

spoken, thought or heard. Love rules this, and every, hour. M.A.M. is without power, powerless. Darkness is nothing. Mind is All, God is All, and His voice is heard in all places. God judges, and His judgment is sound and righteous. Know this now and every hour. No theosophy, no malicious animal magnetism to lie or hear a lie. God reigns and loveth whom He chasteneth. No work is done until I say it is, and no student will forsake his post in any moment. God is Love, Love is All. Truth reigns.


Will you take up in your prayers this day, Bingham and the other architects, that they feel no effects of M.A.M. No electricity of mortal mind, no theosophy, no confusion. Love defeats the sinning lie. Truth demonstrated is the pearl of great price, and cannot be taken away.


Take up C. A. Frye, that he will do his duty to his Leader and best earthly Friend in this hour of need for the Cause of Christian Science on earth.

No fear, no theosophy, no mortal mind, no M.A.M.

Love reigns this, and every, hour. God is All. Life, Truth, Love destroy M.A.M. R.C. cannot lie or produce a lie. Mind controls all. One God, one Life, Truth, Love.


Mother sensed a little grief in her student’s bearing today. Surely he knows, that she loves him and all those loyal and true workers in the Cause of Truth. All poise, power and strength come from Him who runs and is not weary, walks and is not faint in One Mind. Christian history shows, that those who have waited, never doubting, have had their sure reward in righteousness. Mother has proved this many times. Now take up again for yourself every day, Love is All. Truth reigns. There is no lie and nothing to make a lie. No M.A.M. to darken thought.

Love reigns and rules this, and every, hour. Truth declared heals. No reversal. God is All. “Commit thy ways unto Him and He shall bring it to pass.”


One Mind demonstrated, handles serpents, casts out demons of sense, with power of Truth. When will Christian Scientists learn, that blab never made a single demonstration in building up this Cause? How Mother longs, prays, hopes, for healing in Truth and Love!

Beloved Students at Pleasant View:


Handle electricity of mortal mind; no arsenical poison, no belief of nerves. Love governs all. One Mind, one Truth. God is All-in-all. Jesus knew the hour of temptation and wept, but he also knew the power of Love supreme over all the errors of sense. No lie stands in the presence of Truth. No theosophy, black magic. No destructive electricity. “He commanded and it stood fast.” God, good, is All. (Take this up every morning and evening, until I tell you to change your prayers.)


The Cause of Christian Science is founded on Principle, not person. Loyal students of the Scriptures and Science and Health know, that when the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science appointed these Books as the only preachers in our churches, God was leading this Cause, as surely as He led the Children of Israel in the desert. Take up the Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston, that they know, as does your suffering Mother in Israel, that one Mind, not person, controls this Cause. Better people must be found, who will unerringly select passages from our Textbooks, which will heal the sick, as Christ commanded. The Committee on Bible Lessons must make no more feeble foolish efforts, but point out Truth, sure and able to do Christian service.


I have this day asked you by word, sent by Mr. Frye, to take up for M.A.M. the architects of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, Boston. If sinning so-called Christian Scientists would listen to their Mother, this work would have been done to the glory of divine Mind, and the confusion of those enemies of Christ, Truth, working within the gates of this Cause. When Rev. McKenzie was here, Mother told him of the need, which she felt was so great then, but minds many and earthly cares turn many from His table of Love.


The Directors of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, must work in this hour, that the dedication of the earthly tabernacle in the wilderness be accomplished sure this year. For this reason Mother places upon all loyal students this word of warning — healing the sick and sinful is the greater part, and all must join in this work, who wish not to see this Cause go down.


Your Mother in Israel calls upon you this day — rejoice with her in sense spiritual — know, there is One Mind, Truth, Love, and all will be met. Behold, I make all things new is the promise Christ-like. Do you, dear Lewis, understand this? Then rise up — defeat the enemy without our gates, that defileth and maketh a lie.

No night, no darkness, all is Mind. All is God, good.

Hold to this, until I say change.


Go to Mr. Kinter and Mr. Hill. Say to them, Mother says, Yes. They will understand. Tell them, drop architects now, but take up once for all, strong, true, the publisher of the Christian Science periodicals for his sins against the Cause of Christ on earth. When will those seeking souls learn what your Mother in Israel had to learn forty years, and have One Mind, one God?

The enclosed statement hand to Mr. Armstrong, Friday. Tell him, do not come to Pleasant View until I say so, and hold no more such Board meetings, as this last reported to me here, or I shall not be responsible for results.

This Cause depends upon healing, healing and wisdom. If these are not added, the salt will lose his savor, and this Cause drop down into darkness of oblivion of centuries again.

To the Christian Science Board of Directors:

No student of Christian Science shall occupy a position of trust or confidence in this Cause, who does not daily declare the truth at least three times in his prayers for the well-being of his Leader, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, the Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy.

(Can the above be made a By-law in our Manual?)


Can you take up strong, true, ceaseless, till Mother says, stop those sinning ones in our Cause, who will not listen to the voice and the word of their Leader and Mother in Israel? They, and they only, give us all at Pleasant View to meet them much work. Thank Him, dear student, and pray for our enemies. Do you know, this means we have no enemies? Matt. 16:4. Say nothing to Frye about this letter, but all this work add to what he gives you to do from me. Mother asks this added burden from her dear one, knowing, trusting in his faithfulness.


Stop the work now. Pleasant View is safe — as safe as any place in this world of sinning sense can be, and survive. But Mother asks, when will faithful students waken to the hour, hear His voice, and recognize the trials of this Cause?


If your Mother and your best earthly friend directs work to be done in sense and Science spiritual in the Cause of Christ, why can’t, won’t, you and other students, before this, faithful always in His sight, do it? The calling of Soul is man’s highest example; this I know forty years. Dear one, Mother rejoices at your growth in His cause, and that is why she seeks always the chastening rod of His Spirit for you. Do you understand this? Kinter and Mann will take the watch this night. Be you at work; if Mother calls you, you will be ready. One Mind; Love over All; Truth reigns.


Hold the ground: Life, Truth, Love reign this, and every, hour. No fear, no night dream, no day dream; M.A.M. is not power. Only reality, God, and His will is done on this earth and at Pleasant View. Keep the line; hold your aim; thought externalized is the guide.

Please receive from Mr. Carpenter the texts for thinking, and I will name the hour in the morning, beginning 5 A.M. The above named watch is uniform.

I do not ask you to treat anyone. I only show you what is in belief, and man’s daily duty to God.

Treat Minnie daily for spoiling the simple food she cooks for me.

Prayer for Yourself

I am the child of God. His care and love surround me. Animal magnetism cannot reach me to make me fear or be afraid.

Prayer for Oneself

I thank Thee, Father-Mother God, that neither ignorant, fraudulent, nor malicious mortal mind can reach me, or affect me mentally, physically, financially, or otherwise; and I know it, for God is the only power; that I am not the victim of aggressive mental suggestion, nor the target of M.A.M., claiming to operate through any channel whatever, but I am the blessed legal child of God, spiritual, immortal, all-harmonious, perfect, happy, healthy, pure, sinless, free, and fearless and diseaseless, and deathless, expressing the substance of all good.

Hold yourself constantly and consciously under God’s eternal law of blessing, of happiness, harmony, health, peace, joy, power, progress, protection, abundance; there is no other law, — only a contrary mortal mind lie, which you are awake and alert to, and not under.

To all First Readers.

I request that you pray once every day for the principal editors of the principal periodicals in your city, and for the clergymen in your pulpits. The lying influences, sent forth to deceive our clergymen and our pressmen, would, “if possible, deceive the very elect.”

This must be met with a counteracting influence through prayer. Let Truth be heard above error, and God will bless your efforts. Jesus saith, “All things are possible to him who believeth.” Ask other members of your church to do likewise, each day to pray as above, and pour in the truth that destroys the error.


The need of divine wisdom and Love — Christ’s assurance of prayer answered — and the absolute Science of God’s Allness, moves the Christian Scientist to pray for the peace, prosperity, and brotherhood of all nations and peoples. No willpower is used in the Scientist’s prayer, since human will must be lost in the Divine, for prayer to be efficacious. In the words of Zechariah, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord of hosts.” I would ask that all Christians unite in prayer for the cessation of sin, — the oppression of the weak, — the accession of power at the sacrifice of individual rights; but especially that divine Love shield the innocent from the wrath of the guilty, and cause it to praise Love.

Evening Prayer

Before you are ready to close your eyes in sleep, be sure you are not holding anything unlovely in your consciousness, anything unlike God; laying aside every fear, put yourself entirely in His charge. Quiet yourself with the thought that He who has all power will protect you, give you health, and all you need in abundance, and know that whether sleeping or waking, you are safe, because your life is hid with Christ in God. To declare that you are well, is the exact truth; you are not flesh, but rather the ray of divine light that, shining upon flesh, makes it appear alive. This you is spiritual, and cannot be sick. Remember, that power is exerted by merely stating a truth.

All truth is the word of God. Assert it constantly, even though your so-called human mind screams falsehood. It is to acknowledge Him, to have your mind stayed on Him, to be directly benefited by the activity of good.


Here I am, dear God, free from the body, Thy humble servant, Mind’s idea. Uphold me with Thy right hand.

Uphold my voice. Send me where Thou would’st have me go, and teach me what to say.


Grant, O my God, that neither the joy nor the sorrow of this period shall have visited my heart in vain. Make me wise and strong to the performance of immediate duties, and ripen me by whatever means Thou seest best for the performance of those that lie beyond.


Beloved Father-Mother, God, give me wisdom to meet the problems I may have to meet today; give me understanding to deny error and to proclaim the truth. Give me grace to keep silent, when speech is unnecessary.

There is no strife, for Truth, risen Truth, will destroy error of every sort. And heaven is right here. God gives abundance of intelligence and opportunity. I cannot be impoverished mentally, physically, spiritually, or financially. God is substance, and I reflect that substance. Realize to yourself daily, more than once, that the fields are white and ready for the harvest, that divine Love always has met every human need, the need for work, as well as any other; that Mind is ever active, and you reflect divine activity; that the source of supply supplies every need; that there is plenty of work for all, and yours belongs to you, and no one else can do it. It comes to you direct, and the supply is abundant, and know all the time that this is so.

Never let a lack of anything stay a moment with you. It is rank error and brings all sorts of disease and difficulty.


Divine Love: Give me higher, holier, purer desires;

more self-abnegation; more love and spiritual aspirations.

Daily Prayer

Thy kingdom come; let the reign of divine Truth, Life and Love be established in me, and rule out of me all sin; may Thy Word enrich the affections and govern mankind. Save me from hurting any one or harming myself.

(Changes made in Mrs. Eddy’s handwriting in the 45th edition of the Church Manual.)


Love is all-powerful.

Love is all-seeing.

Love is ever present.

Thy kingdom has come.

Thy will is done here on earth, as it is in heaven, and earth is heaven.

(Mrs. Eddy told her students to put this prayer in their pocketbook, and, if they did, they would never want.)


Oh God, show me Thy way and keep me in that way.

This is what Mrs. Eddy gave, when one asked her to give the shortest prayer.

THE PRAYER OF THE WATCHERS The effect of this prayer is not reversed.

God, good, reigns; there is no other mind.

Love reigns; there is no envy, no revenge.

All things are working together for good to those that love good.

We do love good, God, and He gives us all our thoughts, and governs all our acts.

The divine Life preserves our life and health, and they cannot be taken from Christian Scientists, and Christian Scientists cannot be made sinful.

We love God, and God loves us, and is guiding us every moment.

This prayer cannot be reversed.

This prayer bears fruit after its own kind, it does good, and blesses us and all others.

(Charge them not to change, add to, or diminish this prayer. Something is out of tune. This will be a chord.)

Child’s Prayer

Dear Father, I want to love Thee supremely; I want to be unselfish, temperate, pure and good; I want to love and honor my earthly parents, and so be able to uplift humanity; I know that God is good, and that He hath made me in His own likeness, harmonious and immortal; and I will strive daily not to make myself appear otherwise.

I thank Thee now and forevermore.


Father, teach me how to still the clamoring of sense, and fill my place as listener, that I may hear Thy voice and grow to understand Thy Word, and so become Thy messenger. Then teach me how to banish pride and stubborn will, that I may be Thy representative — with no false sense of human zeal, that every word may bless and heal, when I Thy message give.

Include This in All Your Prayers

All the individuals in this house can, and do, help themselves by prayer.

God helps them.

His promise is fulfilled: Seek and ye shall find. “Because he has put his trust in Me, therefore have I delivered him.” PRAYER Beloved Father-Mother, God: Give me wisdom to meet all the problems that may have to be met today.

Give me understanding to rebuke error, and moral courage to speak the truth.

Give me grace to remain silent, when not necessary to speak.


God governs all, is All-in-all. God is our constant Guide and Guardian. No mortal thought, known or unknown, seen or unseen, can interfere with the manifestation of Love’s presence with us. The weather manifests God’s government, and no evildoers can change this fact.

The devils of human thought — all the powers of many minds — are powerless in Love’s presence. God is All.

God is Mind.

Argument Divine intelligence directs.

Divine Love protects.

Divine Mind unfolds to me each day all I should know, do or say.


Now — dear God — here I am. I am absent from the body and present with Thee in consciousness. Love uses me in its own good way. I would lift myself right out of the material sense of self and audience, and let God use me.


We are the channels, transparencies for the reflection of His goodness, in proportion to the demonstration we have made over self, and the understanding gained of the Truth of being, the love for the brotherhood.

The deadliest poison is a secretion engendered by the working of hatred. Handle arsenical and mercurial poison to prevent rheumatism. Strive to work from God, instead of up to God.

We, as God’s ideas, are free from, and cannot be touched by, the errors of unfavorable comment, disapproval, criticism, fault-finding, censure, blame, condemnation, hate, murder.

Man has no constitutional liability to disease, no inherited weakness; is not subject to abnormal growths, decay, decomposition, A.M. or vital poison; is not subject to, or liable to, death, sin, sensuality, vice or consequence.


Mind is infinite, supreme, serene, complete, perfect and forever at peace; all substance, being, action, faculty, influence, power; is already complete and in evidence, and there is no other influence and no other evidence. Law is a ceaseless, harmonious, restful activity of the infinite, and there is no other law. This law is the law of this day and every day, and all its activities and duties. The law of Mind to this day sets aside the belief of fear and doubt, and obliterates the possibility of disease, accident, mistakes, fear, sin and death. The law of God, of Mind, is ceaseless action, presence and infinite protection. This day is merely a step in infinite progress. It is unfoldment, not time. It brings no belief of delay in success, no disappointment. It adds no fear, no age, no deterioration, no decay, no sin, no materiality, no belief in matter. It only adds wisdom, power, dominion, law, and the presence of well-done. My treatment now establishes the law of this day, and obliterates the supposition or belief in any other law. Principle governs me and mine this day. This day is unfoldment, in which every detail and incident is but an illustration of divine presence, power, and wisdom.


God knows the things I have need of: the quality and the fact that seem to be lacking; therefore, I, as His child, must also know it. You have no faith in evil. You have no power to do evil, or to cause others to sin. You cannot take away from anyone Mind, or one of its faculties. God is the only power. You cannot poison. These are God’s laws; they control you, and you cannot escape them. No mortal mind can harm Christian Science. The clergy and press will not; they cannot, and they do not want to, harm Christian Science or its Leader. They love Christian Science, and they love the Leader thereof.

You are face to face with both Truth and error, and this must come, before the power of Truth is understood, and the powerlessness, yea, the nothingness, of error is proven. Wait patiently on the Lord. Why? Because He has said it, and because the escape from sense is slow, and if we are patient, it is accelerated.

Overcoming age is not resuming our youth; it is thought going into new paths, which history has never recorded.


The laws of health cannot be broken. There is no law of transmission, contagion, heredity, no poison, microbe, or germs. With God there are no limitations, no sense of limitation. No sense of limitation can be manifested by God’s image and likeness. The law of God maintains my health from a spiritual standpoint. The divine Mind supplies all the wisdom, all the power, all the opportunity for every man, and prompts every man to the right action at the right moment, so there is no conflict of interests; no possibility of failure; no discord of any sort. There is no material substance to lack, and no cause for the lack; therefore no lack. There is no hypnotism or mesmerism for R.C. to operate through, no activity, energy, will, law, mind or minds to give operation to hypnotism or mesmerism. Every idea of Truth acts according to its own law. Try to realize the allness and presence of God. You are His image and likeness. There is no lack of resuscitation. God’s law is the law of resuscitation. There is no inaction in Mind, no lethargy, no insanity, no stagnation, no hypnotism, no evil; nor can any of its claims subtly take possession of the so-called mortal mind, for Mind is God, ever conscious, ever acting, all motion. There is no electricity to poison the nerve centers. There is no deterioration, no disintegration; no form of woman to waste away; no destruction, no cohesion.


Be Christlike, tender, merciful, temperate, humble, pure. Wait for the test of our sincerity. Long to be good, and seek daily prayer for divine teaching. Nothing can enter into God’s kingdom that worketh or maketh a lie, a discord, or a disease. The action, the force, the power of the Truth is self-evident, self-acting, self-sustaining. Declare the truth for all mankind. You will be made to know what to handle, and you cannot be apathetic or forgetful, for God is our Guide and Instructor. There are no impure or improper secretions or organisms, or substance that can give forth impurities, and no such thing as impeded circulation or imperfect action. Mind is All, is God, is Spirit.

I know that my treatments, and my affairs, can never be reversed or interfered with. No family relations or human associates can dispossess me of the Truth, or interfere with my success. I believe that my work is satisfactory. I know that my treatments are good, and fear cannot come and abide with me. A treatment is never afraid that it will not work, for the declaration of Truth brings with it consciousness of its sure and immediate effect. I do have faith in God, and know that spiritual facts are the only facts.

Fear is nothing. It cannot rob a treatment of its effects or of its purpose. The Word of God cannot return unto us void.


Our home is in Mind, in spiritual consciousness, the eternal harmony of Soul. The builder and maker of this home is Mind. It is built and established in the eternal.

Nothing can destroy the harmony of our home. Mind fills it with the glories of the kingdom of God. No fear of sin, sickness, or death can enter this home; no sense of poverty or want. No lack of supply has any presence or place here. These are illusions, nothing but M.A.M. — sin, a belief in a power apart from God. They cannot find us, for we dwell in the secret place of the Most High, God, and we are eternally conscious of the infinite riches and abundance of Love. God is our supply, is inexhaustible. The lie that argues poverty, does not know us. We do not know it, cannot see, fear, hear, or manifest it, for we are living in God. God governs our home. Truth fills our household, is recognized, received and sought. There is no resistance, no rejection, no indifference. Love destroys all unlike itself — removes all that is offensive. Mind plans every detail of our affairs. Nothing can obstruct the path of Truth — the only path in our consciousness.


I am not A.M. I am not mesmerized with the fear of beliefs, or the beliefs of fear. Cast it out. Mortal mind is a criminal malpractitioner. Divine Mind is the only true practitioner there is, or ever was. It creates, rules, governs; hence we are free, healthy, happy, harmonious, peaceful, mentally and spiritually free.

Order M.A.M. to get out; deny M.A.M. Affirm: Truth is keeping us in a strictly scientific way.

You have your place and work in God’s kingdom; I have mine. We are in the place prepared for us. Nothing can hide this place, or remove us from it, or withhold from us our spiritual blessing. Overcome self, and care for others.


God is good, and omnipotent, and goodness is your safeguard. The physical question is overcome the same as the moral. Your strength is omnipotent; your unerring wisdom is the same, and both are in proportion to your grace to meet the temptation that God, good, is not all in origin and end, in Principle and phenomenon. Now gird up your strength in Christian Science, and know what you believe, and understand omnipotence just a little, and you will be impervious.


There is no hypodermis, no softened brain, no wornout brain cells. Why? Because there is no brain, no mind in matter. If your mortal mind aches, you have only to change your mind on this subject, and the pain is gone.

Mental work helps your head (or, rather, your belief of head) the same as use is said to strengthen muscles. I know this is true.

You cannot suffer, when you have one Mind, God.

Watch, and acknowledge no other.

Enter into the joy of Love, heaven within you. It is His kingdom come. His will be done. You are in health, in peace, and have all help in God.

You are not over-tasked. It is a lie of M.A.M. Be strong, and hold the fort. If the diabolism of M.A.M. does not incite sanguine natures to mental conditions deplorable, it turns them to stone; or other lymphatic temperaments, to make sullen and morbid. I pray, that He will keep you unspotted from M.A.M.; also the world, the flesh and the devil.


I rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike God. I am spiritual; I feel, I know, that I am one with Christ in God, who hath all dominion.

There is no sin or error, to mesmerize me into seeing or feeling a body.

There is no malignant animal magnetism to prevent me from reflecting light.

There is no self-mesmerism to hide me from Truth, or Truth from me.

There is no hypnotism or mental malpractice to harm me, to affright me, touch me, for divine Love surrounds me. Intelligence, power, substance are the source of my being. Life enfolds me.

There is no motive power but God, no universe but Life, Truth and Love. There is no channel, nor channels, personal or impersonal, through, or by, which animal magnetism, either malicious, wilful, or ignorant, or sympathetic, conscious or unconscious, can approach Christian Science, its Discoverer, its adherents, or their patients.


Do not think of personality, when protecting yourself or patients, as a rule. Think only of the all-absorbing Love, that destroys all hate. Realize the allness of Truth and good, and the absence of error or evil. Realize the right side, and only side.

Take four hours each day for your reading, prayer and meditation alone with God.

Remember this fixed fact: You have no material heart. Your heart God gave you, and He governs all its functions. It cannot cease to act, so long as God acts, for it is His reflection of Love. Let alone all sense of anatomy, and hold this true consciousness of yourself. Pain is not pain, and you know it.


Take the First Commandment for your medicine. It cures all disease. There is but one Mind, and no person can, or is, harming you. It is a dream, a falsity, an illusion. You have no material head, heart, back. There is no electromagnetism, no nerve centers for fools or demons to play upon with glamor.


Life is eternal and unchangeable, and can never grow old, for time is not, and youth is immortal — you have always existed, and always will exist, a perfect, complete and finished work, a spiritual being, created of and by Spirit, and subject only to spiritual laws. You do now, and ever must, manifest the God-life that is shining in you. It is working always, in every part of your being, to will and to do. There can never be any loss of your faculties — for they are of Soul, and not of sense. The Life and strength, of which you are the constant recipient, are indestructible and infinite, and nothing can prevent their inflow. You are governed and sustained by perfect Love, in which there is no fear of helplessness or death. Your faith and trust in the omnipotent power of Truth are perfect and unclouded, and you know that God is your sufficiency. Never was one of God’s children palsied or helpless, for all His works are good and eternal. There is no mortal mind, to say you are old or feeble. There is but one infinite Mind, which is the understanding of the truth of your being, and holds you in perfect harmony and health.


How many Christian Scientists give treatments, as though they knew that Mind really heals the sick? The real thing is the presence of Mind, and the realization that there is no other presence. Do not be afraid to take this stand and demonstrate it. Make God All, for God is All, and there is nothing else. It is just as though Mind were saying: “I am here, and there is nothing else here. I am the practitioner, and I am the patient, and there is nothing else and neither can be, other than I AM.” It is this Infinity, this infinite Presence, that makes disease impossible. Don’t squabble with yourself mentally and wear yourself out with arguments, either audibly or silently — but be firm, and know that God is the source of your intelligence. “Be still and know.” Quiet the material senses one after another, and withdraw to the “secret place of the Most High,” and after you have shut out the material clamoring, you can hear the still, small voice. The Bible tells you, “The battle is not yours, but the Lord’s.” Meet every problem that comes up as its master, knowing that “that which hath been is now, and that which is to be hath already been, and God requireth that which is past.” This implies that nothing which is not good can remain permanently in consciousness.


Do not fear your sense of fear. It is nothing. We are as safe as omnipotent God. God’s idea absolutely cannot fear; he knows there is just one Mind. Is he going to use that Mind to fear with? Is he living in God and still afraid? Is there anything outside of, or beyond, God? Is there anything inside God to fear? God made all and proclaimed it good. Fear is godless, mindless, powerless, not included in consciousness. Fear cannot act on mortal mind, body, understanding, does not manifest self either as subjective or objective; not mine or anybody’s, and if I seem to fear, it is not my fear or anxiety, and doesn’t make any difference. God isn’t afraid. My treatment isn’t afraid. A Christian Science treatment dissipates all the supposititious presence, power, law of fear. Fear is a fake belief within a fake belief, without cause, effect or continuity. There is no personality. There is no mortal mind to embody itself, and call that embodiment by my name, and hold over it laws of limitation. God is Mind. I have the sense of that Mind. I have no mortal mind to look for pain or pleasure, health or sickness, strength or weakness, life or death.


Mortal mind cannot mesmerize me into a belief, that I can have any disease so-called, for I am an idea of God, perfect, harmonious, and eternal, and cannot be mesmerized. It cannot say to me, “It is yourself that has a disease, etc.,” for I am perfect, and it cannot make me think that I am it.


Divine Love fills every avenue, flows through every channel, and removes every obstruction. There is one infinite Mind, and that Mind is my Mind and governs me.

All my thoughts come to me from this Mind, and return to their source. In this Mind there is no material sense, no other mind, no mortal mind to tempt, to harm or control.

Know this, realize it, and you are master of the occasion, of yourself and others. Hold on through all this animal magnetism and fear, and though fear may make you suffer, even unto death’s door, God will — He will deliver you.


You are the child of the loving God, surrounded and protected by infinite Love. There is no hatred or evil to frighten you. You have no disease, you have nothing to fear, you are not in danger, you are entirely well, and continually held in the presence of God.


The kingdom of heaven is God’s government of His ideas, His wise and compelling enforcement of law, His unerring jurisdiction. I am a citizen of His dominion, governed by His laws, and protected by these laws; my affairs are administered justly and harmoniously by these laws.

The laws of divine Principle operate, because infinite power and intelligence are back of them, not because we invoke them — and they no more stop working, than the laws of this country.


“If God be for us, who can be against us?” Sensuous, wilful malpractice has no power to distract or confuse me, so that I cannot perceive the Truth clearly; it can neither make me believe, that I am suffering from old beliefs , or poisons, nor make me see its image, nor fear its mental argument. No danger can befall, for everything is in God’s keeping.


There is no one known to my personality, within my circle or without it, naming the name of Christian Science — loyal or disloyal — that can ignorantly or maliciously malpractice upon me. Neither can malpractice or mesmerism prevent me from recognizing such error and handling it.


I am a law unto myself. There is no ignorant, malicious, wilful, superstitious, sympathetic, intentionally directed malpractice from theosophy, palmistry, phrenology, occultism, witchcraft, necromancy, black or white magic, spiritualism, animal magnetism, hypnotism, mental science, free love, malpractitioners, trustees, directors, laymen, occultists, materia medica, or from Roman Catholicism, neighbors, friends, enemies, acquaintances, or relatives, that can mesmerize me, or influence me, or confuse my spiritual continuity, or interfere with my spiritual work, or cloud my vision (mental), or darken my consciousness; neither can it impede my progress in my true understanding of God.


Malicious animal magnetism’s false claims cannot separate me from God, from Christ, from divine Science, from Science and Health, nor from my teacher, Mary Baker Eddy. There is no malice, no hatred, no revenge, no fear, no remorse; and animal magnetism cannot suggest any of these claims as a power to govern me, and cannot make me an avenue, through which any of these claims of personality can work evil to myself or any other; cannot suggest through any personality any of these lying claims, nor make a law that I shall in any form manifest them.


Animal magnetism cannot make me restless or dissatisfied; cannot suggest to me any doubt of the absolute Truth of Christian Science; cannot make a law that I cannot heal; that I cannot succeed; that I will not heal my patients; cannot frighten me or prevent me from healing others; cannot darken my thought, nor dim my spiritual perception; cannot produce or bring back a belief with an argument of poison of any kind (name).


Trust in God and He will direct thy path. God is beside us at all times and in our daily work. Realize the ever present Love and rejoice. Error cannot rob us of our abundance; the demonstration of this is an abundance of light and love and intelligence, even for all our material needs.

I CAN is the son of I AM, because I AM is, I CAN. I CAN express love, patience, truth, because I AM. Declare against the sense of limitation, and realize that nothing can hinder my progress in advancing and getting employment. There is nothing to hinder my success or progress. I am honestly ready to see what God wants me to do.


I am an unresisting channel, through which Love shines with its full healing force. In the reality of being, is all I can ever want, need, desire or long for. In fact, I have perfect satisfaction. It includes more than I can possibly now discern or desire, in the measure of happiness, and the completion of every wish or prayer, that is wholesome or right for me to have. All other longings are destroyed in this realization. I must work to know, that the definition of man in Science and Health applies to me. I am God’s image and likeness, reflecting a full, perfect image of Life, Mind, action, and so forth. I am not under any material law of limitation. There is no material plane.

We live, move, and have our being in God, and we cannot pass out of that.


Neither I, nor my source of supply, nor my demonstration of Christian Science, is subject to any malicious mortal thought or limitation. There never was a moment when evil was real. There are no mortals who can reflect evil on the earth, and I must disargue the claim of personality, to make room for the dear Love which destroys malpractice. There is no mortal me, that can be touched by malicious minds. If God is All, I need not be afraid.

Anything of which I seem to be afraid, is unreal. Abide in the 91st Psalm. Inasmuch as I am God’s child, spiritual and not material, I must be perfect. I am whole; I am free; I have all that I need; I live in Spirit and not in matter. I am without care and without anxiety. No one can hurt me, nor take from me anything that is good. I know no such thing as sin, suffering, want or disease, for I am a reflection of Life, Truth, and Love. I am never disappointed.

The harmony of my being cannot be disturbed, because I live in the infinite.


Ever-present Love is the very nearest thing to me at all times. It is the nature of God to bless and care for me.

I never reach out for Him in vain. He is always available.

He is never beyond our understanding. He never delays.

God will remove our sins from us, as far as the east is from the west, as soon as we are ready to give them up.


Mental malpractice and malicious animal magnetism are utterly without power, and cannot voice error to me, in the nature of arsenical, mercurial, electric, opium, or any other poison, or overwhelming soporific influence, mentally, physically, morally, or in any other way, for I am panoplied in divine Love, where human hatred cannot reach me. Love, not hate; Truth, not error, govern man.


Neither I, my source of, or means of, supply, nor Christian Science, is the subjective state of any mortal malicious, or demoniacal thought, error or limitation. Infinite, omnipotent wisdom is the source of all purpose, law, power, means and results, and endlessly blesses man — there is no cause of aught else.


My life is a manifestation of divine Life, from which I derive all mortal and physical health. Therefore, my life should be beyond the reach of accidents, as the divine Life is.


Oh, keep me ever seeing Thee, and seeing as Thou seest, my Life, my joy, my All.


The birth out of matter into Spirit is not gained by argument, nor by force. It is growth, hourly; it is forever getting nearer Love that is Love; universal, divine presence and power, alias might and dominion; first over the body; then its reflection is dominion over all the earth.


There never was a moment when evil was real. There are no mortals who can reflect evil upon the earth. And you must disarm the claim of personality, to make room for the dear Love which destroys malpractice. There is no mortal that can be touched by malicious minds. God is All. You need not be afraid of anything. Anything you can be afraid of, is unreal, and the fear both senseless and useless.


You must know that malicious animal magnetism cannot gain or assert power, or act, through any mortal or mortals — if you know it, it cannot touch you or make you afraid. The word you will need is, “It is I, be not afraid.” “Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him.”


Occultism cannot know to hinder the work of God, good. Occultism cannot embody itself mentally or physically. It cannot rob, steal, persecute, annoy, or destroy me or mine, for there is no occultism.


The law of divine Life, Truth and Love is a law of instant and complete expulsion and elimination of all poisons and impurities from the system. Why? Because the floodtides of divine Life, Truth and Love are pouring and surging through consciousness, uplifting, purifying, nourishing, healing, elevating, sustaining and energizing mankind.


There is no arsenic, mercury, morphine, rustox, or ether, that can cause any inflammation of the pneumogastric nerve, thereby affecting the sympathetic nerves, causing any inflammation of the head, stomach, or bowels. There is no pneumogastric nerve, materially or in belief.


There is no fatal mistake; there is no unforgivable wrong; there is no unpardonable sin; there is no permanent injury; there is no incurable disease; there is no such thing as too late.


Take this thought earnestly, twice each day: There is no evil thinking and no evil argument; the lie and liar are a lie, an illusion; there is no such person nor thought. God is all there is.


Treat yourself three times each day, on the basis I name, and let a student treat you once, and make the basic point this: that you can help yourself, and need not the help of man. God, good, Truth, Love is all the help you can have, for they are all power.


It is a shield to mentally remind yourself daily, that God is the only Law-maker for man, morally, spiritually and physically.


Every day — every hour — your work increases in effectiveness and power.


Christian Scientists shall daily accentuate God’s law, in knowing that it is supreme, and that obedience thereto brings immediate and permanent health, happiness and success.


This is my support, that the male and female natures are equally expressed, coexistent in me. This is the way that I exist, and is the reason I never lack. It is because I am of the nature of infinite completeness; there is never anything in my experience in which the male and female qualities are not infinitely at one, supporting each other.

It is because my spiritual inspiration is perfectly balanced with scientific understanding; because my joy is perfectly balanced with courage, and because my love is perfectly balanced with strength. My tender emotional nature is perfectly balanced with thought, reason and understanding; therefore I am a state of perfect protection, perfect substance, and I am supported by my own infinity. I am the consciousness of infinity. I am the presence of substance, because there is no unsupported idea in me.

My manhood takes care of my womanhood, defends, protects, and supports her. My joy is defended and protected by my courage. My love is protected and defended by my understanding, by the strength of my scientific understanding, which is omnipotence. I am never undefended, and my womanhood cherishes my manhood. My tender affection cherishes my scientific understanding, and unfolds love to it, takes care of it, watches over it with love, and gives it every opportunity to unfold and demonstrate itself in perfect harmony, unity, equality, and unfoldment. So my nature is complete.


There is no morphine of malice poison, that puts to sleep — that is, to your own best interest, and causes dreams and illusions.

There is no strychnine of jealousy poison, that contracts and keeps from seeing beyond one’s own self — that is, to make us voice error where we should voice truth.

There is no sulphur of hatred poison, that always inflames — that is, we must watch this, that it does not open the door to the hatred of the world.

There is no arsenic of envy poison to swell and puff up.

There is no cocaine poison to cause depression.

There is no corrosive sublimate of worry poison, that eats and gnaws.

(Mrs. Eddy gave these arguments to Dr. Alfred Baker, a former M.D.)


There is no evil mind to make a law to prevent us from bearing others’ burdens, and so fulfilling the law of Christ, nor to produce an opposite effect, nor to prevent us from accomplishing that which we desire.


There is a continuous demand for all I have to offer.

Neither malicious animal magnetism, nor any erroneous mortal thought, can hinder me from meeting those who desire to get what I have to give. No erroneous mortal thought, opinion, or judgment can hide, hold, or take from me those persons who can help, elevate or benefit me.


Neither mesmerism, hypnotism, theosophy, esoteric magic, nor wicked mental or audible arguments, can affect me. God governs me. Justice, Truth, Love govern us, and nothing else can, or does, affect us in the least. Thrice each day, from one half to one hour. Then have faith in God. Know that faith as a grain of mustard seed can remove mountains, and have no faith in evil. Know, that it cannot do anything, that it is nothing. Know, that God is All. The wrath of man shall praise Thee, and the remainder of wrath shalt Thou restrain. All things work together for good to them that love God. See I Thess. 5.


If we go at an error with a determination to conquer with Truth, we should know that an error is a coward; it will retreat.

Try not to see mental work as treatment, but as a watch to keep out the enemy. Jesus said, “Watch and pray lest ye enter into temptation.” We have “to work out our own salvation,” and this is one of the ways to do it. We have got all things. Dominion is our right. It is necessary to realize this, by arguing down the evil which says we have not. The enemy will try to make us do wrong, or make us sick, or try to kill us to the end; so we must stand guard, and the way to do it, is to declare that evil cannot do these things. Mortal mind will try in every conceivable way to prevent this thought from being declared. Why? Because it means death to error.


I am awake. I cannot be glamored. There is no hypnotism. I can see the need and meet it, for it is God that worketh with me. God has a plan for all His children, and it is a gracious plan. I have my place in His plan. I have my work in His plan, and malicious mental malpractice can neither hinder, nor prevent me, from seeing a full, complete and perfect manifestation of what God’s plan is for me here and now.


M.A.M., R.C., cannot, with its subtle, evil influence, make me dormant, stupid, or drunken, cannot reverse the action of good, cannot impel my mind into error of thought or action.


She doesn’t feel the readers of her books, nor any other mortal beliefs.

The belief in fear, sin and disease is destroyed, and cannot return again.

My long-continued treatment of her has not materialized her thought, nor made disease real, nor prevented her from being well.

She can help herself.

No mental condition can cause suffering, any more than a material.

Neither fear nor malice can produce stoppage or bring back old beliefs.

ArgumentS Hurrying cannot affect the heart. It cannot beat like a trip-hammer, nor perform its functions with difficulty.

Hurrying cannot produce heart trouble. There are no unsound hearts. There is no slow nor hurried motion to the heart, no shortness of breath, ascending stairs.

Arguments Used by Error to Prevent Christian Healing

All your old beliefs are back, and worse than ever.

You cannot help yourself. You do not understand the Science. You cannot heal the sick. Mrs. Eddy is a deceiver;

she is not what she appears. You hate her. You must not join the Association of Christian Scientists. You don’t want to read the book. You must not circulate it. You cannot argue. You cannot fix your thoughts. You are frightened. You are in despair. Nobody can help you, and you cannot help yourself. It is not me that is doing this. It is your old beliefs. Take medicine, or, if you were ever a spiritualist, call on the spirits, or an orthodox. Go back to the church and you will be happier. It is Mrs. Eddy —

take it up so, and you will be better.

Argument for Transgressors

There is no fear or effects from fear — no reversal.

She (Stetson) and her students cannot send any thoughts here. There is but one Mind, and that is good. No evil spirits, no poison, no theosophy can come, no evil suggestions, no suffering coming here, or sent here because of the court. Affirm without limitation the truth, that perfect health is here, etc. Ps. 91. No reversal. You cannot make laws. Divine Love governs all. You are governed by divine Love, you feel no envy, no revenge, no hatred. All you feel is Love, peace, and Love fills your thoughts and makes you happy and satisfied.


Find out the leading fear in the patient’s mind, and if that be mental malpractice or poisoning, judge from the symptoms what the poison is; then declare against this.

Name it. Say, “There is no such poison; no fear of it. No belief that you are poisoned; and awake from this dream!

God is your only Mind; divine Love is caring for you.

You have no loss of appetite, but a relish for your food, and there are no arsenical symptoms present, or that of narcotics, or cyanide of potassium, or any other poison.

You are not weak, have no nausea, no white stool; the stool is natural in color, and you are full of divine strength and energy. There is no mortal mind to make you believe to the contrary, no talking matter. She (call no name) has no power to produce the effect of poison. There is no suppression of urine; there is a natural and sufficient discharge. No mortal mind can stop the functions of being.

God holds them intact and eternally. There is no death.

There is no hypnotism, no theosophy, no electromagnetism. Awake from this dream. You are awake to the truth, you see it, you realize it, and no mortal mind can hinder you from realizing it. There is but one Mind; Truth, Life and Love govern all your thoughts, and annihilate all that is unlike them.” The above need not to be repeated only till the symptoms disappear, and the spirit of divine Science dispenses with all this letter; but if that is not had in abundance, the direct disease or beliefs are addressed or named.

Argument for Transgressor

(Stetson) or anybody else that is trying to hurt her, cannot make laws. The lies they whisper, hurt no one but themselves. Lies, hatred, revenge have no power, but to destroy themselves, every time they try to hurt anybody else. This is God’s law; it cannot be broken, and it cannot make anybody suffer because we tell you this. You cannot help yourself, and nobody can help you, till you stop trying to hurt others. You can never prosper, while you try to hurt others, or make your students believe anybody is harming you, for nobody is doing this. Now you do see this, and love God and man. Then, turn to the right side in your consciousness and know this truth, — God alone reigns, and all is Love.

Argument for Transgressor

You produce on yourself just what you are trying to produce on others. You reap what you sow, and nobody else does, and you cannot change this law of Truth. You cannot help yourself, your students cannot help you, till you stop lying and trying to hurt others.

There is nobody hurting you. You or your students cannot help themselves by taking up others, for nobody is hurting you. God, Love, governs, and love is not overcome by hate. You cannot fight against God. God, good, is supreme and does govern. There must be an outpouring of love to meet this hour.

Argument for Yourself

I am not hypnotized, not self-mesmerized to believe a lie. I am governed by God. I am not glamored. There is no hypnotism, no mortal mind, no presence, no power in evil. God is All and my only Mind. He gives me all my thoughts, governs all my thoughts, words and acts. He teaches me how to pray aright.


Does not miss any points.

Does not forget anything.

Does not become confused.

That he is able to do the very best. That he shall not consent to any delay.

He knows, he is doing wrong.

He knows that he has no funds.

God has stopped him, and he knows better.

The opposite party will drop this now and forever.

They see the sin and impossibility of trying to do it; they see the consequences to themselves.

Arguments to Discourage Christian Scientists

Christian Scientists shall not believe that they can heal the sick, or that Christian Science can heal.

They shall not believe, that they can handle mesmerism; they shall not recognize mesmerism.

All the work of Christian Scientists shall be, and is, reversed, and is a law of reversal — an enactment.

Christian Scientists do not want to handle malicious animal magnetism, aggressive mental suggestion, mental assassination.


With the sword of the Spirit, God cuts from me the lies of animal magnetism, mesmerism, clairvoyance, esoteric magic, materia medica, religious anarchy, theosophy, atheism, aggressive mental suggestion, mental malpractice, thought transference, telepathy, Darwinism, Gesterfeldism, false science, and all other pretentious forms of error. None of these counterfeits can harm me, mentally, morally, spiritually, financially, or socially —

through employees, business associates, publishers, creditors, debtors, friendly or unfriendly, competitors, rivals, friends or foes, Scientists or non-Scientists. Neither can they harm me in any way, in any manner, in any degree or to any extent whatever, through my correspondence, telegrams, telephone messages, advertisements, leases, contracts, business successes or failures. They cannot plant the lie of limitation on me, my agents or my company. God reigns over all, through all, in all, above all. This omnipotent goodness is a living, palpitating presence, before which the error of mortal mind, personal sense, and human belief, must fall into nothingness — dust.

Arguments for Transgressors

One Mind, Truth, controls all. You are set free in the love of God, and you cannot make, nor believe, a lie.

Truth declared is not reversed. It does appear and is manifest. No return of old beliefs. No M.A.M. to work through R.C., hypnotism, mesmerism, or theosophy, demonology, or old theology, to hinder the work of the Cause of Christian Science. Divine Mind governs every hour, and evil is powerless.

Argument for the Weather

God governs all, is All-in-all. God is our constant Guide and Guardian. No mortal thought, known or unknown, seen or unseen, can interfere with the manifestation of Love’s presence with us. The weather manifests God’s government, and no evildoers can change this fact.

The devils of human thought — all the powers of many minds — are powerless in Love’s presence. God is All.

God is Mind.


Catholicism is brotherly love, while Roman Catholicism is the Pope’s intention. Roman Catholicism is a false conception of Catholicism, a false conception of true theology. No cloister, circles, Jesuitism, priesthood, Papal power, or school of cardinals or bishops, can be a channel, through which mortal mind can work, or rule upon my consciousness, or the consciousness of any individual, to bind or hold you, or him, through ignorance, fear or superstition. No Roman Catholic prayer or prophecy, or anathema, nor curse, can dim, deaden, darken or confuse your consciousness, nor blur the Christ image in your thought. There is no God in any prayer of condemnation — no Christ in it — no Truth in it, and, therefore, there is no power in it, and you cannot fear it. There is no power, or rule, or government, or control, apart from God. There is no power, or belief of power, that can hinder you from any right achievement. Remember, your efficiency and capacity are unlimited, and no effort of evil to reverse the words and works of Christian Science, can hinder your success. All ability, all achievement, all accomplishment are possible to men, because they are man’s. It is the law of man’s being, from which he cannot escape, even if he would, to know all that God, Mind, includes and is.

A Statement

The Christian Scientist, who is faithful to this Cause and its Leader, will reap rewards spiritual, and blessedness, beyond the power of human thought to conceive.

Will you join your Leader in this, refusing sensuality, animality, lust, in any of its forms? Oh, dear ones, I know the cost and I know the joy. Will you, can you, rise in this moment important for Truth?

Fixed Rules at Pleasant View

1. When Mother names the error to be handled, it shall be taken up exactly as she names it — not one word is to be changed.

2. Students working in Truth shall not undertake to handle M.A.M., by naming the person handled, till I say to do so. Error is impersonal, and Mind knows all, is Allin-all.

3. Workers shall not allow M.A.M. to draw off their fire, nor turn them from their tasks. Truth is not reversed in its effects. Love governs every hour.

4. Students shall not admit of evil, nor question their Leader’s words, but must follow her in Truth declared, to effectually erase the work of animal magnetism.


There is but one infinite Mind, and that Mind is my Mind and governs me. All my thoughts come to me from this Mind, and return to their source. In this Mind there is no material sense, no other mind, no mortal mind to tempt, to harm or control. Know this, realize it, and you are the master of the occasion, of yourself and of others.

Letter to the Christian Science Board of Directors Confidential June 26, 1908

Beloved: Have several Christian Scientists who are best adapted to it, take up the weather and know, that “God sendeth the rain upon the just and the unjust.” Hence the latter, it is raining. Continue this prayer till the result follows it. Let none know, that will tell it, what is being done.

(Adelaide Still, Mrs. Eddy’s personal maid, reported that at this time Laura Sargent, whose duty it was to work on the weather, opened the Bible at random to Gen. 2:5 in her work and then showed it to Mrs. Eddy. At once the latter took the work out of her hands and wrote the above letter).

Letter to the Christian Science Board of Directors April 5, 1909

My beloved Board:

You know that God, divine Love, reigns, and the Catholic prayers this week (holy week) or any week, to harm your Leader, are powerless. Will you, as my Church, realize this Truth that destroys error? Do not take me up personally, but know, mentally and prayerfully, that the Catholic prayers to harm anyone are utterly powerless. Evil and sin are nothing. Good and divine Love are infinite, and there is no other power. They are all and govern all.

Argument I do not lack anything.

I do not lack wisdom or love.

I do not lack judgment or intelligence.

I do not lack energy or industry.

I do not lack, and cannot lack, anything, or the means by which to acquire anything. I am not outside infinity.

(When Mrs. Eddy gave the above to Margaret Worthington, she said, “I give thee this.” Some days later she gave it to her again, saying, “I give thee this because it is a fact.” Finally, she gave it to her the third time, saying, “I give thee this; now go and prove it to be a fact.”)

Arguments for the Weather

Handle the thought of reversal. You can do it. The reign of harmony is; you can make it rain; it can water the earth. Is there a devil that can reverse God’s government?

No. Then have faith as a grain of mustard seed. You can.

In working for the weather, never say, there is no wind, there is no lightning, no rain, etc., for if you do, it will act like mesmerism; it will break out in some other phase; but know the elements are in God’s hands (His fists). They are not destructive, but governed by harmony and express harmony. God gave us dominion over the earth, but it is His dominion; the loving Father gives us what is for us, and nothing else can. He is Love, and Love controls the elements and all things.

God looks out from the clouds. He is Love, and we are His reflection; we have love in our hearts, because He is Love, and we reflect Him, and we have no clouds.

The Weather

Now when there is the claim that the weather is sultry, handle it, and you will see a breeze spring up; if it is cold, handle it; it is all in Mind, ever the same, harmonious. God did not make sultry weather, etc.; then if we through belief have made it, we must unmake it. When it looks like thunder and lightning, handle it; there is no sultry atmosphere to cause thunder and lightning. When I first came to Concord (before hypnotism and mesmerism joined hands to work upon me), there was no snow the first winter at all, and no thunderstorms the first year.

When sultry, I would close my eyes for a moment, then open them, and the leaves would all be stirring; a breeze had sprung up. We make our own atmosphere. These things are easier to handle than sickness. I used to handle them, until I forgot about it. Lately I have attended to the work, and only kept above the effects. When Clara was here, I would speak about the thunderstorms, and she would work alone, and they would all disappear. You can do this, and if you are not at first successful, do not get discouraged; keep on trying. When you have the first indication — forestall it.

When I have made a storm disappear, I did not argue, “There are no clouds.” I said, “God’s face is there, and I see it,” and the storm would break and disappear.

Handle the weather, just as you do any belief of mortal mind.

You are not a Christian Scientist, until you do control the weather.

Mother’s Lesson on Rain

The gentle clouds and the gentle rain fall upon the just and the unjust; no electricity, no thunder and lightning, no cyclone, no tornado, no destruction, for the dear Father’s face looks out from the clouds in love and in harmony. No malice, and no hatred — for there is nothing to interfere with His government in Love. There shall be the gentle and beautiful rain upon the earth to water the whole face of the earth.

Do not take up, there is no thunder and lightning; know that God governs the elements, and there is nothing destructive or harmful. God sends the rain that watereth the earth. Human will cannot come in and govern. You would not argue diphtheria, if the case was consumption; neither do you argue thunder and lightning, when it is sin (malice). If thunder and lightning come, then know, forces are of God and are not destructive. If too much rain, realize harmony. If drought — no drought. S&H 102 : 9 (268th edition).

Special Work

Mrs. Eddy directed Dr. Alfred Baker to take up a certain student personally, saying that error was speaking through him to cause her both mental and physical distress. It required four weeks to meet the error, and each day she furnished him with the text or watch to use.

Mon. Error cannot hide from Truth. Mother knows what error is doing. The absent mind can be read by Mind, Mother’s Mind.

Tues. Error cannot discover that the error is recognized. Error does not know Truth.

Wed. There is no clairvoyance.

Thurs. Error is powerless. I know this. Mother knows error is powerless.


Those who unwittingly or knowingly harbor error against Mother shall be rendered. This is God’s law — the Word.

Sat. God governs all. All is Truth. Truth is a mantle.

Mon. Truth is supremacy.

Tues. God’s ways are hidden to the world.

Wed. God is justice. The sword of Truth will destroy error.

Thurs. Error has no voice. No one to hear it. Error will be silenced. Error will be silent.

Fri. All that is true is God’s. Error has no life.

Sat. God is All.

Mon. God is Love. Love is All. Love is harmony.

Tues. Love destroys hate. Love is Spirit. Mortal mind cannot know Love. Love is supreme.

Wed. Mother is Love. All there is, is Love.

Thurs. The voice of error is silenced by Love. Love stands. Mother is Love.

Fri. God is All. Mother is God’s idea. Mother is Life. Life is harmonious. Error disappears and Love is All.

Sat. “My grace is sufficient for thee.” Mon. Mr. — — — — . The Word of God has spoken to you. Error is nothing. All that is true is God’s and God’s ideas. The Word has spoken to you.

Tues. Mr. — — — — . Your voice belongs to God.

Error has no voice. You cannot speak error’s claims.

Wed. God silences error. Error, be still. God is All.

Thurs. Mother is Christ-Mary. Mother is God’s idea, over all, and All. Error has gone. God is made manifest.

Fri. Praise God. God reigns supreme.

Sat. Mother spoke to me today, and said for the first time she felt that the error of Mr. — — — — had been destroyed.

Extract from Letter

Mother must give you a lesson on Mind of a few sentences. A real Metaphysician knows that Mind is the all and only power, and the mental word inaudible more effective, as a rule, than the audible. Can you shelf this rule and be consistent? Do you heal the sick by physical or audible means? Do you even think, speak, act by reason of matter or mind? Do you declare all this affirmatively in your lectures? Then, does right, and the demonstration thereof, depend on matter or mind? If the latter, how are you going to act rightly, and cause others to do likewise, most efficiently? Is it through mindpower, and how? Orally, or the “still small voice”? I beg you will demonstrate our God in Science as the Principle that moves men’s actions. Every day thrice give one half hour to mentally governing the thoughts of the pressmen on the subject at issue. Think before you act, and your thoughts will govern yours, and other men’s lives, more than your acts can.

Treatment for Poison

There is no one to administer arsenical poison. It cannot be administered behind an unsuspected lie of cold-taking, sewer gas, or any other lie to hide it. Arsenic cannot be concealed. Arsenic cannot kill. The law of divinity —

declaration is demonstration — overcomes and destroys the laws of arsenical poisoning and its effects. There can be no fear of it. Arsenical poison cannot cause mental apathy.


If thy liver offend thee, cast it from thee. There is no liver, for there is no matter. There is no stomach, no sour stomach, no pneumogastric nerve, no connection between brain and liver, and there is healthy digestion. There is no pain; matter is not pained, and Mind is Love, and Love is not pained.

There is no paralysis of rectum, nor abdominal muscles, nor of the colon, nor in mind, for there is no mortal mind. Action belongs to God; it cannot cease. There is no evil, no hate, no sin; mortal mind is not affecting you.

God is the only Mind, and you reflect God, and there is no other you. Wake, wake to know this. You control mortal mind, it does not control you. There is no body; Mind is all; you reflect God, and God governs all, and mortal mind does not exist.


No fear; God, Love, is all, and ever-present, and the ever-present help. No metastasis. No pain; no disease changing forms, and the last worse than the first. No animal magnetism; all is Good, there is no matter, no mortal mind. We have dominion over the earth, over the body, and over all evil. Good is supreme; evil is unreal; good is all, there is none besides God, Life, Love, Truth, holiness. These are right here, and no other consciousness is here, no other mind, no other power. Mrs. Eddy can help herself; she does help herself, and we do help her; God worketh with us. Good is all, and governs all. There is no arsenic, mercury, rhus radicant, no electric poison, no belief that there is. We know, if they take any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them. God has said it.

A Lesson at Pleasant View

No fear. Love. No arsenic, nor any other poison.

Telling the truth destroys error; it does not make it seem real, nor hurt anybody. We know the truth, and it has made us free — everyone in this house. We can and do help our Leader, and nothing can hinder us. She does help herself. God is her ever-present help. We are better every day and hour — healthier, higher, holier — better for the approaching dedication. Good governs this hour and us.

Evil is not power, nor presence. There is no evil, no hatred, envy nor revenge. It is all Love, Love, health, harmony, immortality. No death and no disease. All is Love.

A Lesson at Pleasant View Romans 8 : 38, 39

When we are better, we are not made worse. When we help others, it does not hurt us. The good we do, does us good. God is Life. God is never death. We can no more lose Life than we can lose God.

Materia Medica

There is no power, intelligence or principle, mesmeric or hypnotic, in materia medica, as individual or collective mind. Therefore, it cannot blind nor hypnotize mortals, through human beliefs or will-power, from seeking the true healing, as it is in Christ Jesus and Christian Science.

There is but one Physician, because there is but one Mind; whose medicine is Truth; which destroys all error; whose attraction is Love, which casteth out all fear. This is the one Mind, which was also in Christ Jesus, and this Mind alone can draw all men unto Him — divine Love.

Materia medica cannot hide under the guise of hygiene, witchcraft, magic, spiritualism, mind-cure, faithcure, or any other subtle form of carnality, for to be carnally-minded is death. Man (I) cannot be bewitched or mesmerized by alluring or high sounding phrases or methods, nor by any personality, individual or collective, which substitutes matter and materia medica for the healing power of Truth, Christ. The nothingness and impotence of materia medica is demonstrated through divine Science by its loyal students, who reflect divine intelligence, which destroys any claim of intelligence not in God, good, divine Mind. To enmity’s own hell of ignorance, superstition, hypocrisy and hatred, justice consigns the lie, which would slay man in order to satisfy its own beliefs in materia medica and false theology. God made man immortal and in His image, the image of His own eternity, and to this end gave him dominion over all the earth, over all the works of His hands. This is the Truth of being, and nothing can change the Truth into a lie.

Nothing can wrest man out of the Father’s hand, for “It is He who hath made us, and not we ourselves,” and hath given us life everlasting. Therefore, health, harmony and immortality are the everlasting facts of being. It is so.

Sense and Soul’s Law

There is no law of sense, making me forget what I should do, or do it wrongly. There is but one law, and this law is God’s, making me remember what I should do, and do it rightly.

Daily Mental Invocation

Divine Love: Give me grace, meekness, understanding and wisdom for each hour of this day.

Alertness to Duty

It shall be the duty of every member of this Church to daily purge himself of all aggressive mental suggestion, and not be made to forget, nor to neglect his duty to God, to his Leader, and to mankind.


(Changes made in Mrs. Eddy’s handwriting in the edition of the Church Manual.)

Work for Maid

She can help herself. She does not forget a single thing, but remembers them. She cannot be hypnotized.


In working for them coming to my home, argue that they will be careful, and that they will do their work safely and as swiftly as they can, and do it well, but that I request them, that they keep me out of their mind.

Mrs. Eddy to Calvin Hill.

Lost Opportunities

No fear, no arsenic, nor any other poison.

No pain.

No relapse into error.

No reversal of Truth.

No return of old beliefs of disease, nor new beliefs of disease coming here.

Then establish in your thought the Allness of God, and know there is no hate, revenge, nor envy.

All is Love.

No diseased gullet.

No catarrh, no inaction, no diarrhea, no stoppage, no disrelish of food.

We are Christian Scientists, and can help ourselves and help others; we do.

We are not self-mesmerized.

God, good, alone controls us.

We are not hypnotists, and cannot be.

One God.

One Mind.

Love is All.

No pain.

(After Mrs. Eddy moved away from Pleasant View, Calvin Hill found this watch, titled as above, in one of the attic rooms.)

Points to Establish

It helps you, when you help others. You cannot be made to hurt another, and nobody can hurt you, and you cannot harm yourself, for there is no sin, disease nor death. When you help others, it helps yourself.

When you heal or help one belief of disease, it helps and heals all the others.

You are not hypnotists, but you are Scientists.

No relapse, no reversal.

God, good, divine Love is the only Mind, etc.

No loss of hearing or of sight.

No sleeplessness.

Truth’s Argument

Right cannot be reversed.

I cannot be made to think wrong or do wrong.

I cannot go opposite to what Mrs. Eddy needs in any way, nor in anything I do.

I do not believe that she is unjust or unmerciful, and I will never find her so.

I am not mistaken in her, and I know I am not.

And when I know this, then I will progress, and never till then.

I can help her, I can.

I cannot, and I will not, afflict her in anything I do.

I can help doing what you say, and just as you say, and I can do what she tells me.

(Written at Mrs. Eddy’s dictation by Calvin Frye, and passed around to the members of the household.)


1. When Mother foils a demon scheme, do not mar her success. The hardest battle is the last one.

2. Never act on first thoughts unless they be of good, God, but watch and separate the tares from the wheat.

3. Learn by experience and careful comparison to know whence cometh your conclusions. Try the spirits before acting, look over the purpose that the enemy might be trying to accomplish and so avoid a snare.

4. Have the bird in your hand before disturbing the bush that he hangs upon.

(The above was sent by Mrs. Eddy to the Trustees of the Christian Science Publishing Society.)

Rules for Severe Attacks

Begin your argument with, “You are not frightened;

there is nothing to fear; God is Love, and Love is All;

there is nothing else.” If this does not carry every point, it is because you are not in the Spirit sufficiently.

Then cover strongly by denial any would-be law that your patient is not healed by Christian Science, and by arguing the allness of Love.

If the belief continues, take up the special symptom present with stern denial, declaring against it.

If this seems to aggravate the symptoms, take it up, that the truth told of a lie cannot make one suffer, and there is no law that can make it appear to, and your patient can neither be discouraged by absolute truth, nor frightened by the truth spoken relative to error.

Also that we can help one another, for that is the law of God, and there is no hate or contrary law; no such law can be made, and your patient is not suffering from the truth you are declaring. The law of good is supreme, it governs this case, and nothing else can. Love reigns, and rules over all.

Do not be afraid to rebuke the symptom that is present, if the general truth has not taken it away, and turn your thought entirely to breaking the claim that your argument can increase the suffering, or produce an aggravation of symptoms, or chemicalization.

Always use this argument strongly, and every day, that she controls with Truth her own body, and nobody can control it one particle with error.

Lies' Laws

If you do anything right once, the next time you will do it wrong.

If you improve in health or in spiritual understanding, it will cease, and you will lose it and forget, and grow worse.

All the wrong beliefs are real to you, and you cannot make them seem unreal.

Laws of Good believed and adhered to, will obliterate the lies.

Realize this.


1. Pray God to help you awake to the claims of error, and awake to the truth that destroys them.

2. Whenever error would try to make sin, sickness, disease or death seem real, Good overrules it, and it makes them more unreal to us.

3. Good reverses every evil argument and effort, and brings out the opposite good.


I trust you are strong, and know that there is but one Mind, and that this Mind governs you, permeates your body and brains with Truth; hence there is no room for error to steal in, and matter is not you. You are spirit, the idea of God, and the Mind that was in Jesus must be in you, for God is All, the outside and inside of Truth and its ideas. Watch, that no secret influence changes you and your children from the affections that you had, when first you joined my class and learned you were free in Christ, Truth.


You have nothing to fear from 10,000 mindcurers.

Why do you feel shocked at things unreal? There is no power evil. A million of ciphers make no number. Evil is a naught. Why do you call it a unit and units? You must not forget my teachings. Rise from this nightmare of mesmerism. Quimby left this stain on your mortal belief; now wash it off in Science, Christian Science that rests in calm strength on the sure foundation that God is All, and whatever else seems to be, contradict, and know it is not. The woman was not hurt reading Truth — if error says that she was, it lies, and you know it, and you must establish the Truth in your own and your patient’s mind. You know there is but one Mind, and there is no other to be deranged. There is no deranged mind — know this and make it appear.


Your experience at this time is most promising. Every one that stands by me and is governed by God, the divine Principle of his work, will experience from the influence of Satan trying him, just what you do. It is only the influence of malicious mesmerism, the influence of a lie. Now remember, dear, your cardinal points in Science, viz., a lie is never true, that Truth and Love are your only Life, substance, and intelligence, or Mind, and you cannot lose your true mind, any more than God can. You cannot suffer for defending me, which is acceptable in God’s sight.

“Inasmuch as ye do it unto one of these little ones, you have done it to Me,” are His words. You cannot love me too much, for the love of good fulfills the law of Truth, and you cannot love the evil only sensually, and you do not love me sensually. Now awaken from this spell of animal magnetism! Root and Swarts figure largely in it. But you are the master of them, for you are better than they, and more than this, they can only hold you by a lie of belief, and you shall not believe a lie; a lie was never more than a lie; it has no power, and you are not held by it.

There is no liar; there is no animal magnetism. You can think of me, and concentrate your thoughts on whatever you please. Evil, malice, envy, hate are powerless to prevent this. You are the one to control them; they cannot control you. God, good, has all the power on earth or in heaven, and “He doeth His own will and none can stay His hand.” Waken from this dream! Look and behold the Truth of what I say. It is all a lie that you have written me.

This is the hour of the lie, yea, for the snake and Red Dragon to do their best. But you are privileged to have this battle with the lie early in your labors, and why? Because God knows you are equal to meeting it and putting it down. If you were not, you would not be called to meet this temptation. And blessed is he that can endure temptation, said our Master. He even was tempted, and you are enduring temptation; that is all, and are growing under it.

You will come out of this ten thousand times as strong in Truth as you went into it. Just know there is no power, no spell in animal magnetism, no electricity, no brains, no nerves, and no intelligence or power in mortal mind, alias evil, — and that Truth, good, is omnipotent, has all power, and it governs you, and all error, evil, is under your feet. See this, know it, and after your forty days and nights experience, like the blessed Master, you will have angels minister to you, — white-winged, higher and holier views of divine Science, and thank God for what you have learned.

Now, dear, a dream is not real! You have not been sick, and cannot be sick. It is impossible, so I shall not worry. No mortal, however malicious, can make a lie true, and if they tell you, you are poisoned, it has no effect whatever, for a lie is not real, and you know this.


As malicious animal magnetism is only a false claim, and really nothing, it cannot separate me, nor anyone else from the best and greatest good, nor limit my supply in any way. It cannot touch me with a claim of poverty in any way, in myself, nor in anyone, for Spirit is my unlimited source of supply. I am not dependent on any personality for my needs. Malicious animal magnetism cannot hide my work, nor blind my judgment, nor make me feel failure, nor lack, nor incapacity. God gives to each and every one of His children abundantly all they need, and that supply is not — cannot be — hidden at any time by any mortal mind law or claim, for all laws and claims of mortal mind are false laws, and of the no-mind, which has no real existence. It is destroyed by Truth now.


Inasmuch as I am God’s child, spiritual, and not material, I must be perfect. I am whole; I am free; I have all I need every hour; I am without fear, without anxiety; I live in Spirit, not in matter (error); I am not in danger; no one can harm me or deprive me of any good. I know no such thing as pain, suffering, or disease, for I am a reflection of Life, Truth and Love. I am never disappointed or grieved. The harmony of my being is never broken, because I live in the infinite. No condition of the body is essential to my happiness, for God, good, only, is the spring of all my joys. My life is hid with Christ in God. Therefore, I am immortal, for nothing can be lost or die in God.

Extracts from a Letter

God is perfecting you in His own crucial way. Continue strong in the faith; let not the shortcomings of anyone in your midst dishearten or discourage you. This has been a sad experience of mine, always to be trammelled by the errors before my eyes — if I could not rise above them. You can, I can, — and the dear God knows this, or we should not have the test, — so rise, as to prove that all things work together for good to them that love God (good). Let us then rejoice, that Love divine so loveth us, as to give the experience which plumes our feeble wing for soaring.

MOTHER’S LESSON Take this lesson to yourself, and whenever anything happens to you of an unfortunate nature, do not admit anything on the wrong side, but instantly declare that the experience does you good. Even if you should fall down and break your leg, get up and say, “I am the better for this experience.” This is the truth as God would declare it, for every attempt of evil, when surmounted and destroyed, helps the one who is attacked, and your quick and right declaration to the effect that, instead of harming you, it has done you good, breaks the claim of evil, and you become a law to yourself, that evil cannot harm you.


You don’t want to hurt her; she is the best friend you have.

You can’t help yourself by taking her up; she is not the cause of your suffering, and one error won’t cure another.

You can’t help your patients through her, and it is wicked to try.

Christian Science Rules

Subdue all imperiousness, self-exacting, and resentment of wrongs. Bear afflictions, as you ought. The Scripture saith, this is the proof that we are sons and not bastards. Matt. 5 : 11, 12, is our rule for consciousness under afflictions.

Extract from Letter

Do not sorrow over your tasks; all things work together for good to them that love God, good. You are now learning how to meet mortal mind in all its false claims; and its evil is less dangerous than its seeming good. You have not nearly as much to meet now, as when you cherished (as we all have done) its seeming good, that was its greatest evil.

Our Master said: fear ye not them that (would) destroy the body, but rather them that destroy both soul and body —

both the moral and physical.

Your premonitions are what will save you, if you employ them. The evil always works beforehand on the minds of those in health to fear, or to believe they cannot help those it intends to slay, and if only this preparatory mental malpractice is understood, as I now trust it will be by you hereafter, it enables the individual to watch better and to have oil in his lamp, for each experience of this kind is a bridal, that weds you to Life and Love everlasting.

Extract from a Letter

The evil is at hand. God is All. Rise in the strength of Spirit to resist all that is unlike good. No one can darken or depress your thought, nor take from you a clear consciousness of your Leader and her place, nor can you be made sinful. Argue this clearly every day.


Protection from mortal mind.

I am not separated from God and divine Science. There is no intelligence in hate, envy, cruelty and revenge. No law for the students of divine Science — no law of old beliefs.

No law of relapse or poison. There is no substance in poison, mercury or morphine. No law that I cannot help myself. No law that I cannot heal my patients. No law that I take my patients’ beliefs. There are no beliefs. No law that I cannot understand Christian Science. No law of discouragement or failure. I cannot hear a malicious argument. No law of an accident or a disaster. No law of discord, electricity, polarity. All things work together to them that work good, to them that love God. No law of discord or enmity for our class. No law, that we may not seek each others’

good and forget ourselves. No law, that we may not enter the straight and narrow path that leads to life. I am under no law but the divine Love, that uncovers all error, and brings to light all truth. Omnipotent Truth uncovers all error.

Extract from a Letter

In Truth all is right; there is no burden; there is no evil; there is no malice, hatred, directed against the Truth. Handle this every day. Rise up. Do your work faithfully, and God will give you a sure reward.


No law of incomplete demonstration.

No law, that healing disease brings up a worse one of heredity.

No law of limitation, malnutrition, no assimilation of food.

No law of rebound of hate, from attacking sin or disease in treatment.

No law of continuity of error.

No law of astrology or horoscope.

No law of obstruction.

We cannot be fettered by another’s thought.


There is no unconscious or subconscious mind to be affected. There is only one Mind, the consciousness of good. This divine Mind cannot receive suggestions. It cannot be impregnated. It is invulnerable and infinite. There is no subconscious mind to hold to latent fears and beliefs.

The divine Mind being All, it obliterates and destroys such latent causes and effects.

Daily Prayer

Let your prayer be daily: reveal to me, Oh God, my secret faults, every error, every sin. Earnestly desire to know thyself, to have thy heart searched, to let thyself be humbled, and the man of God stand revealed. Never for one instant say, “Thank God, I am not as other men.” There is no I. If you are a personality, you are as other men; but if you are the idea of God, there is but one I, God.


There is no mortal mind, or man, or personality, that can think through me, or read my thoughts, or change, influence, beguile, bewilder, or darken my consciousness.

It is impossible for darkness to destroy light. Nothing that divine Mind created can be perverted, reversed, relapsed, or changed.

The infinite light forever protects its idea in the substance of Soul. Evil minds have no power to reject, deny, oppose or defy God; no power to stop the work of Christian Science.

There is a spiritual reversal for every argument of evil, and to declare it, agrees with your adversary “quickly.”

God will reverse every argument of evil, before it reaches us, through the Word, which is the two-edged sword, which liveth and abideth forever.

We must handle the claim of trickery, slander, meddlesomeness of the human mind.

The Christian Scientist’s Prayer

There is no matter and no mortal mind. God is All-inall. All is harmony, health, holiness. This is the prayer “unceasing,” to be used on all occasions and at all times. It lays the axe at the root of unreality, materiality (that forbidden tree), and cuts it down. Preserve a sacred silence on this subject of prayer. Signed, Author of S. & H.

WATCH — Declare daily, “I am healed, and scientifically healed.” Christian Science is the victor, and vanquishment is unknown to omnipotent Truth. I cannot be grieved or disappointed, since God is All, and my life is hid with Christ in God. There is nothing lost. Mental malpractice cannot reverse my declarations, cannot touch my conscious or unconscious thought, for there are not minds many. There is only one Mind, divine Mind.

No aggressive mortal suggestion can cause me to forget my duty to God, to our Leader, or to mankind. Mind is unlimited in its source and supply. Man’s substance is in Mind, and cannot be impoverished. There is no poverty, no lack. Fear is no part of consciousness. Consciousness is cognizant only of the things of God, good. There is no reality in discord. God’s child cannot suffer and be unhappy, because God is the only power, and He never made anything but love and peace.

WATCH — The book of Isaiah is called the “Gospel of Promise.” We should apply it to our daily needs. Declare daily, that no hard, wicked, irreligious or anti-Christian thoughts can touch us from any mortal mind. There is no mortal mind, no evil. There is no decay, nor death, to the nerves, no destruction to the fluids, nor death to the secretions. Tomorrow you have no business with. We steal, if we touch tomorrow. It is God’s. Every day has enough in it to keep us occupied, without concerning ourselves with the things beyond.

Delay to perform a duty is not obedience. The Scripture declares that, “Now is the acceptable time.” The good that can be done today cannot be done tomorrow; and sufficient unto each day are the demands thereof. The model Sermon of our great Master pleads for our daily bread. We need the bread of heaven each and every day. The Scriptures discard delay; they prohibit the poor protest: “Tomorrow shall be as this day, and much more abundantly.” A word to the wise is sufficient.

There is nothing within me that corresponds with, or responds to, any form of evil. There is no illusion of poverty. God made all, owns all there is, and it is good. I am joint-heir with Christ, in God, and have my share of everything. I am exempt from want, loss, lack or limitation of any kind. There is no material resistance that can limit me.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.” Abundance cannot lapse into lack, since God is my fountain source of infinite riches and plenty. I can, and do, demonstrate the wealth which comes from God, with no interruption in its flow. I am prosperous and successful, kept so by an inexhaustible supply. There is no mental self-mesmerism. I have fullness of supply and abundance. There are no adverse circumstances, no avarice, no greed, no trust in money, nor love of money. I live in the land of promise.


Animal magnetism does not deceive me. It is not my consciousness. I do not hear it argue, neither can it argue. It is neither mind, life, nor intelligence, neither person, place, nor thing. Try to realize the omnipresence of Life and Love, the inbreathing of His presence. Arouse yourself to a clear sense of God’s power, the eternal and ever conscious Mind, which knows only Life.

Animal magnetism, ignorant or malicious, you cannot separate me from God, good. You cannot dim my spiritual perception. You cannot make a law, that I cannot heal myself or others. God is my refuge, the only intelligence, the only power, the only Mind. Animal magnetism is not intelligence, is not Mind, nor any of its attributes.

Animal magnetism, you are a non-entity, nowhere, nothing. Animal magnetism cannot think or feel. It has no existence, nor creation. It never has been, nor ever will be.

It cannot maintain itself in my consciousness, as life governed by a sympathetic system of nerves, neither as an organism sending forth impure secretions; neither as impurities, deformities, or abnormalities. For God is All-in-all, the only creator of the only universe and man. We are His children, and we do realize the all-fullness of the omnipotence of God.

May 19, 1906 C. S. Board of Directors My beloved Students:

Consider this, my proposition: that you require some of the best Christian Scientists, in Boston and vicinity, to pray once each day, that no thought of earthquake, tornado or destructive lightning enter thought to harm it, but that He who reigns in the heavens and watches over the earth saves from all harm. Again let me say, pray not on hire, but the demand of love to God and man.

Mary Baker Eddy

Jan. 12, 1905 Beloved Student:

I hasten to ask: Have you been elected for the Publication Committee of New York State? If so, then I am prompted by our God to write to you solemnly, earnestly and lovingly on this special subject, namely, That you act lovingly and wisely towards Mrs. Stetson and her church.

The enemy will tempt you to do otherwise, but if you have the desire to do rightly, and watch and pray daily for guidance, then no one can misguide you in this or in any other respect, and no one can harm you, and you cannot be made to hurt any one and will “do thyself no harm;” and God will bless you abundantly.

Lovingly yours, Mary Baker G. Eddy


There is no error of any name or nature in my consciousness, that can resist, hide, or escape the Truth. The light of Truth and Life and Love shines straight through my belief of evil and banishes it, chasing it into its native nothingness.

My desire is to know and obey God’s law, to be filled with all the fullness of Spirit, knowing only the consciousness of God, good.

My health, strength, life, intelligence, action, etc., are subject to the governing and controlling power of the divine Mind, and to nothing else, for there is no other power.

There is no insufficiency of any kind in Truth, in infinite Love.

Good is ever-present, and is the only reality of existence; this renders evil obsolete.

There is nothing present, or has power, apart from God, that has any reality.

Error cannot strangle, smother or choke the Truth or its manifestation, and the Truth cannot be reversed.

There is no belief of evil in the bodily senses that has any reality, and that is the Truth and cannot be reversed.

Impersonal error is obsolete, absolutely obsolete, in the presence of Truth, of God, of the Christ, or the spiritual idea, of Life, Love, Spirit, Mind, Soul.

The law of my so-called mortal mind, concerning my body or any part of it, is unreal, nothing, rendered null and void by God’s law.

No mesmeric law of my conscious or unconscious thought can formulate any inharmonious condition in my body, that has any reality in the presence of God, LOVE.

M. A. M. can’t work through materia medica to hinder my work in Christian Science.

The mesmerism of the patient’s own thought, regarding materia medica, has no reality.

No law of evil of any name or nature can separate my thought from the function of my real being in the Truth.

My mental concept of brain cannot hide, resist, or escape the Truth.

The law of divine Life, Truth and Love does supersede the so-called law of my mental concept of brain, my belief of brain.

There is nothing present, nor has power, apart from divine Life, Truth and Love as infinite Mind, that can possibly control or confuse my thought, obscure my spiritual perception, or hinder my progress in Christian Science, spiritually, mentally, morally, physically, financially, or any other way.

God’s will is all good always, is harmony, perfection.

The will of God is health, gladness, all good, Life. His will is the consciousness of divine ever-presence, of Life eternal. It is to know what it is to act in conformity with the divine purpose, and to be wholly governed by God.

There is no physical law that has any reality to operate through my personality to harm me, to separate me from my true spiritual being in the Truth, to separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus, to separate me from harmony.

I have no belief that matter, brain, can control, derange, or confuse my thought, or can suffer, or cause suffering, in the Truth, in Life, in Love.

Look away from body to Spirit. My being is spiritual; my life, my intelligence are spiritual; my senses are spiritual; my life is hid with Christ in God, and there is no other existence.

The Christ, or Truth, the manifestation of God, does supersede my belief that my true being, that real life and intelligence, are in matter. We have immortality now, not shall have.

There is no life in fire.

There is no fear, conscious or unconscious, that can restrain the power of divine Love to heal.

I was born free, not in bondage to anything, nor to any one, for Principle leads me ever. Infinity includes only the man who is well, and all he needs. There is no mind to put forth a law of reversal. Love governs all, and there is only one Governor. Mortal mind cannot make a law to reverse God’s law, for God’s law is not reversible.

Every sexual emotion is a conspiracy against Science.

WATCH — We must strive — I had to do it — so must you.

This human is the very element of error, and must be overcome in all points. Someone said to her, “It isn’t difficult to destroy mesmerism, when we see it hasn’t any power.” She answered, “If God is All, there is nothing to destroy. There is nothing but God and what God creates. I have to go back to the book, and so must you.” We must struggle with mesmerism. To keep WATCH — is to watch, our thought perfectly poised. Words without desire is not prayer. Prayer must have no selfishness in it. You must not let the mesmerism of mortal mind make you think you can’t keep your watch.

Extract from Letter To the Directors

Every one of the Directors must treat themselves three times daily against being governed by malicious mesmerism or hypnotism. Unless you overcome this so-called power over you, and I overcome being over-burdened with business, our Cause is — where?

Form a Committee of five watchers, and pay this Committee to take you (the Directors) up against the effects of malicious mesmerism and hypnotism and its evil effects.

Know, that there are no such powers; there is but one power. This treatment of watchers and prayers is for the Directors and members of the Boards, and the Committees appointed by them. Instruct each member of this secret Committee to do this, and to help other Church officers in the same way. Do not let one on the Board of this Committee know that there is another on it. Tell them, that whoever they treat for malicious mesmerism and hypnotism, to do this twice every day, or oftener if needed. Let no one but the Directors and me know of this Committee, and never speak of it through the mail or express, but send whatever you do to me on the subject, by private messenger. Do not have but one working on one person at the same time, unless there is great need, and the Board of Directors report to this Committee the need and the person who should be helped.

STATEMENT — April 11, 1896: Mrs. Eddy said this morning, there are just two things to guard against in our life work: apathy, stupidity; and making a reality of evil, sickness or sin.

WATCH — After a battle there is a thunderstorm; electricity is made up of zinc and copper — poisons. I have to take that up for myself; now realize, there is no electricity but that which God governs; no vital force but God, only the gentle rain can come; no cyclones.

Argument — There is nothing about me that attracts, corresponds with, or responds to, any form of error or evil.

In proportion to your realization of this, are you immune to the mesmeric and hypnotic influences of A.M.

Extract from a Letter

Your last letter to me was cheering to my heart. You spoke of your victory over the past, and of your advancing footsteps. I knew not what you had conquered; I only knew that you spake as a victor, and I rejoiced with you. God grant that this again may be realized, and that you now are strong in the sense of divine Love, that enables you to overcome all temptation and to rejoice in the liberty that conquers self and sense, and sits at the feet of Christ, meek, strong, pure. Ask some good brother or sister to help you to overcome the so-called thorns and sins of the flesh, and I think you will see its good effects. Do not submit to the thought, that you cannot be rescued from all temptation.

You can awake, arise and rejoice in recognizing yourself God’s dear child, saved by His love.

Extract from a Letter

Please read these two copies of letters, then say, should we not forgive errors repented of? Did not Christ forgive even adulterous women? ... Then say, whether the past should be dug up, and its skeletons be on exhibition, or in the words of our Master observed, “Let the dead bury the dead.” If I should be called on to rehearse such dirty stuff, I should refuse to hear it ... Let all the members of my church rest assured, that I love them and work and pray for the good of them all. Those who would harm me, only injure themselves, and I pray, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.” ... Turn all your thoughts into the currents of love, and let them flow on to perfect ideals.

Extract from a Letter

Whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth; and afflictions work out for us an exceeding weight of glory. These are the promises in Scripture. O may they help to comfort you in the greatest of all earthly bereavements. Remember, dear one, that Love, divine Love, guards His own. You are not alone — Love is with you, watching tenderly over you by day and night; and this Love will not leave you, but will sustain you, and remember all thy tears, and will answer thy prayers. Yes, this Scripture will be fulfilled, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.” This is my first opportunity to write a word that I send with my prayer: Dear God, be very near unto her, bless her, console her, make her to rejoice in the consolation, that Thou wilt turn her mourning into joy, and give her great reward for this parting with sublunary support, and finding all in Thee.


I have time for every manifestation of love and tenderness in the abundant present.

Extract from a Letter

The churches and the students must be secondary to the example of Jesus and, if he was here personally, to his call upon his students, “Watch with me.” Had they watched with him one hour or one year, and so saved losing him, you can see where the history of Christianity would be today, and how many years it will take to recover that lost opportunity. Demonstration, healing the sick, and helping your Leader, is needed more than all things else at this date.

Unspoken influences are mentally at work to keep you and all my students from doing either of these duties aforenamed.

Extract from a Letter

I cannot answer you as to the morrow. I am God’s servant, and know not what I shall be bidden to do in the future! If I have to call you back to me, you will haste to come. Let us wait on Him, wait on divine Love that should direct all our ways; and Love saith, take no thought for the morrow; sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.


The healer in Christian Science carries two lines of thought, first the approximation to the truth, and second, the final truth. He argues for all the manifestations of health of body. At the same time he argues that man is God’s own image and likeness. In the words of St. John, “Now are we the sons of God.” The healer does not discourage the thought by trying to make that appear first, which is not the beginning, but the end of the desired result.

To Mary Munroe

Don’t address the individuality, but talk to yourself, as you would, if you had a belief. Say to yourself, such an individual cannot deceive me as to himself and others; has no power over me. I don’t believe his lies, and cannot be made to believe them. He cannot frighten me. Evil is powerless, and God is All, etc. Argue, that you cannot be made to believe that you cannot protect yourself from his influence.

Argument — Anatoxism is self-generation, self-creation, self-separation, which works itself, and is self-destructive; wherein mortal man is the assassin of mortal mind, and destroyer of life; self-murder.


Who in your midst can instruct you into higher spheres of influence? Can a student teach another of my students, beyond what they find in my books? Your closet is the best place, whereby to learn from divine Love your duty to yourself and to others. More silent prayer and watching is the need.


Declare, without thought of material organs, and knowing that all is Spirit and spiritual, my stomach is already perfect in God; and so on, with other things. There is nothing the matter; a belief of fear is all that frightens and disturbs you. The false belief will flee before the right idea.

Thought will govern; therefore, declare the right idea.


Know, that electricity has no power to send any poison through the pneumogastric nerve. Deny all kinds of mental poison. Mental poison is the mental atmosphere of conflicting human opinions and beliefs. We must handle the serpent, and know its arguments are false and powerless, since one Mind alone is real.


May the allness of God, Love, and the nothingness of aught else serve to cover the question of your protection, and the allness of good, and the powerlessness and non- existence of evil be the reality of your thought.


In beginning with a patient, one must see the spirituality of his being, and then be fortified to deny the beliefs with understanding. If you were in a house that had caved in, you would keep on working, until every timber was removed, which kept you from freedom; so you must see all that holds the patient as removed, and has no power to hold.

Man is free, and freedom is the God-given birthright.


Students must avoid mesmerism. They are not Christian Scientists, if they do not throw down mesmerism. Selfimmolation is essential; fear to offend God is a wholesome idea. Money for God’s work comes through us, as His stewards. It is God, not man, who furnishes the means. When the receiver of Christian Science funds is right, money will flow in.


Do not admit that error is, or can be, in your consciousness.

We must not deny our understanding, for thereby we are denying Christ, for Christ and understanding are one.

We must not admit that we are mortal, for all there is, is God, or Love and its manifestation.

Knowing is being. We heal, when we know that God heals.


If I burn my hand, or have a pain, is that mesmerism or an effect? It is mesmerism itself. It is never your fear, never your pain, never your mesmerism. Mesmerism is a lie about God and man. Malpractice is the activity of animal magnetism; its law is, that we cannot detect it, and that we do not want to handle it.


Theology, spiritualism, theosophy, psychology, occultism, false philosophy, false science, mesmerism, hypnotism, oriental witchcraft, black art, black magic, astrology, palmistry, demonology, diabolism, thought transference, are things to be handled occasionally; they are arguments which tend to perpetuate evil and death in the name of good.


Work half done is not done at all. Wholeness is the rule in Science. Continually going half the distance to a place will never get you there. An error half met is not met at all, for “an error in the premise is an error in the conclusion.” As long as we believe that dying brings good to us, we will continue to die. Death is an argument of evil to keep us always dying. Evil is not eternal. Life is.

We will die, as long as we admit that we must.


Renegade students and mesmerists make a law, that old beliefs shall come back. And we must know, that if these seem to appear, it is mesmerism, not disease. Their laws also cause an irritation of the mucous membrane.

These laws have not yet been broken, in belief, for students. In cases where death has been imminent, the error has been met, when it was understood that it was mesmerism, and not old beliefs, that was killing.


Handle hypnotically-administered poison.


Exceedingly important for children and heredity: — Handle the belief of a latent, unconscious, subconscious, or human mind or instinct, as a possible channel for animal magnetism; also prenatal mesmerism, hereditary contamination.

To Calvin C. Hill

Will you each day treat Mr. Strang in a way to help him to be a good P. of B. as the L. D. A.

Dear one, do it without thinking of me. It is only God Himself that you are communing with, and your answer comes from divine Love, who saith, “Ask and ye shall receive. Seek and ye shall find.”

I will reward you for your time, so far as money is concerned. Send your bill any time. All my hours are His.

I work constantly for the whole Field, as well as my personal self.

To Calvin C. Hill

Please realize, twice at least each day, that the McClure and New York pressmen cannot, and will not, send out another lie about Christian Science. Show them, that it will only injure their press, not Christian Scientists.

To Calvin C. Hill

When the plenipotentiaries of the Russian and Japanese governments were in this country on invitation of the President, negotiating peace between their countries, Baron Komura was taken ill. Mrs. Eddy assigned Mr. Hill to handle the disease, and to know that the doctors could not hurt him. She told Mr. Hill to direct William B. Johnson to handle the mesmerists, so that they could not interfere, and to tell the Christian Science Board of Directors, that she would hold them personally and individually responsible for Komura’s restoration to health. After peace had been signed, Mrs. Eddy declared that credit for it belonged, not to the President of the United States, but to the mental workers. She said, “It was Mr. Kinter, Mr.

Hatten, and yourself who brought that matter to a peaceful solution.” WORK FOR MAID

She is not controlled by A.M. There is but one Mind.

God governs her entirely. She cannot forget. She remembers all she has to do, and does it quickly and regularly.

Mrs. Eddy to Calvin Hill. 8/27/06.


Psychology is the study of foolishness.

WATCH — Know daily, there are no accidents, no disease, no old age, and no death.

Morning Prayer in Mrs. Eddy’s Household

This is God’s spiritual household. Nothing can enter to annoy or destroy. Nothing can enter to manifest sin, sickness or discouragement, for God, good, keeps this household in perfect peace. There is no will-power, obstinacy, or animal magnetism that can darken the atmosphere of my home, for God does in very deed dwell on earth with men, and governs every event. There is no evil condition of thought, that can argue, or suggest, or make any law to dominate or control me, intimidate me, or crush me, bring any evil to pass upon me, or shut out of my consciousness any good. There is no law of failure, want, poverty, lack or limitation. There is no law but the divine law, which is plenty, abundance, harmony and dominion.

No mortal mind or minds, or mediumship, can touch me, or anyone within the radius of my thought this day, for God, good, governs every member of this household in perfect peace and love.


Be like a little child. Turn your thoughts to Love and say, O Love, just take me in; give me one Mind, one consciousness, and make me love my neighbor as myself. Let your heart cry out to divine Love. A child cries out to its mother for more light, more truth, more love. Ask Love for what you need and for what Love has to give; then take it, and demand of yourself to rise up and live it.

God will direct you in all your ways, if you trust Him; faith must take hold before sight or fruition, and this faith will, when instructed in divine Science, become understanding, and you will have no doubts, but every proof of His promise, “Lo! I am with you alway.”

Trust Him, dear; read daily the Bible and Science and Health, and pray the prayer of our Lord’s in your own words; ask for His kingdom to come, for Love, Truth and Life to govern all your desires, aims and motives, to feed you with faith and a clear knowledge of good, to make you patient, forgiving, long-suffering and merciful, compassionate, even as the dear God is thus to you, and you desire Him to be, and thus reflect this God, good, in all His qualities, etc. My desire is, that this year shall be crowned with mercies for you and all.


C. S. Board of Directors My beloved Students:

May this dear Christmas season be to you a Christ risen, a morn, the break of day. There is nothing jubilant attached to the birth of a mortal — that suffers and pays the penalty of his parents’ misconception of man and of God’s creation. But there is a joy unutterable in knowing that Christ had no birth, no death, and that we may find in Christ, in the true sense of being, life apart from birth, sorrow, sin and death. O may your eyes not be holden, but may you discern spiritually what is our Redeemer.

I thank you, dear ones, for your kind remembrance of me — the most lone and perhaps the most loved and hated of earth! May you watch and pray that you keep the Commandments, and live the Sermon on the Mount this coming year. Watch, too, that you keep the commandments that experience has compelled to be written for your guidance and the safety of Christian Science, in our Church Manual.

Lovingly yours, Mary Baker Eddy

WATCH — Cruel lie trying to make itself thought, that the children of Christian Scientists will be the offscouring of the earth. This is not a thought! It cannot be held or thought — not a law. Same history as any other law of mortal mind — and no history!


When Mrs. Eddy gave the Watch Prayer (found on page 45), she said, “These ‘watch prayers’ are righteous prayers, which are for the purpose of antidoting unrighteous prayers, and are in accord with the statements of Jesus, Mark 13:37 and Luke 12:39. The Lord’s Prayer is a Watch Prayer.”

There is a bit of history that is important in connection with the Prayer of the Watchers on page 72. On May 29, 1904, William B. Johnson wrote to George Kinter: “I herewith send the Prayer. The letter, in which I sent the percentage, I do not readily find, but I will send copy soon. The statement was that, since the prayer was used to the time I wrote, the rate was seven a month. The prayer was stopped March 6, 1904. I very much regret to say, since that time the death rate has been very high, nearly double what it was last year.” Then Mrs. Eddy wrote to Mr. Johnson: “Have the ‘Watchers’ use that prayer, so long as it works well. I find that the law of mesmerism, that relies on reversing the effect of Truth, is sometimes forgotten, and in this case the prayer does not work well. Perhaps it was this, that caused my order to discontinue it. Another cause existed at that time; Mr.

Farlow managed to some extent the ‘Watchers.’ This must not be so. Let no one but yourself consult with them on this work, and be sure that you give it sufficient attention to know as to its results, and, if good, continue the Watch on the same terms it had in the beginning. Please have the dear ‘Watchers’ resume the prayer you sent to me, at once, and charge them to let no one know it but yourself.”

Membership in The Mother Church was largely recruited from the ranks of the sick, many named incurably so. When error began to discover the life-saving quality of Christian Science and membership in The Mother Church, it sought to suggest the argument of reversal and death. So Mrs. Eddy, detecting this plan, formulated the Prayer of the Watchers, and had it used, with the result that the death rate dropped to seven a month. Then the claim of reversal set in, and she stopped its use. Now she saw, that it might be used again to good advantage, and so ordered it.

It will always be helpful to know, that in those early days, a few watchers, working in the one Mind, could help to destroy the fear of death for the entire organization, as long as they handled the claim of reversal.

Complete text of notes, taken down by William B.

Johnson at an interview with Mrs. Eddy.


Call the Directors together and explain to them the omission on the part of our editor-in-chief. Before the election of officers, the Board is to call the editors together with them and tell them what God requires of them.

Write up an article. The official positions must not be considered on a business basis. But conscience and conscientiousness must be the foundation of our efforts. The Directors are responsible for the character of the articles that go into our periodicals. Some one must look after the Watchers. Jesus said, “I have lost my power.” Now we must declare, that we will never say this. Tell them this.

God teaches me, and His teaching is beyond and above the teaching of man. Tell them, that they can help themselves.

The argument would repeat the lie of the Pharisees. The world has gained since Jesus’ time; therefore we must claim for ourselves all. The lie of the Pharisees, “Himself he cannot save,” must not reach our consciousness. It helps me to help others. Ceasing to give, we cease to have.

WATCH — Beware! Beware!! Beware!!! Watch and pray.


Demonstrate Truth!

See Christian Science Journal, Vol. V, page 199.


The unseen, silent forces of God are standing sentinel over me and mine and all, silencing, destroying, and annihilating the unseen, silent arguments of the serpent, material sense.


Don’t think pain and handle suggestion, animal magnetism, but think animal magnetism and handle it.


Know every day, that the world is ready for Christian Science.


Put away all selfishness out of your thought, such as thinking you have been wronged, or any sense of injustice or any ingratitude from others. Bury it out of sight forever, and let Love pour in, where that seemed to be. Forgive, as you expect to be forgiven. God knows that I live.

I am not in the body, and the body cannot talk to me.

(Mrs. Eddy told Laura Sargent, that this was the way to escape from the belief of pain and flesh.)

WATCH — Animal magnetism, you cannot produce in me any new beliefs, neither can you bring back any old beliefs, for in divine Mind there are no beliefs. You cannot harm me — neither can you make me harm others, nor can you harm those on whom my thought may rest.

See I Cor. 14:33.

WATCH — You are a liar. You know, you are a liar.

You know that I know, you are a liar.


God is with you, and God is Truth. So you have it, Truth, right with you every hour, and you never can be without Truth, and Truth is telling you just what to say and what to do, and how to do all that is good. May the Love that guards its own and owns all ... make you happy without any other companion.


Take courage from every experience, and power will be yours. Go on, dear one, and prove that you are the child of Him who cares for His own. Be faithful to Principle in all that you say and do, and success will be yours.

Be happy at all times and in all places; for remember, it is your right, and a duty you owe to yourself and to God, to retain this right, no matter how loudly the senses scream. Depression belongs not to the child of God, neither is it real, nor can it affect one, when his motives are right.


God is invaluable in every emergency. He leadeth not into temptation. How unspeakably blessed is the deliverance from the fiction of error that has deceived mortals! Just think of it! Within the entire range of all that is or ever was, you are now, and are included in the infinity of consciousness, imperishable, undisturbed, and you will be satisfied when you awake in that likeness.

WATCH — Jesus taught, and I teach, that there is in mortal mind a perpetual force, impelling wrongly ... constant watching is required in order to see it, and then be able to put it down.


Christians all have to learn their way to heaven through much tribulation, but when we get to harmony of being — the only heaven — we shall see and understand the need there was for all this.


If you go to a case with a sense of poverty, squalor or uncleanness, how can you bring it out? For poverty means an unclean God. The only poverty is unclean love.

If you have a poverty of compassion, there will be a lack of action.


If it is you that has treated Laura for mental malpractice, you have made a mistake in it. She is the sinner and should not be comforted, but aroused, just as any other one who is suffering for sin ... Now retrace your mental practice, if it were a soothing treatment, and mentally rouse Laura.


No need of leaving home. God, Truth, is there and everywhere. Awake right out of your dream. Nobody is hurting you, and you know, and I know, there is but one Mind, and none other to harm you. There is nothing to relapse, since God is All and does not relapse. You are not hypnotized, and there is no other mind or power on earth or in heaven, but Love, Truth, Life. You cannot die, if you tried to; you cannot be poisoned, unless you consent to be and so kill yourself, as the Oxford boys by thinking they were bleeding to death. Pshaw — you, a man glorious in every respect, yielding to such illusion! I cannot credit it. Now, know you are not, and cannot be, poisoned by a lying argument, for a lie is nothing, not even an argument, and not one word of what you believe is real, and you do not believe it is.

WATCH — I am glad the mist is melting, and hope it will be put under your feet. God demands a more Christian, zealous, and persistent effort to resist evil and overcome, or our Cause will again be covered by the rubbish of centuries ... God has said, do My prophets no harm, and inasmuch as you bless them, I will bless you. But the strange infatuation to forget and not watch, causes the worst of results and leaves the student at the beck of sin.

... Oh, may the divine Love keep you from sleeping and bless you ever.

WATCH — I am rejoiced to hear of your progress, and more than thankful to know, that God will bless you in all that tends to benefit yourself and others. But you must watch that you are not led into temptation. To think of me mentally, for the purpose of preparing yourself to treat the sick, is a great mistake! It is a mild form of mesmerism, and will tend to destroy your power to heal in Science.

My great desire to prevent this result, causes me to name it to you. May God prosper and bless you in all your good work.


Malicious mentality has no power to make me sin or to separate us; yourself alone can separate us, they cannot. Therefore be of good cheer, love the brethren, love God, and go to Him, not me, for guidance. This alone can save you, and this will.

WATCH — Watch, pray, labor and have faith! Know, that you can be what God demands you to be and are now — His image and likeness — reflecting God, the one and only Healer, reflecting good, Life, Truth, Love.

WATCH — Mental malpractice must be met daily by all the students; met by your mental protest that breaks the so-called law of a lie, or you are liable to be affected by this lie, all unconsciously. Dear one, remember this. Our Master said, “had the good man of the house watched, his house would not have been broken open.”


Joy! Joy! Joy! Praise the Lord! I am whole. The darkness disappears.

The bright light shineth.

Joy! Joy! Joy! God is my Life.

My soul doth stand revealed.

And I know, know, know, I am whole.

Extract from a Letter

When we all shall have risen above the mentality of envy, jealousy, pride and ambition, no longer will these errors of negation seem anything to us, no seeming power and influence will be there, the power of Love will reign supreme.


I have perfect understanding to know all that I need to know in this case.


You know, you cannot be swayed by malicious hypnotism. You are governed by the one Mind, to see and do according to divine government and guidance.


Do not be discouraged, when you see a man apparently acting much worse than ever before, but know that he is growing better, for the very error that besets him will drive him out of the false sense, and destroy the error.

Extract from a Letter

You must remember, that now is the time to be wise as serpents. The demons of envy and hypnotism and theosophy, M. A. M. — have as subtle and various ways for getting prestige and revenge, as the Cubans and Turks, and the mental field of work is at war.


Affirm, that neither malicious influences to harm the innocent, nor physical causation, can produce any result, for there is but one Mind, even Love, and this Mind, and none other, governs all; is All.


Relapse — it is a belief of theosophy, astral or planetary influences, earth currents, acting through nerve centers, mortal mind. And God gave us dominion over all the earth. That when our work did well once, and the next time failed, we must know, that error could not make a law, that we were not Christian Scientists and could not heal, and that our work was hypnotism, mesmerism. We must know, that God is the Healer, and have faith as a little child, and must love.


There is, and there can be, no such thing as abnormal secretion of phlegm in your throat.


Hypnotism cannot nauseate, irritate, cannot keep up nervous symptoms; cannot control organs or functions of the body. Deny claim of old age.


I will show you how, having done all, to stand. Isn’t Love the master of hate? Isn’t Truth the master of error? Isn’t omnipotence the master of death? Yes! Well, you have Life, Truth, and Love right here. Then realize it; when you do, your work is done.


There is no matter. There is but one Mind to govern man, and there is no evil mind to interfere with man.


No sexual poison, no sexual disease to cause arsenical poison to act on the stomach, joints, muscles and nerve centers, as a specific curse. No curse, able to cause diseased bones or disintegration of tissues.


There are no electromagnetic currents to convey poison to nerve centers or to send dispatches over the body, physical or mental.


Animal magnetism cannot sever the modes of good; cannot impel my mind into error of thought or action, cannot make me dormant, or stupid, or drunken, with its subtle, evil influences.


We cannot be swayed by malicious hypnotism. We are governed and guided by the one Mind, and say and do, according to the divine government and guidance.


Evil arguments and mental suggestions cannot frighten, interfere with, or keep me from doing the work that is mine to do today.


No subtlety of evil can blind or paralyze my human capacity to apprehend and love God.


Give no intelligence to sin, disease, and death. Is God All-in-all? Do you believe this? Then is it not a sin to give intelligence and power to anything else? Then know, there is no hypnotism to make you forget, or me suffer. Give it no power; destroy it utterly.


We are not to say, there is no stomach, no organization, etc., but to say, there is no diseased stomach, no diseased organs; for if we have not grown spiritually, where we can maintain our position, when we declare there is no stomach, the mesmerist can use that declaration against us for harm in belief. Error may argue: you have said, that matter has no intelligence or law, and I (error) say, if there is none, then heart, nerves, muscles, bowels or stomach and kidneys do not act, and you cannot live in the suffering this inaction produces. Christian Science replies, “All is Mind, Spirit, God, and this divine Mind gives me life, for God is Life. Life is action, and this action is harmonious; it is mental Life. It is Life in Mind, outside of body.”


When you leave a thing with a negative, you have left it nowhere. You have established no point in your own mind. Take the positive side; know the right side. You can negative error, without individualizing it so much. God is All. Never leave the negative without the affirmation, in which our thought must rest.


Christians suffer in this wicked world, insomuch as they oppose it, and are helping to destroy it, before it would destroy them.


When tempted to personalize evil, let us pray to God for grace to grasp the divine understanding, the tender touch of pardoning Love.

To the Directors


Be strong and clear in your convictions that God, not M. A. M., is influencing your actions. In order to be this, you surely must pray daily, that God, good, divine Love, — your only Mind, — be followed, be loved, be lived by you.


Malicious mental malpractice cannot reach me through the nerve centers to produce hallucinations.


All is Mind, and Mind is God, omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient good. God is my Mind. Divine Mind expresses every function of my body. No morbid nor torpid secretions can lodge in any part of my body. Nothing can obstruct the channels of Truth. No mortal or human opinions or theories can produce fear in my consciousness.

The bowels of mercy are free and cooperate action daily, because good is the cause of all action, the same yesterday, today and forever. No illusion of fear can produce any abnormal manifestation on or of your functional action, since God governs all that He has made, and there is nothing made that He did not make. Truth is an alterative to that entire system. Love is the only laxative and frees us from all bondage. No self-righteousness, no self-will, no self-fear — no fear of self. I live in God, good, the eternal consciousness of good every day, every moment.


Children, you are a perfect thought of God, made in His image and likeness, surrounded by His love, as by a strong fortress, through which no evil can reach you. God is your Mind, your Life, your strength, and you are governed by Truth and Love. You have no material conception or birth, no father and mother in the flesh. You were not born of the flesh (mortal mind), and you are not the reflection of beliefs. Belief is not reflection. You are not weak or easily led astray. You cannot desire to rule and lead others. You are not rebellious or obstinate. You have no human will. God’s will is all, and you are its reflection. Therefore, you will only do right, for you reflect and inherit divine wisdom and understanding. You are spiritual, and Spirit knows all things. Sensuality has no power over you, for you are not conscious of the lusts of the flesh, but you are the pure conception of divine Truth and Love, and co-eternal with your Father-Mother God. Your every thought and action are love, goodness, tenderness, gentleness, beauty, holiness, joy, and peace; that peace which passeth all human understanding. In God we live, move, and have being; therefore we are in Life, health, strength, forever. To be conscious of this, is to be in the presence of God — with the Father, who is Life, Truth and Love. Amen. We are the children of the King; why should we mourn?


My work is in Mind — it comes from God — it cannot be intercepted nor diverted into other paths, being governed by divine Principle. It is progressive, prosperous, satisfactory, joyous, continuous. It reaches from pole to pole, from ocean to ocean, perfect, infinite, going on all the time, for the glory of God. Perfect idea is already located, with absolute satisfaction, in Mind. In this perfect place in Mind, I am able to support myself, have all the recreation and companionship needed. In the perfect place of Mind is complete satisfaction. I live in the affluence of Spirit, and am one with the inexhaustible, unobstructed, omnipresent source of income, and infinite as is the source, so infinite is the supply. It is the Spirit that profiteth. I am the ceaseless intake of God’s eternal giving. You, false claim of malicious mind, whatever or wherever you are, you cannot mesmerize me, or hypnotize me, to think I haven’t understanding to meet any claim that comes to me.


Just when the mortal mind says, I can’t, you must know you can, for I can is the Son of I AM.

WATCH — I do not feel the effects of a lie or of hate. It is the liar that suffers from the lie, and not I. The effect of the Truth I think and utter is not, and cannot be, reversed. All is Love and harmony, and health and Life, and this cannot be taken from me. They are forever present, and there is no reversal of the Truth and Life and Love.


You will never get any crops to grow by thinking of the growth.


Do not say, “This is my error or my pain.” Say, “This is an attack against my Christ.”

WATCH — Take time each day to say: “What is the most powerful thing in the world? It is God saying, ‘I Am’ in His own creation.”

WATCH — Any event is every event, and I AM the law to it.


We must separate trials and blessings — they have no common source.


When the thinker is lost in the eminence of Mind, the healing takes place.


The camp of a defeated enemy is always completely destroyed. We must destroy, in our daily consciousness, the motives and desires which feed mortal mind.


Mortal mind cannot outline my experience.

WATCH — Sometimes, when a man has made a mistake, he insists upon that mistake, until the mistake looms up to him more clearly than God.


Psalm 1:1. Do not listen to the voice of error as you go along, for if you do, it will get you to stand or believe in it a little more, and finally you will sit down and be entertained by it.


We do not have to make money. God is our Father, and He has all things, houses and lands, everything needful. If this is true, then man has them just as surely. He does not have to get them, he has them now, just as much as God has them. Mrs. Eddy illustrated this by saying, “If I stand before a mirror and pick up a book, my reflection does the same thing. It does not wait until I have held the book for some time, but picks it up at exactly the same time as I do and, therefore, has the book just as soon as I do.”


Hold steadfastly to the truths of the Scripture and divine Science, and know that others’ hearsay cannot affect you, and that Truth cannot derange the proper functions of Mind, for God is Mind, and Truth is the Way and the Life.


There is no mental sexuality or syphilis engendered from that belief. No spiritual wickedness in high places, and know there is no infection or contagion of mental or material sin, and no effects of it.


Destroy penalty, condemnation, eternal damnation, Roman Catholicism in your thought of man. Christian Science practice is knowing that there is no sinful man, no diseased man, and knowing the Christ, is getting into heaven. Every treatment is an instant in infinity, the unfoldment of Christ. Jesus proved that what he knew was the Christ, was the presence and power of God. Love is wisdom, and without wisdom there is no love.


When we realize that discord is unreal, then comes out the human sense of immortal harmony.


Mother said, it was a sin to do wrong by her, and that sin was eternal damnation, i.e., the damnation as eternal as the sin, and only through Science or suffering could we get out of it.


When the work did not go well, Mother said we needed to rise to the consciousness of love, and when we did, it brought the demonstration.


The character of God, alias the essence of good, its nature and tendency, is all that should be worshipped or loved in man or God. By this true worship, we approximate, appropriate, and assimilate the qualities of good in ourselves.


Mother said, “Science says just the opposite of sense, and sense just the opposite of Science,” and we are separated from her and God through the false sense that clings to personality, that wants to grasp it and caress it, and, thus, make something of nothing. Thus we fail to meet with her on the stairs of spirituality, through a corporeal sense, which is either the “fear of personality, or the love of it.” In order to overcome evil, we must master both the fear and love of personality.

Wonderful Lesson


In the handwriting of Laura Sargent.

Mother explained what Jesus meant when he said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and thy neighbor as thyself; on this hangs all the law.” In order to love God, we must honor and love the Way. How can we love God, unless we love His idea which shows us the way, and which is the Way; and in order to honor and love the Way, we must have a true sense of the individual through whom the Way has been manifested to us, else we are not keeping the law to love our neighbor as ourself, or doing by our neighbor as we would be done by. Mother explained Matthew 15:4, and showed us that the Truth which gives us spiritual birth is our Father and Mother, and is what we are to love and honor. Then she explained the difference between a human sense of love and the spiritual sense. Our whole salvation rests upon the manner in which we treat her, since the Way comes to us through her, and God demands that we love our neighbor by having the spiritual sense of our neighbor, and the spiritual sense of our Teacher and Mother, as God’s idea, that we must love and honor. Now when we try to kiss her, and caress her, this is not loving and honoring the Way; it is dishonoring the Way or idea, and thus dishonoring God, and this material sense is what God is rebuking in us; and then, when the rebuke comes, we look through the material sense to the person, — which in the spiritual sense is not our Teacher and Mother or the Way at all — and think she is unjust and doesn’t love us, and blame her for the discord, when all the time it is God rebuking us through the Way, through the idea of God that is expressing God’s condemnation of this false material sense, that would forever shut us out of His presence. Our material sense of Mrs. Eddy is person or a personal sense, which is a dishonor to her and God, for God’s idea of her is the spiritual sense of man; namely, the Way, the Truth, the Life, Christ, the spiritual sense of Love, of good, which is the divine Science of God and man. Now, when I kiss and embrace the person, I dishonor God and His idea, and this material sense of love, which is false, opens the way for another false sense, i.e., of hate, to come in; then we blame the one that rebukes us, and hate them, when the spiritual idea or real individual is showing us how much she loves us by showing us the Way, voicing God’s idea, which would give us dominion, if we only followed obediently.

Mother explained this Scripture, “Ye ask and receive not, because ye ask amiss to consume it on your lusts.” We ask from a selfish motive, and she illustrated it in this way: “If we have a pain, we ask to have it destroyed.

Why? Because it makes us suffer. Is this the way? No! We should ask to have it removed, because it dishonors the Way that God has revealed, and this dishonors God. We ask to have the pleasures of sense destroyed. Why? Because they make us miserable. Is this the way? No! We should ask to have them destroyed, because they dishonor the Way and thus dishonor God. Then our prayer will be answered, because we ask from an unselfish motive and with an honest purpose to honor and love the Way that is God’s idea. This is the great lesson that He has given to us, that if we would ‘love Him with all our heart and our neighbor as ourself’ — thus keeping the whole law — we must have the spiritual sense of the Way and love and honor His Way or idea — the real individual that voices good — with the spiritual sense of this individual and not a material one, and do this by prayerful watching to see, that in forsaking the material sense, we love more instead of less, and are ever reflecting this spiritual sense of Love, which is all tenderness and compassion and loving kindness, and which is the Way, the divine idea of Love.”

Mother explained the difference between a material sense of love and a spiritual sense. A material sense of love dishonors the one it professes to love, through lust, as in marriage the man dishonors the woman he claims to love by taking away her virginity, thereby exposing the falsity of such a sense by showing it is not love, but lust, i.e. hate.

Mother said, this is the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world,” that is, the spiritual sense of Love that is slain from the foundation of a material sense of sexuality.


When we realize our own helplessness as mortals, then “His strength is made perfect in weakness;” we look up to divine Love, and Love meets the need.


What is demonstration? It is not declaring the Truth ’till the result is brought out, but absolute demonstration is being in that spiritual condition of thought, where the work is done without taking thought of it.


Take hope, dear heart, and be strong, for spiritual strength comes to the fleshly weakness with a benediction, and gives power and removes all weakness.


Beware not to harden the heart when often reproved, for that shuts out the light and leaves you in darkness.

Cultivate tender-heartedness and sympathy with the good.


You do see that this is sin, and you are afraid to sin; you can and do see, that this is hypnotism and M. A. M., trying to make a fool of you to ruin you, and you can resist and overcome it. You are strong. God has given you power and strength and understanding to resist it and rise above it. You do care what they say; you do not want them to talk evil of you; you do love purity, chastity, virtue. God made man in His own image, after His own character and, as God’s reflection, you do reflect goodness, righteousness, the beauty of holiness, honesty, truthfulness. There is no happiness or joy outside of good.

Now arouse yourself, open your eyes, and see, that what I say to you is the truth; error cannot reverse it.

Hypnotism and M. A. M. is a lie. Love is All.

WATCH — Neither person, place, nor claim of circumstances can stand between me and God.

Household Lesson

Rom. 2:22. S. & H. 476:32. Hold to the correct view of man that heals. We adulterate the Truth, when we have a false sense of God and man. We have idols, when we hold in thought the beliefs of sin, sickness and death, and believe them to be real. We break the law, when we believe that evil is as real as good, for this is a false sense, which sees only the inverted image, and not the true idea of God; hence it prevents us from reflecting the healing Truth, having but one God, and loving our neighbor as ourself.


Handle fear in case of sickness, belief of hate to heal sin, and keep at it over and over.


The Readers shall not accumulate in their bodies morbific secretion or poison. There is no irritation of the pneumogastric nerve or mucous membrane, causing arsenical, mercurial or strychnine poison.


My identity is not lost. I am God’s child, and His child can never be deprived of her birthright or any other good, necessary to her happiness and well being.


We do not suffer from mortal thoughts or arguments, for if true, they help us, and if false, they cannot hurt us.

They cannot reach us. They cannot be heard.


You do not have to keep saying all the time, God is All; just know it.


I cannot be made to carry out the works of evil, nor be prevented from working in the interests of Truth and the Cause.


No suspension or depression, nor loss of power to resist error, but increased power to stand and demonstrate Truth.


Love cannot be shut out of my life.


No evil communications here, no old age, no diminished power to resist error, but increased power to receive and demonstrate Truth, and bring it out in our lives.


When throbbing of body or sleeplessness is spoken of, take up fear.


Mrs. Eddy said, she dispelled a cloud by knowing that mortal mind cannot form an atmosphere.

Arguments for the Weather

The weather is in reality the atmosphere of the Mind that is God. It is His idea. God and man are not two, but one, in the sense that Principle and idea are one, inseparable. That is why we can handle the weather of mortal belief, just the same as we would meet a case of rheumatism.

Arguments for the Weather

You must watch the clouds, East, West, North, South, and keep the horses from fear. I have to watch all the world for you — you can do this for me.

Don’t argue, there is no rain, or drought will set in.

Watch the clouds, and if a bad looking cloud is gathering, scatter it and allow the rain; but no cyclone or tornado, or dangerous lightning, does God send; hence you can know it does not come.

Extract from Letter

Now, darling, faint not — bear the cross up the via dolorosa, and the crown of thorns will be laid off for the crown of ineffable light and love. Nobody but yourself can destroy a single belief of yours. It will return, until all sin that opens the doors to palpitation of the heart, or any other lie, is destroyed.

Extract from Letter

There is no conscious or unconscious resisting of treatment or the lesson Truth. The understanding of our lesson Truth cannot be resisted, neither can error be substituted for Truth.

Argument Mind has no sad memories. Mind, God, knows only the good, true, beautiful and perfect.


Matter is self-will, grief, disappointment and depression, and will cause heart failure. Paralysis — handle specifically, that no force or action or strength can be lost.


I am not the door through which to enter, nor the rock whereon to build; but what God has spoken to this age through me, is the way and sure foundation, and no man entereth by any other way into Christian Science.


When we overcome self-wrong, self-vindication, hatred in ourselves, we are masters of all error, and then we can help others.

STATEMENT How do we see God? Through a perfect man — the divine ideal — by having no other mind but God, good.

How shall we see man? By reaching the perfect idea of God.


Love is the Way. Love worketh with us. It does not work with hate, hence we must love. Love “worketh with us to will and to do,” that is, to accomplish. “Love never faileth”; hence we cannot fail in our demonstration.

Animal Magnetism

This delusion must be met in all its subtleties — in all its so-called pleasures and pains of sense. (1) passion, (2) appetite, (3) lust, (4) pride, (5) hatred, (6) envy, (7) malice.


When tempted to personalize evil, let us pray to God for grace to grasp the divine understanding, the tender touch of pardoning Love.

Extract from Letter

I go out to you in Spirit with one hope and faith —

that you are God’s child, and He encompasses you with light and love, and in this atmosphere you are safe —

saved by Divinity from humanity, and by Spirit from the flesh, and do rejoice, because you have made “The Lord which is my refuge your habitation.”


Mrs. Eddy said, “No mortal mind can affect you.” Then she said in substance, that we could not be prevented from helping others, any more than the rays of light could be prevented from reflecting the sun, for it was not we at all that did the work, but God, and to have faith in God, and to know the Truth that makes free.

Again she said, “Error tried to make a law, that we could not help ourselves, and we could find a remedy by knowing that not we ourselves, but God, did the work.”

Mrs. Eddy said to a member of her household, “You have a belief that you suffer for doing good. Now it is not you that does the good; God does it, and it shines through you. Now don’t you get the benefit of the shining, before another feels it? Then it is proved, that we do not suffer from the good that shines through us.”


Don’t say, God help me to do so-and-so, but say, God, open my eyes to see that I can do so and so, overcome evil with good.


Mother once said, that her thought had been made thin through suffering, so that she could receive Truth.


Error cannot outline, formulate, personalize, nor embody itself to my consciousness.



Error cannot voice itself to me, through me, or about argument

Our sense of Truth is not demoralized, finitized, cribbed or cradled, but has risen to grasp the spiritual idea, unenvironed (unenvisioned) by materiality.


His ways are not made known, until He tries our obedience, and then He will reward it. Be of good cheer. It is Love, unquenchable Love, that loves you better than you can love yourself; Love that cares for you every moment, and will not leave you comfortless; Love that saith, “none shall be able to pluck them out of my hands.”


Beneath, around, about, above, surrounding, are the healing currents of Truth and Love.


O, that an influx of divine light and glory may enter each and every one of our hearts, and that you be endued anew with power from on High.


Romans 8:16. Love beareth witness with our love, and true love is abiding affection for good, impersonal, pure, loving not the body, but the ideal, wherever seen.


There is no educated mortal mind, through hatred of the Truth, or through jealousy, that can hypnotize me into believing that there is any reality outside of God, Love.


The activities of Life, divine Mind, are a continuous going forth of the elements of perfection, which cannot be reversed, polluted, or forced into wrong channels.

Extract from Letter

Press on; you are in the line of light, thine to realize the glory of strife. Seeking is not sufficient whereby to enter the kingdom of heaven, harmony. I sorrow over the ease of Christian Scientists. They are not at ease in the pains of sense, but are at ease in its pleasures. Which drives out quickest the tenant you wish to get out of your house, the pleasant hours he enjoys in it or its unpleasantness? I hope the teachers of Christian Science will awake to do their duty towards getting out tenants from ease and pleasure in substance and life in matter. I am worn with doing the work alone.

Extract from Letter

One thing I forgot to name is this: Teach your class that the pleasures of sense material are to be overcome, as well as its pains. Hence the Scripture, “none but the pure in heart can see God.” The sexual element is not natural, if nature is God, and it certainly is God, for matter is not God, and material sense has no law and no gospel on its side. Even eating is a “suffer it to be so now.” Sometime we shall all learn this. Let us begin now to learn it, and to teach it, and to practice it.


There is no mindlessness. Mind is God.

Extract from Letter

We are looking towards the light, and cannot help knowing that our lives talk for us, and their testimony is a rebuke or an encouragement to us all. When the heart, tired of its poor testimony, turns to the head and listens, it hears the way told in this desire: “Oh, to be nothing, nothing.” But this is not enough; so the heart answers, “Yes, but Oh! to be something, something tangibly good;

Oh! to see my affections changed, detached, and attached in the right direction, and being as it is, and no longer as it is not.”


We must not argue too long against sickness; the wheat and the tares must grow side by side, but they must not be seen as being the same. Do not mix them. Do not confound good and evil, and call them one. All is good;

there is no evil and it is false.


You have your place in God’s kingdom and I have mine. We are in the place He has prepared for us. Nothing can remove us from it, or withhold from us our spiritual blessing. Nothing can hide from us this place.


Mrs. Eddy said in substance, that the higher we rise in Science, error, by reversal, makes us believe that that which is in our consciousness, comes from outside and is in another; while that which is without our consciousness, comes from within, and is in our own thought.


Belief of duality and unity in duality is the claim of the Red Dragon, swollen with lust and hate. Hermaphrodite mentality, both sexes. Appendicitis is a belief of evolution. We must demonstrate, but not evolve. No Darwinism and no remnant of tail.


Your constitution is not predisposed to the reception of any unseen mental influence, nor any specific poison.

There is no evil influence operating injuriously in your system, for Mind is the only system, and there isn’t any evil.


Babylon is the world in the church.


When a suit in law was pending, a student said to Mrs. Eddy, “I know the case is all right, and we will win it.” She replied, “If you feel that way about it, you had better stop handling it. It is already all right, but it is the demonstration of the fact which will win it.”


I do not see evil as evil, but I cannot be blinded to it, nor governed by it.


God’s law of reversal is the only law of reversal, from which no evil can escape.


Student: “I am ready to obey when I understand.”

Mrs. Eddy: “Be ready to obey before you understand.”


Poisonous influences from people’s thoughts are nothing, when you prove them to be nothing. Go right on, and keep your thought on the real. Never for one moment look back at the past. It was a lie; it never was, because God was not in it.


God forgive me for having any doubt, fear or lack of faith that all things are not possible with Thee.



Overcome the love of personality and the fear of it.

God is Person, but He is incorporeal. God is infinite Mind, and there is but one Mind, one God. He is the only Person, the Ego, the only I. We are not Person, but the reflections of the one Person; members of that one Body which is Christ. That Body is not corporeal. It is infinite Mind, Spirit, substance. It is Love. Person is not finite, it is infinite. Person is not human, it is divine. I have contended against the personality of God, because lexicographers define person finitely. Now as Christian Science defines Person, God is infinite Person, and there is but one infinite. Let us not humanize or finitize personality.


We should pray for that Mind to be in us, that was in Christ Jesus, not the man that was mortal, but the idea or Christ, which was immortal. Never pray to have my mind as a person, for God is my Mind and yours, and there is but one Mind. Christ expressed the Mind that is God, for Christ was the spiritual idea for that age and all ages, for this idea never changes; it is the same forever; it expresses Science. The female thought is its last fleshly embodiment, because this thought expresses the Mother-God; the male, the Father. But remember, these are concepts which we entertain; they are neither male nor female in the spiritual universe of God, and we shall gain this true sense of ourselves as God’s ideas, spiritual personalities, when the sense of life, substance, and mind is gone forever from matter, and Spirit to us is All-in-all.

Letter to Bereaved Husband

Let us rejoice with the angels today. Your dear wife, my precious student, has added one more to the glad throng and the sweet song of those who have gone up thither, having washed their robes, and made them white through all they have experienced.

While in the sweet sense that she now entertains, she knows there is a Life in God, good, that is eternal and in this Life, no pain, no death, no parting, no night there.

Oh, my dear friend, I wish you and I knew this as well as she does today, who has awakened, as we all must in some way, to the truer sense of the Love, that gives us this alterative.

You have no cause for grief; there is no change in the fact and reality of your relative existence, only as the old impressions of death and parting linger in thought.

Now, dear brother, dismiss these; they are as unreal as the false sense of sickness and of sin. They do not belong to God or His creations, and you are the master of all “that worketh or maketh a lie.” You will learn, as did Jacob, when he said, “all these things are against me,” that they are for you, and the footsteps by which God is calling you more absolutely away from the falsities of sense and flesh, into an entire surrender to divine Science; and the imperative call — “leave all for me,” “Go work in my vineyard.” I speak from my own experience of His ways, that are not as ours, because His love for us so exceeds ours. May His angels soothe and comfort you, for He giveth them charge over you.

Please give much love from me to your dear children, and say to them, that all this, that seems so severe for us all to bear, is not what it seems; but is working out for the loved one, and for her children, and her teacher, and husband, “an exceeding weight of glory.”

Letter to Bereaved Family

In the midst of great rejoicing, I hear a sound of loss, of heavy, worldly loss by you, who have gained so much of heavenly riches.

My song seemed hushed and my harp hung upon the willow. My tears came and heart cried out, as I thought of what you had before met from demands physical, and like Job, disarmed.

Then I said in my heart, wherefore is this done unto my servants, Oh Lord? Immediately there grew before me a sense of great gain and no loss, and such an absorbing sense, that I grew satisfied and even rejoiced, but I knew not the way our dear God was moving forward this consummate joy. Yet I can trust Him and be still, for God is Love. Now, dear disciples of the man of sorrows and the woman of grief, be of good cheer, for out of such experiences has come all the redemption of the race. And by them, we may know that we are the children of Him who marks the sparrow’s fall.

Be comforted and strong, as I know you are, under the rod, for it is, and always has been, His rod that refines, uplifts and sanctifies the children of men.

We know not why, but shall know hereafter, why He chasteneth those whom He loveth, that they may bear even more fruit.


What is the root of mortal mind? Selfishness. Lay the axe of Science — Love, Principle, that He revealed — at the root, working out the harmony of Life and Love.


While you know the truth, defend yourself against the subtleties of error’s claims.

WATCH — Christian Scientists have a better remedy than material means for error.


Animal magnetism is starting a belief and getting others to fear it, until evil is done to those that hold the belief, and a law is made, and the error goes on gaining ground, until the serpent becomes a dragon.


Mrs. Eddy said, if we use arguments, they must be correct. For instance, we could not say, “Roman Catholics cannot use malpractice,” because malpractice was a corruption of her teachings, where Roman Catholicism was a corruption of Jesus’ teaching. So we must say, “Malpractice cannot use Roman Catholics.”


The law of God cannot be made flexible. I am relying on that for a correct decision. What has the law of God to do with the case? Everything. In contradistinction to so-called material law, spiritual law is inflexible. It is never two-sided, nor can it be made to conform to human desire or will. It is the law of divine Principle, the law of absolute Truth, the law of immutable Love, the law of eternal Life. There is no physical or moral ill too insidious, or too deeply rooted, to be made to yield to this immutable law of God, good.


There can be no law, decreeing a crippled condition, mental, physical or financial.


Divine Love maintains man forever at the point of completeness, preserves his every faculty and his individuality; guides each separate idea in continuous unfoldment of the infinite grandeur of spiritual creation.

Extract from a Letter

What joy is ours in Christian Science! Infinite Love all our own, tireless Love watching our waiting, pointing the path, guiding our footsteps and turning them hither and thither, as wisdom directs — then, when the lesson is learned, supplying the need and ending the warfare.

Extract from a Letter


Our Cause demands better healers; and if less teaching classes is enjoined, more practitioners will be fitted by the book to heal. I see the need of a healer to be as excluded from other work in C. S., as for the M. D. Who would look for a successful M. D., who was a lawyer or that was a teacher by profession and practicing teaching?

A Jack-at-all-trades is good for none, is an old adage. I am sorely disappointed in the demonstration of C. S., and it must improve, or our Cause will float into theory, and we will not “show our faith by our work.” A chatterer of C. S. is never a healer.


Yes, our Cause is getting its rightful chariot wheels.

The world moves, and towards heaven, if it only knew it.

The wrath of the “evil one” is but the sign of the one evil, getting its death blow.

WATCH — No fear of reversal.

Christian Scientists not mesmerists.


Better for our work.

Same yesterday, today and forever.

No poison.



World beliefs.

No mesmeric sleep.

No fear of the night.

Love everywhere.

No belief in the efficacy of Catholic prayers.

All feel my work.

Easy to help Mother.

No law for Mother.

No insomnia.

World loves Mother.

Envy — malice — hate.

Body habits.

Mental morphine.

Matter has no intelligence.

Mind is God.

Mesmerism cannot blind to God — Truth.

I can help Mother.

No monopoly.

She is better for her work.

We are better for ours.

No desire for m.

(Given by Mrs. Eddy to Gilbert C. Carpenter).


God’s plans are going on as best for you and me, whether we know it or not; but in the knowing and in the glad supposition of that fact, there is rest and peace. Reliance on God’s plan unfolds faculties, capabilities, and opportunities, heretofore unknown; it overcomes obstacles and removes obstructions.


Know that you — your God-reflected self — has Godhealth, God-peace, God-happiness, etc., and that the evil or devil cannot take this from you.


There are no hindrances, interruptions, personalities, conditions or circumstances, that can make inactive, or suspend, the law of Spirit. I cannot be mesmerized to doubt the power of Truth over this and every other error.

I know that I have confidence in all my treatments. I know how to handle all error and handle it instantly. All that I need to know in handling error is revealed to me, for it is God who handles the case, and it is God who gives all right ideas.

WATCH — It is my right to exercise dominion; next, I can exercise that right, and do exercise it; the right to cast out fear.


Study the Bible constantly, daily, and, dear one, pray. Ask the divine Love every day to give you all that the Lord’s Prayer inculcates. Go alone by yourself one half hour every morning and ask God, good, “Thy kingdom come” — ask to establish the reign of honesty, peace and purity in your consciousness, and to overthrow and cast out all that is unlike the Christ, Love. Ask to forgive those that wrong you, even as God forgives you, and see how this must be for you to reflect God. Ask for deliverance from temptation, ask for patience, meekness, peace, and so may the grace of God be with you.

Extract from a Letter


Goodness such as yours is a sure pretext of success in all struggles to be “better.” If a single sin remains — and who is destitute of all sin? — be of good cheer, for the victory over it is a foregone conclusion. If a supposed sensation exists that God, good, is displeased with, it must yield, and neither fear nor abnormal conditions can hold it. Your good heart is the victor over it and, now and forever you know this is truth, and the Truth has made you free. You are liberated by divine Love from every false claim of the flesh. The law of Spirit is supreme; it dominates the flesh, and you are God’s own child. Never born of the flesh, nor subject to it. Here plant your understanding, and having done your part, stand, and God will provide for the temptation strength to overcome it.

Adverse Arguments Heard by Mary Baker Eddy

You cannot help yourself. You feel everybody’s disease and state of mind. You are poisoned to death, and cannot demonstrate Christian Science upon yourself. You cannot have any faith in God. You cannot get help through Him. You cannot write, teach, lecture, or travel. You have got to die. You take everybody’s disease, and cannot get rid of it. You are perfectly helpless; you cannot help yourself, and no one can help you. You suffer for telling the truth about Kennedy.

Adverse Arguments Heard by Dr. Foster Eddy

Your old beliefs of anatomy, medicine, and disease are all back again, and Mrs. Eddy is suffering from it, and you cannot help her, and she cannot help herself. You do not like her, and she does not like you. You cannot see your way through God, and He does not help you to help Mrs. Eddy, or yourself. Kennedy argues this way, and always adds: You cannot get rid of animal passion.

ADVERSE argumentS heard by Calvin A. Frye You cannot escape from animal passions. Mrs. Eddy cannot uplift you. You won’t do anything right for the Journal. You will neglect all Mrs. Eddy’s business, you will do everything contrary to what she says, and keep her suffering through you.

ADVERSE argumentS read in the mind of Kennedy I never leave a Scientist, after I have separated them from Mrs. Eddy, until I have taken all the damned Christianity out of them. I make them believe, that Mrs. Eddy is making them sick, and suffer, while I am the one that is doing it; and when I succeed in making them believe this, and hate her, then I can take all the Christian Science out of them. This way I calculate I can stop the Cause.


Know that your treatment, the word of Truth, is with power; it is more powerful after it is spoken. There is no lapse in its continuance. It goes on unbroken forever.

There is no reversal in Truth. No relapse. (To meet the claim that after treatment is given, error can work.)


Destroy the belief, that you cannot help yourself and others.


The call for help is to the divine energy of Love, which always answers, and is without fear.


Do not try to build up matter, or make it comfortable and prosperous, but destroy matter with Spirit. Then all these things shall be added, and in the right way. The latter is Science.


Do not let anything interfere with the healing; the instantaneous healing must be brought out. Jesus proved his faith in this way. It is not only to dispel aches and pains, but to heal the sin — mental suggestions, that would try to turn your thought from the truth of being; make you think you cannot heal; are afraid to try; that your work can be reversed, can relapse; that Christian Science is mesmerism, etc. To believe a lie, is sin. You know those suggestions are all lies. Then it is a sin to believe them. Heal the sin. You cannot be made to yield to such a belief. You know better. You are in Mind alone, and the so-called claims of matter cannot touch you, cannot make you an avenue, through which to reach any one in belief. You are a child of God, reflecting Him. Nothing can force you to believe differently. It is now that Truth is — not going to be. Destroy the sense of time.


We must see the nothingness of mortal belief of health, and see true health — wholeness, which is always the same. You, and all, reflect it. Keep your lamps trimmed and burning, ready to give light at any call.


Overcome “can’t heal.” The case brought to Jesus, which his disciples did not heal, and he healed it instantly.


I am a Christian Scientist. I cannot be self-mesmerized. I cannot be self-hypnotized. I can help myself. I can help others. In the fiery furnace it was the individualized spiritual consciousness, that the King saw. When we work together as one, it will be seen as the Son of God.



Pray God to take away my testimony of the lying senses, and increase my faith and spiritual sense.


Malpractice commenced first by making sick; then, by calling back old beliefs; and third, by the belief in poison.


Sensualism, living in the material sense, eating, drinking, etc., is an open door, through which mesmerism comes in to affect us. As we cease to live in the material sense, we do shut the door upon it.


The Scientists should make error unreal to themselves, that they may make it unreal to others; and sometimes can do more for others, by going by themselves and meditating on spiritual realities.

WATCH — Never fear a lie. Declare against it with the conviction of its nothingness. Throw your whole weight into the right scale — this is the way to destroy evil.

Never weight against yourselves by admitting a lie.

WATCH — First, we must see the error, then repent, and then forsake it. You will have to continue with sin, until you have overcome it. Then you will have another form of evil to meet — the envy and jealousy of mortal mind. That is where your Leader stands.

Instruction 1909

You can lift me out of a claim by lifting yourselves.

It is error to keep your thought on me. You would heal me, just as you would heal any patient, by knowing and realizing the nothingness of the claim. When you have destroyed your own thought of it, you have healed the patient. You don’t have to do something to your treatment to help it along, or make it go somewhere. Treatment is knowing. All you have to do, is to know you do not have to suffer, and you do not. If I could know, I didn’t have to suffer for the sins of others, I would be well instantly.

Paul died, and why? Because he was always talking crucifixion. We should attenuate mortal mind.


Now can’t you all get out of addition? You do not have to stay in addition all the time. If you have the same principle, it is just as easy, and in fact easier, to multiply, than it is to add. You must rise out of the addition of Christian Science, and let God, divine Mind, multiply through you.


Do not let the material things hinder our progress in Science. It is a trick of the devil to keep us chasing after matter. You cannot serve God and mammon.


What is a good dinner or a good meal? Good devil.

What is a good night’s sleep? Good evil. What is a nice new dress? Good evil. What is a sense of health in matter? Good evil. Which is nearer God, — a human sense of health or of sickness? What is it that brings us into a realization of true being? Spiritual understanding. Then how do I (Mrs. Eddy) heal? By knowing the omnipotent, everpresent, eternal and infinite Mind is All — and therefore there is no inaction, over-action, diseased action or reaction. Spiritual understanding — a knowledge of God — makes perfect.


Malicious hypnotism cannot operate in my thought, when I am asleep, and manifest itself the next day as sin, disease and death.


Sleeplessness is an argument.


When do we need to look at disease? When our faith in God is not sufficient to destroy it instantly with the command of Truth. We only need the argument against disease to strengthen ourselves. When we can heal by knowing All is Mind, we do not need to know anything about disease.


Life is God. This treatment is the power and activity of divine Mind. It cannot be found, it cannot be reversed, or return void. It does accomplish that for which it is sent.


God bless my enemies, make them Thy friends; give them to know the joy and peace of Love.


The manifestation of A. M. on a person has three stages:

1st. Stupidity, idiocy, suffering or exhilaration, unconscious of the error he says he does.

2nd. When told of it, will deny having said or done the wrong, and argue in defense of it.

3rd. Will declare, that there is no A. M.



The law of mortal mind that says our work, whatever it may be, will not amount to anything, must be broken.

Know, first, that no such law can interfere with Truth.

Second, that there is no such law. All law is divine, and this law of mortal mind is only the inverted image of the law of God. Reverse it, and you will find the divine law, that all thoughts of Truth must have an effect. Is. 55:10, 11.



Our work is not to change God’s work, for that is finished and perfect. Neither is it to make error nothing, for it is that already; but to stand (apparently) in the midst of it, unmoved, knowing its nothingness. Is. 43:2.



No mortal thought, put in action by any mesmerist, or combined force of mesmerists, or anyone whom they should employ, has any power to affect. There is no M. A. M. “The Lord He is God; there is none else beside Him.” Prov. 16:7.



To the senses a pain is present. Now this pain is a condition of (mortal) mind, which we call mesmerism, a condition which would say, I am something.

We know that the true, or real condition of Mind, which is perfection, freedom from all pain, is ever-present.

The intermediate condition of mind is one which has the knowledge that the false, or condition of pain, has no power to hold or perpetuate itself, because of the everpresence of the true condition, which only needs to be recognized. To recognize it, is to call upon God for help.

Is. 65:24.



The intermediate condition, referred to in note of July 10, is the “Jesus thought.” This is the mediator between God (perfect Mind) and man (mortal mind), or the “link between the human and divine.” This condition recognizes all evil as evil, and as nothing, and destroys it by so doing, and by seeing the opposite Good at the same time.

Evil would crucify this condition, but cannot.

Give the “Jesus thought” its rightful place, and know that it cannot be moved, then success must follow. It will do its work without fail. I Cor. 15:25.



See all false claims as conditions of (mortal) mind, entirely distinct from the person.

Handle each one, as it appears to your thought.

Watch your own thought, that you be not tripped, and used as a channel to prevent the good work you are trying to do.

This is most important, as the subtlety of evil is to prevent Truth from appearing.

Another subtlety is the claim, that to “handle the serpent” will not do any good. Look well to this. II Cor.

10:5. Heb. 4:12.



Mortal thought awakened is startled at its own shadow.

While it slumbered, the shadow was unperceived. It must needs learn the nothingness of itself and its shadow, then the fear, which in its ignorance was unconscious, and became conscious at the awakening will pass away, for mortal mind will see, that it need not be afraid of itself.

II Thess. 2:8.



Sometimes I seem to hear the voice of the Father, like this — My child, there is nothing in mortal mind to fear, not even the educated thought, that knows what it is doing. But these different claims must needs remain, until thou art not afraid. They are here only for thee to learn that they cannot harm. When that is learned, their mission is accomplished, and away they go. Ex. 4:4.

The way to learn their powerlessness is through the constant recognition of God’s power to dislodge them.



I think it has been my great aspiration, that the wave of error, calling itself death, should not pass over me.

I see this morning that this aspiration, this thought of itself, is an error, in that it builds up the belief that there is something to fight, something to overcome, and thus it fosters fear.

What if this wave does seem to engulf me, the opposite fact, that it does not, is the Truth, and by this seeming, I am not changed, not harmed, for nothing can ever have any power to affect us.

This view removes fear, and removes the aspiration, and shows me that, by this means, I am doing more towards conquering, more to keep off the wave. We need not take up arms against a shadow, when it is clear to us, that it is a shadow. I Cor. 15:55.



When a discord is present, remember, that when Love is pushing upon the sense, evil is aggravated and is forced from unconsciousness to conscious thought. Then be not afraid at such times. Darkness should be seen as the forerunner of great light. Then we may rejoice at such times, instead of being filled with fear. Zech. 14:6, 7.



The condition that sees another condition as one that is “bound of Satan,” and bows before it, or fears it, and thereby gives it power, is the most dangerous of the two, and needs more to be looked after and rebuked. All conditions have their individuality (or claim to), and stand distinctively apart from every other condition, and yet there are links connecting them with each other.



Ever keep the fact of the Allness of God and the nothingness of error before us; then begin at home, and root up every sin or belief of A. M. Destroy them with the Truth of being. Let them learn first to show piety at home.

Then we are fitted to heal or apply the Truth to error, which disappears as Truth appears. Harmony of belief (the body) will appear, before the understanding of Truth comes to the individual, whom we are healing, one of the signs of Truth.

“Error is a coward before Truth.”


When we fail to reach the error through silent argument, we should speak out and command, and, by so doing, we increase our power, reaching conscious and unconscious thought; and the more formidable the error, the higher we should rise in asserting our power over it.


Have no will opposed to God. Meekness is not weakness. It is “not my will but Thine be done,” throwing ourselves into God’s power.

Extract from a Letter 1887

Let the good you can do, and the stimulation of action, keep your mind from dwelling on the past, for the present demands your care, and you must go forth to meet the future, calm and strong. God is your refuge and a strong deliverer. He will hide you under His wings, till the storms are past, and the sunlight of His presence cheers and invigorates you with new strength and exaltation.

Extract from a Letter

The argument of theosophy is: “Fill the mind that is negative with error and reversed views of what should be done, and through that mind, others are reached.” I know that this is the case in belief. Now guard yourselves thus:

When a sensitive, such as he, has relations with you, take yourselves up, that he cannot influence or touch your thought, and hold steadfastly to God, and go to no personality but Him, the ever-present help, to show you the way. But each time wipe off the dust of M. A. M. as a contagious thing.

Extract from a Letter

Your sweet, sad letter at hand. May the dear Love that wounds to heal, bind up the wounds, and pour into your life the pure sense of having been tested by chastisement and found legitimate. Yes, you are right, that the avenger of Truth stabs us through those we love most, as much as to say, “You have no moral authority for loving aught but God and His likeness.” What is our remedy? It is to watch, work and pray to make first one’s self and then all others, into that likeness, patient, meek, loving;

then the warfare is comparatively ended, and we are saved from a false selfhood. Oh, may the dear Love, that knows no lack, be so near, that you catch the contact and are comforted. My own trials can never be spoken. They are beyond the present sense of mortals. But the one dear Love binds up my broken heart and bleeding head, and I lean on its breast, till I get strength to stand before the next volley. Let us rejoice, that the captain of our salvation is training us for higher service.

A Prayer

May the divine light of Christian Science, which lighteth every enlightened thought, illumine my faith and understanding, exclude all darkness and doubt, signal the perfect faith, wherein to walk, the perfect Principle, whereby to demonstrate the perfect man and perfect law of God.

WATCH — There is no fear, and no thoughts of poison can come. There are no such thoughts. There is no arsenic, and no opiates, producing any effect on anyone in this house, and no one can be made to believe there is.

Love reigns here. Truth and Life eternal reigns here, and nothing else can come here. There are no evil suggestions, no hypnotism, theosophy, no electromagnetism. God is All, etc.

WATCH — Every argument to hurt anyone (if reversed), does that one good. All things shall, and do, work together for good to them that love good, as the Bible teaches.

Sin and sickness are not infectious. We do not catch sickness or sin; good alone is catching.

Divine Love governs. This is the law of Christ, and it is fulfilled, and it cannot be reversed.

There is one Mind, in all, over all, and governing all.

Remember, that malice exultant is no greater than malice defeated; both are false. But to know and understand that malice is nothing, is to defeat it.

We can, and do, trust in our God to deliver us from the persecutions of those, who war against Truth and Love.

The holy sense of God as All and Love, and that there is no other Mind, is the best way to meet the malicious arguments of evil.

The law of God says, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”

The law of evil whispers, “You cannot help Mrs. Eddy, neither can you help yourself.” Now, if you let this law of evil govern you, and master you, you cannot fulfill the law of Christ; you cannot be a Christian Scientist.

Should the thought come to you, that you cannot help yourself, then know, that you have your reply in the Scripture, that even as Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing,” but, “the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” Since God is omnipotence, there is no power nor person that can hinder His healing work.

WATCH — Let our finite judgment never settle on who is troubling us, and never defend ourselves against a person.

Rather, ask what is troubling, and then meet the what.


In building a church, we have the devil to overcome, and he thinks, he can stop the work, by cutting off the supply. God is our Father, and He is rich; His resources are inexhaustible, and whatsoever we ask for, we shall receive. The devil tries to make us indifferent and ungrateful.


When we get the right idea of father, mother, husband, wife and child, we will never lose them.


Spiritualism claims obsession, says the dead can, and do, control the living. It is mental poison. The two socalled laws of spiritualism are, first, a person has died, and the one he longs for on this plane, he is continually beckoning to, or calling. Second, people who have died can control those who are here.


It is not safe to change oars in the current. Courage! Stand!


All error is uncovered.


Beliefs of matter laws, or universal mesmerism, are involuntary, such as adhesion, cohesion, polarity, force, pressure, heat, cold, materia medica, anatomy, physiology, and hygiene.

WATCH — All is peace and Truth; there is no error, no hatred, no sin, all is Love, love for God and man. There abide, for if you abide in Love and Truth, and Truth and Love abide in you, no evil can come of it, and the result must be, is, health, harmony, heaven. The freedom of the children of God comes with this true consciousness.

May, 1952. The following was found on the desk of Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., in his handwriting (source uncertain): May the divine light of Christian Science, which lighteth every enlightened thought, illumine my faith and understanding, exclude all darkness and doubt, signal the perfect faith, wherein to walk, the perfect Principle, whereby to demonstrate the perfect man and perfect law of God.