Biographies of Mary Baker Eddy

"And I say no one familiar with her life and her teachings can help but see the marvellous consistency and beauty of what she has given to the world in Christian Science."

Clara Barton interview by Viola Rodgers.

Published Monday, January 6, 1908, in The Boston American

Mary Baker Eddy, Her Spiritual Footsteps

by Gilbert C. Carpenter and Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr.

In here you will find Mrs. Eddy’s life “…not merely as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, but as the Demonstrator of her own revelation…”

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Cradled Obscurity

by Sibyl Wilbur

Ms. Wilbur “had the privilege of personal association with our beloved Leader, and an opportunity to give to the world a graphic, accurate recording of all the major events of her earthly pilgrimage...”

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The Life of Mary Baker Eddy

by Sibyl Wilbur

1907, Originally published by the Concord Publishing Company, New York

Sibyl Wilbur, a newspaper woman, aware of the attacks on Mrs. Eddy, wanted to set the record straight. She states in her Introduction: “I shall concern myself only to report the truth.” Mrs. Eddy thanked her for her unselfed labors and gave permission to publish and circulate this book.

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Destiny of the Mother Church

by Bliss Knapp

1991 The Christian Science Publishing Society

This book by a first-hand observer provides an important chronicle of Mary Baker Eddy, the Christian Science church, and the challenges faced by the early workers.

Recollections of Mary Baker Eddy

From Diary Records of James F. Gilman, while making the illustrations of Christ and Christmas, 1893.

Including a very valuable 32 page Introductory Critique by Gilbert C. Carpenter, C.S. B. and Gilbert C. Carpenter, Jr., C.S.B.

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Mary Baker Eddy: Her Mission and Triumph

by Julia Michael Johnston

1946 The Christian Science Publishing Society

This follows Mrs. Eddy’s pilgrimage to find Christian healing, through years of patience, persistence, and sacrifice.

Mary Baker Eddy; A Concise Story of Her Life and Work

by Myra B. Lord

1918 Davies and Bond (Reproductions available online.)

A brief sketch of the life and work of Mrs. Eddy for the Women's Edition of the "Manchester N.H. Union." Mrs. Eddy was an honorary member and had been a resident of New Hampshire for many years. The writer was a secretary for the Christian Science publications at the time. It is offered to "earnest seekers after light."

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Twelve Years With Mary Baker Eddy

Recollections and Experiences by Rev. Irving C. Tomlinson, M.A., C.S.B.

1945 The Christian Science Publishing Society

Rev. Tomlinson first heard of Christian Science in 1894; and was closely associated with Mrs. Eddy from 1898-1910. He served in many capacities, including Mrs. Eddy’s secretary, was a member of her last class in 1898, First Reader in First Church, Concord, NH, taught one Normal class, was one of the first lecturers on Christian Science, and was appointed by Mrs. Eddy to the Bible Lesson Committee and served from 1898 to 1927.

This book includes “delightful accounts of Mrs. Eddy’s recollections of her girlhood and the years leading up to her discovery of Christian Science.” Also, included are the background of Sermons or articles we find in Prose Works.

Vol. I — The Discovery of the Science of Man — (1821-1888)

Vol. II — The Founding of Christian Science (— 1888-1900)

Vol. III — The Forever Leader — (1900-1910)

Doris Grekel wrote a three volume biography of Mary Baker Eddy to tell Mrs. Eddy’s “holy history” — in fact, Mrs. Eddy said to a student, “My history is a holy one.”

Mrs. Grekel’s “research has convinced her that an understanding of the trials and triumphs of Mary Baker Eddy is essential for those who ‘would enter by the door.’”

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We Knew Mary Baker Eddy

“A collection of reminiscences of eighteen people who were acquainted with the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science.” “They give us glimpses of her colossal strength, her motherliness and tender solicitude; her graciousness, compassion, intuition, wit, her perseverance, adherence to Principle; and, with it all, her untiring love.”

Published 1979 The Christian Science Publishing Society (207 pages, includes the four previous series.)

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Mrs. Eddy — Her Life, Her Work and Her Place in History

by Hugh A. Studdert Kennedy

Manuscript completed by the Fall of 1939

Clarissa Hale Studdert Kennedy states in the Foreword of the book, of her husband, who came from England in 1914 to become Foreign Editor of The Christian Science Monitor in Boston: “…it is with the hope of my husband’s endeavour to paint with words an objective, accurate and uninhibited portrait will place the heretofore enigmatical Mary Baker Eddy in true historical perspective that this, his fondest work, goes forth.”

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Mary Baker Eddy: The Prophetic and Historical Perspective

A Biography written by Paul R. Smillie 1979

The Gethsemane Foundation

This book is profound and monumentally important to every sincere Christian Scientist!

Mr. Smillie writes to awaken Christian Scientists to the vital importance of loving their Leader, and taking action to save the Cause of Christian Science. A very important work! 

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The Healer

The Healing Work of Mary Baker Eddy

Christian Healing Work Through Prayer Performed by Mary Baker Eddy from 1821 to 1866, and Christianly Scientific Healing Work from 1866 to 1910

Compiled and Arranged with Notes by David Lawson Keyston

This book is a blessing, giving examples of Mrs. Eddy’s healing work based on the Bible and confirming Biblical principles. “Mary Baker Eddy always told her students to emulate the life and character of Jesus. …”If you would be a good healer, study the life of Jesus.”

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Mary Baker Eddy: Christian Healer (Amplified Edition)

by Yvonne Cache von Fettweis and Robert Townsend Warneck (Amplification by Robert Townsend Warneck)

The Christian Science Publishing Society 1998, 2009

This book is “…an inspiration for all who want to better understand and practice effective, Christian healing.”