Notes from Association Addresses, 1943 to 1946

by Una Willard

Table of Contents


Freed from fear, what cannot the human mind accomplish?

Shall we make our journey from sense to Soul 40 minutes or 40 years?

We must go forward into new channels or we will decay in old ruts.

All the lovely things said of one yesterday are of little avail unless they are still deserved to-day.

Let us never let the color go out of our lives.

We cannot weigh beauty, nor is there a plumb line to sound the depths of enchantment.

We are compelled to use the baser weapons of mortality because we have failed to use the higher sword of Spirit.

The divine idea of one’s right place is so all-powerful that nothing can obstruct the vision of it nor path to it.

A mentality befogged by prejudice, half-information, incomplete contemplation does not know what it likes or wants. It is fooled throughout by believing that it wants material success and sensuous pleasure. When this is attained, it settles down and begins the process of disintegration, which continues for many years.

With rhythmic timing, there could never be an accident, never a missed opportunity, never an unimproved moment.

Why should we care what human experience wakens us to our incorporeality? We can learn by Science if we will, but if we have to learn by suffering, let us learn, not lament and languish.

Learn of God, and live as though you had learned of Him. Liberality of thought leads directly to liberated thought.

Let us judge our substance only by our spirituality, not by our material possessions.

We do not abandon our reliability because we refuse to take the responsibility for how our prayers shall be answered.

Every small or large erroneous suggestion overcome at twenty, becomes a pillar of strength at forty.

Man, the magnificent, has no problems. He meets and masters all issues through a closer walk with God.

You are colorful, symmetrical being.

Power is not fabricated in us, but is released through us.

Every abyss of doctrinal difference is being replaced by a mountain peak of unifying effort.

Become a campaigner for simple words, simply worded contracts and legal documents.

Having constructive and corrective ideas about government is one thing . . . crabbing about it is quite another. The former puts one in the class with statesmen, the latter is the class of soapbox speelers.

A man may fail many times, but he is not a failure until he begins blaming someone else.

Let us be convinced by facts, not by persons.

Your conversation is dyed the color of your reactions. Let us make sure our reactions are based on fact, not prejudice.

Seek facts and talk afterwards. Avoid sweeping statements. Make statements that conform to life-facts.

We must understand our natures to be God-like, rhythmic, harmonious, accurate, intelligent — all synchronized to the activity of invariable, all-powerful divine law.

Permitting boredom to find lodgement in our thought is like letting termites and moths go undisturbed in our homes — the effects on the mental structure will be the same as that on the wood and clothes in which termites and moths have been allowed to breed.

Attend particularly to S&H 409:11-15.

Clothes ought to be the remembrance of our lost innocency — Fuller.

Be active; an easy chair is a great breeder of melancholia.

— Dean Inge.

Make yourself especially important to someone.

Make yourself important to your church, not by seeking office, but by having constructive ideas.

So live that the world will become aware of its need of you. What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee.

— Marcus Aurelius.

It is not the deceived, but the deceiver who suffers.

Happiness is not a station at which one arrives, but is a measure or mode of travel.

For love is ever the beginning of knowledge, as fire is of light. — Carlyle.

The more we attempt to justify our opinions, the more narrow-minded we become.

A little boy was heard to say: “They will have a war sometime and no one will come to it.”

We can always trust God-Spirit to meet us with the highest material manifestations of substance that we are capable of understanding and receiving.

We cannot lack the very substance of which we are the expression.

There are no small or large problems. If mind is all intelligence, it disposes of every erroneous situation as non-existent, therefore it maintains its poise and wisdom, and keeps right on maintaining them.

Nothing is more frightful than ignorance in action.

On the spiritual plane there are no evils to alarm or allure, to dismay or defeat. Then let us live on that plane.

We have all learned, I am sure, not to confine education to schools, church to building, nor home to house.

Cultivate disinterested, unselfish action. Every material thought expresses bondage.

Spiritual understanding is freedom. Jesus was free because he knew the Father.

Enduring peace can be established only by the Prince of Peace.

Did you ever hear anyone say: “I have lived right, why should I suffer?” That statement, or attitude of mind, remember, is what made the children of Israel have to wander 38 years longer in the wilderness.

Adequate statements economize the time used in argument.

What is to be gained from erroneous thinking except a bad habit?

Do not let a minor adjustment grow into a major emergency.

A cold wet blanket never invites spontaneous embrace.

All that is of the Kingdom of God dwells with us in our earth-life, and can be seen any time we look in the right direction.

WORK FOR 1943-44: Open your minds to the truth about government.

Clearly decide what should be its purpose and aim. What is the meaning of self-government?

Study God’s government or The Kingdom of God: (a) its purpose; (b) its inhabitants; (c) its location; (d) its economics; (e) its functioning; (f) its standards.

The Bible — study it, love it, discover its precepts, and live by it. It is a perfect mine of information, inspiration, support. Edward VI, when he had been given the Sword of England, France, and Ireland, said: “There is yet another sword to be delivered to me. I mean the sacred Bible, which is the Sword of Spirit, without which we are nothing, neither can we do anything.”

George Herbert said: “The Bible laid open — millions of surprises.”

Milton said: “There are no songs comparable to the songs of Zion, no orations equal to those of the Prophets, and no politics like those which the Scriptures teach.

Rousseau said: “I must confess the majesty of the Scriptures astonishes me.”

Goethe acknowledges the Bible as his guide, and says it can be used as a means of education “by really wise men.”

Heine says that “The Bible is vast and wide as the world, rooted in the abysses of Creation, and towering up behind the blue secrets. Sunrise and sunset, promise and fulfillment .. . all in this Book.”

Garibaldi says: “This is the cannon that will make Italy free.”

Greeley said: “It is impossible to mentally or socially enslave a Bible-reading people.”

Chauncey Depew: “From its pages the individual, according to his or her light and opportunity, draws the lessons of life.”

And Paul says, of course, that it is useful in teaching, in reproof, in correcting faults, and training in uprightness, so that the man of God will be adequate, and equipped for any good work. (See Tim. 3:14-17.)


I am very sure that you will get the most out of these excerpts if you first write down every thought you can remember from the address, all the individual inspirations that have come to you through the day, and make note of all the ideas you want to follow through in your own study.

The absolute mastery of details belongs to God. We prove who we are by the calls we answer.

No one can move in a world reflecting such supernatural or super-materialities as this one, and not believe in God. It is said that an undevout astronomer is mad.

Do you companion with the stars?

We were there when the morning stars sang together, and God unrolled the universe.

We must secure our equipment for great flights.

There is no human experience, no human counterpart of your real being. You are you — just one, and are forever instructed and unfolded in the vast forever.

It is with these facts in mind, and with only these facts in mind, that we may see our own way out of the illusions of mortal sense.

We are at the headwaters of a mighty river which is flooding the world with refreshment and inspiration. We are one with a brilliant star — the morning star — the Christ truth, whose rays are penetrating and dispelling the darkness of mortal thought.

Reformation must follow revelation, else the groundwork is being laid for revolution and catastrophe.

The great questions that have been before mankind since time began have been health, wealth, liberty, education, power, position, and license; how to get them and what to do with them.

Let us always be alert to a changing order.

We are at the crossroads where we are being forced to choose between the very worst evil man has been able to conceive, and a higher good than man has yet been willing to take the trouble to live.

Intelligent writers and speakers have raised their voices in all ages, but the fewness of the followers has become proverbial.

So long as we prefer money and power to honesty; security to civilization; relief to demonstration; shortcuts to unfoldment; accomplishment before reformation; so long as we want the ends before deserving them; we are building for future wars, sickness, and failure.

The secure feeling of belonging to a divine order is the only thing that will save us. We must more fully understand it and more diligently practice it than ever before.

The human mind is forever an escapist and a coward.

We have an active part in the systems of the universal civilization. When we do not fill it, we become a center of disintegration — we become diseased cells in the body politic.

No halos grow around our heads because we are too modest to step forth and take our place in church, school, or state. No crown of jewels awaits the timid person who says, “Oh, my vote doesn’t count. Others can fill positions better than I can.” You become a disease cell the moment such a thought is allowed to dwell in your consciousness.

The impetus to action must come from our nearness to God.

We are not wrecked, either nationally or physically, by great crimes so much as by the lack of courage to face small issues, and master them. An accumulation of small raids amounts soon to an invasion which is difficult to check.

Let us dare to be greater than prejudice, ignorance, indolence, and fear.

Let us demand clearly stated facts in church, and state, and national, and international affairs, so that we may have a government of well-informed people; of clearly guided people; and a people full of accomplishment.

Strong currents of scientific thinking must be injected into the whirlpool of the economic and political structure. You are important to the strength of that current. One thought of truth is power.

We are between two worlds. The old is dead — the new is waiting for leadership. It is waiting for you.

Learn the principle governing any issue, and you will be led to right action.

Where is the battlefront? It began when Adam went to sleep; it widened when he failed to meet and master his sense of incompleteness; it lengthened when Eve ate the apple; it spread when Cain killed Abel; and while it has since covered geographically the whole earth, it still remains that thin line in man’s consciousness where he decides whether he is spiritual or material.

Christian Science, as it is revealed to us, gives us the opportunity to end this battle.

Be awake, always, to the deep certainties of life.

What we see as disease and discord are our own mistakes confronting us.

Does freedom include the liberty to be tempted with evil?

Freedom includes economic security, but economic security does not insure freedom.

When Jesus dismissed all temptation to desire personal and isolated good for himself, angels came and ministered unto Him.

Knowing God and God’s government — being rightly active in that government — gives the only freedom there is.

Society based on material considerations has a ceiling. Society based on spiritual realities is neither hedged about by walls nor obstructed in its upward flight by ceilings. It is boundless in its capacities, endless in its unfoldment. Vistas ever widening and ever more startling and colorful come into view.

Only the false sense of self must be sacrificed. It is not the selfhood radiant with God’s love, but the selfhood weighed down with desires for human comfort and aggrandizement that must go.

Establish life in order to overcome death.

When we understand life as eternal and live it as such, death will be unknown.

Downstairs, heroes are born. Upstairs, one receives the inspirations and fibre out of which heroes are made.

One who lives only in the upper room becomes a mystic. One who lives only downstairs becomes a drudge.

To rightly come forth from this upper room, one will be more than negatively good. He will have some gem of truth to pass on to his children — interesting, refreshing, and stimulating ideas to allay the weariness of a husband or wife who may have had a difficult task to perform, a word of real cheer for the stranger, a stimulating thought for the gardener. In other words, one becomes possessed in this upper room of dynamic powers and forces which, as so much light, dispel for himself and others the darkness of drudgery, the confusion of doubt, the worthlessness of painful struggling, and the shadows of ignorance and sin.

Con-tributing, i.e., paying tribute with others, must be thought of from the basis of God’s expression through us, not as a human activity.

The joy and good derived from con-tributing is like enjoying with others a beautiful landscape or a glorious sunset.

When one thinks he begins to possess, he beings to lose.

Contribute to the joy of the world, the peace, the harmony, the happiness, the progress of every situation in which you find yourselves, and the little unreal dollars will roll in and out, as the shadows which they are.

Money has become the great red dragon in the field of contribution, and has attempted to swallow up all the joy of giving.

The misplaced faith of a century ago becomes the superstition of today.

Jesus went from the upper room, to the Garden of Gethsemane, and to the cross.

Conviction must be based on the knowledge of the permanence, power, and activity of infinite, ever-present good.

The character and steadfast nature of your faith in omnipotent good, determines your salvation, your health, your position, your exaltation.

Faith is identified as inseparably with man as is living. It is then a question of what one has faith in.

Our faith must not only be in the fact that there is a God, and that this God and His creation are never less than perfect, but we must also have perfect faith that the knowledge and understanding of these facts, maintained in human consciousness, actively transforms human experience.

Lack of the unwavering conviction that this force does operate in human affairs, disputes all that Jesus came to teach, and defies all that He demonstrated of the power lived.

Faith and understanding merge — not understanding of how the principle operates, but the understanding that it operates.

Faith impels one to mighty works.

Faith automatically forms convictions as to action.

Lives alive with faith illumine the world; songs radiant with vibrant tones of deep conviction reach to the ends of the earth. Acts fearless with the certainty of omnipotent power guide the faltering step of others, and stimulate throughout the world the desire for right.

Have you ever noticed how much of your thought is devoted to excusing and accusing yourself?

The divine order may be intricate, but it is never complicated.

Your greatness comes from your simplicity, and if a mortal sense of greatness is thrust upon you before your wings of simplicity are able to bear you aloft, the danger signal may well be raised, or a call “return to base” be sent out.

Simplicity is dignified.

Only those are dead who live dully. Dullness is never simple.

One’s individuality includes the acknowledgement of the individuality of every created idea.

Individuality is not developed; it is conferred upon us.

Purpose is something more than individual desire; it comes from the divine. The human being is not wise enough to originate purpose. Man, himself, is purposed.

The divine in you must forever detect universal error, and individually reject its poison.

Individuality, understood and maintained, is immune to all mesmerism.

Unless all men are at one with Mind in our consciousness, we are not ourselves wholly at one with Mind.

We cannot exist at peace, and have our neighbors in turmoil and distress. As we, in our consciousness, see them as in God, we, too, become more secure in His love.

We must never become so idealistic that we lose contact with human necessity. Jesus did not, and Mrs. Eddy did not.

Faith is a mighty assurance of the power of good that carries with it a conviction which controls and guides man’s actions.

When may we take our ease? Not until we take it in the full understanding of God.

Sometimes we learn just enough about Science to rob us of our simplicity, and not enough to give us our security.

Until you can daily live the visions you get, do not boast about them.

It takes every man and woman, with all their talents and powers in full operation, and obedient to the one central divine All-power, God, to make a true democracy.

What one has faith in, determines his dignity.

What do you do when life to you becomes less painful and more agreeable? Seek Principle more earnestly, or think of some way to have a pleasant time?

Divine nature is always in revolt against everything that obstructs its manifestation; some of these revolts we call sickness.

The visible battle is but an infinitesimal part of the war that is going on in the whole material universe.


I have but one ambition, and that is that we each, individually and all together, live the principle revealed by Christian Science and experience its blessings.

To this end I know we must become vitally impressed with the truth that creation as God’s expression is intact, actively maintaining itself, and forever appearing on earth through every transparent thought.

Our whole activity, then, is to maintain a transparent thought, for we know that it is our Father’s good pleasure to give us the kingdom.

The measured, rhythmic, pulsating beat of eternity is forever re-echoing, even in our human consciousness.

Be stirred with the might of the eternal forces that are throbbing with your every heartbeat.

I should rather measure my progress by the stirrings I feel of the infinite possibilities of being, than by any physical evidence of well-being that can be experienced.

It takes alert watchers to get the full significance of this great era, on the edge, of which we stand poised, waiting for every sign of light and for every opportunity to spread that light throughout the world.

We are at the dawn of a new day. Let us live a new life, and experience new blessings.

Life is not full of problems, it is full of harmoniously synchronized activities.

The greatest bravery, and most dauntless courage, consists in living in the light of our highest convictions.

What is it that keeps fulfillment always just around the corner? Does it not signify that man is conscious of a larger capacity for greatness than he is willing to live?

And Jesus said, “Search the Scriptures.” John 5:39. But study the Bible itself, do not study so much about the Bible.

Great spiritual leaders are men of fearless faith. There is a time when we really go into the wedding feast or are shut out. Nothing has value unless it leads to the kingdom.

Until one has a clear consciousness of the Holy Spirit, one’s religious life is a faltering victory. Those who have received the Holy Spirit come to have the feeling of God. — Toychiki Kagawa.

Before receiving the Holy Spirit, one is accustomed to think relatively, comparing men to men; afterward one thinks from God’s standpoint.

Why not cause the world to wonder at the spiritual power. Someone has said when you really become baptized in the Holy Spirit, your prayer-life bubbles up.

When we pray with the full conviction that God is All, we are having a supernatural experience. Prayer is to human sense a mystery of mysteries.

In mathematics it is not a strange thing when the infinite comes peeping into the finite. When the absolute endorses the relative, the relative disappears.

The unseen world showed its nearness when Jesus was baptized. It shows its nearness to us every time we really think from God’s standpoint. We cannot be sad and be Christian.

Unless we have the faith to break through the sorrows of the world by the power of heaven, and have love and joy, we have not yet received the Holy Spirit.

John 17:15-16 says: “I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.”

A gentle river of influence flows out from every truth one knows, to water the desert of mortal thought, and make it to blossom as a rose.

Think how many times the Christ truth has been reflected from His day until it has reached and blessed your life. Your reflection of the truth will bless those still unborn.

Everyone who is this moment thinking of God is letting the spiritual universe peep through.

Life becomes rhythmic, and faces shine, when baptized by the Holy Ghost.

Joy has no connection with materiality. There is a proverb which says: “Fortune comes to the gate where there is laughter.”

Gal. 2:20, according to the Revised Version, reads: “It is no longer I that live, but Christ that liveth in me.”

God stimulates boundless hope and expectancy in man.

When we become conscious that nothing is so important as being Christ-like, our complete salvation is well on its way.

An artist knows that a line is not good because it is like another line, but because of its power related to other lines, which are powers. This may be said of both thought and action.

Our thoughts should be lifted in a real and vital ecstasy, for we know how to catch the spirit of the dawn.

As a method, Christian Science is relative, because it takes into consideration sin, sickness and death.

Christian Science reveals absolute Principle, which can know no evil of any sort.

Christian Science is a pattern, a way of living by which we leave matter for Spirit.

Christian Science, understood as a way out of materiality, is a vastly different thing from erroneously believing it to be a way of making materiality more pleasant and attractive.

Christian Science reveals God’s creation to be the spontaneous reflection of His being.

Understanding and maintaining the absolute principle of Christian Science, the completeness of God and God’s expression, is the panoply of love, the breastplate of righteousness, the sword of the spirit, the whole armour. It is man’s birthright explained.

Can God be permanent, and His expressions shifting?

Have you, or do you daily, examine your excuses?

Love your patient’s welfare well enough, and every error that needs to come to the surface will do so, and foam itself away.

Do not hop around like a proverbial flea trying to find some truth to plaster onto every groan the patient makes.

There is no such thing as a little treatment. One statement of truth declares both yours, and the patient’s, contact with illimitable Life, Principle, God.

Christian Science is an educational system teaching true science, true ethics, true relationships, true government, to the human thought reaching out for it. Its diploma, even from the elementary grades, is security, freedom, health, loveliness, written in the lives of its graduates, and a perpetual well-spring of joy in their hearts, that motivates their every activity.

Scientific treatment is the specific truth about any error, which may always be found by reversing the error.

You came forth from God; you are made of His substance, set in motion by His laws, and maintained by the principles of Life itself. There is no power that has, or ever can, change that fact.

Your habits are your life, so far as human experience is concerned. They are the public bulletin board of your private thinking.

When your central and all-consuming desire is for a pure, clear, individual spiritual reflection of God, refinement will permeate your whole being, and your habits will be moulded into permanent assets.

Attend exactingly to the daily inconsequential duties, but habitually see the spiritual universe in which we so abundantly live.

Has your education taught you to think on all issues, major, and minor, without prejudice or superstition?

Pray for our educational system, and remember always, that the foundation for Nazism is but the social and moral fiber broken down.

One of the very foundation stones of Christian Science is permanent and eternal individualism.

A correct view of individualism makes one immune to the subtle forces of evil.

Self-expression must be understood to mean the expression of one’s real self, not the uncontrolled impulsions of mortal selfhood.

Hitler, the most diabolical example of the use of the subtle forces of evil, knew that he could not accomplish his purpose without stamping out the cross.

Would-be evil forces flourish like a green bay tree when they lodge in an idle, sleepy, dissatisfied mind — but they wither and fade in the presence of positive fact and exalted purpose.

Protection, then, lies in clear, positive Christianity, scientific thinking, and exalted purpose.

You surely, by this time, see evil not as a person, but as the multitudinous ways in which the belief in a mind apart from God can manifest itself.

Take a positive and determined attitude toward living the good you know, and you are safe from the influences of evil.

Remember, Mrs. Eddy’s statements about hidden evil were made nearly seventy years ago. It has since been proved, and hidden evil has been exposed, and therefore twothirds destroyed.

The courage to live in obedience to God’s will, distinguished Jesus, and it will distinguish you.

Does the argument come to you that you didn’t come forth from as good a family, or have as good opportunities as someone else? — then all the more, stand on the fact that you came forth from God, that your background is God Himself.

You came forth from the background of the infinite grandeur of Mind — from the capabilities and capacities of Principle itself. You came forth from the sound and stable foundation of Truth — sincerity, genuineness, fidelity are the very nature of your being.

“You are Truth’s honest child Sinless and pure of heart.”

You came forth from, and are the substance of, Spirit; you are the loved of God. Your whole background is the background of Love, and Love only, and there has never been, and can never be, a power that can change the status of Love’s child. You emerged from the background of radiance and beauty. You were made of the inspiration and stimulation of Soul; Life eternal is your life. You were not created delicate and weak, or with a predisposition to take cold or have colic. You were created of Life-substance, and Life can never be less than vigorous and warm and energetic and spontaneous. You are Life expressing itself; then there is never anything less than life in your being. Your senses, faculties, and functions are operated by Life, Principle, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Truth, Love.

What a glorious heritage! What a background! How flawless has been your training and care! How faultless has been your guidance!

We never have been, and never will be, outside of this spiritual family circle — then there never has been, and never will be, a human history.

Urging you to think for yourselves; to be highly individual; to develop your talents; to understand real business, real government, real church, and real education; to companion with the stars; to feel fully aware of the kingdom of heaven; to be sure of your pre-existence — your forever existence — has been my way of making you resistant to all the subtle forms of evil, rather than by keeping you stirred with the consciousness of evil. Do you like this method?

The Christian Science way of life may be for those who have been weak, but never for the weaklings. It takes genuine vigorous alertness to follow in the Science way.

Peace is an eternal operating force and power which defies definition.

We do not make peace — we rise to the understanding of peace.

Peace is the state of being of creation itself. It is an ever-operating law — powerful, wise, and forever manifesting, and maintaining itself. It must be closely related to the laws of adhesion, cohesion, and attraction. There is no existence outside of peace. God’s creation is a creation of vibrant, active, just balance. It is vigorously and actively filled with love; it is exacting and tenderly kind; it reflects wisdom throughout; and a forever changing changlessness.

Conversation and conversion come from the same root word.

We are helping people to live courageously, or ignominiously die, by our every conversation.

That which you want to be, you already are. It is good that desires good — evil could never desire good, for it would be desiring its own destruction.

We have scarcely begun to live the truth we know. The stage is set as never before for active Christian living.

A right idea has the power to appear and to manifest itself in your human consciousness as inspiration and right decision.

The age is calling you.


I would urge you again to record all that you can remember of our day’s work, and your own inspirations therefrom, before you look at the excerpts.

Building an association of “lively stones” is a matter of eternal vigilance. You are a group of individual discoverers, fully equipped for daily expeditions into the vastness of infinite ideas. We shall learn together “of the vast problem of eternal life, as expressed in the absolute power of Truth and the actual bliss of man’s existence in Science.” Pul. vii:19.

Remember this (perfume).

We are careful with our perfume, and with the flowers we bring into a room, but, a thousand times more important is the atmosphere that each of us has brought here today. Each thought we think is sending into this presence either joy, support, inspiration and constructive stimulation, or the dull, musty odor of timidity, or the sharp disagreeable smell of self-importance.

I have known a most daintily groomed person to bring into a room such an atmosphere of self — either egotistic, hurt pride or self-effacement — as to cause an awkward silence, that positively produces a musty odor.

What we want is the sweet odor of forgiveness; the scented flowers of humility; the pungent odors of majesty and power; the woodsy smell of peace and rest; the perfume of joy, gladness, and gratitude; and the fragrance of real love.

You are not only giving forth an atmosphere filled with fragrance, but also one illumined with color.

You give tone to every group of which you are a part.

Despite the difference in the physical structure between insects and men, they exhibit the same qualities. “Mad as a hornet,” “busy as a bee,” “industrious as an ant,” etc.

Let us silently accept God’s presence; gratefully appreciate its meaning; humbly awaken to its import; and pledge ourselves anew to fulfill His Holy purpose for us.

Is one thinking when he repeats the opinions of others? What do you think with?

Do you think error, or do you think only truth? Do we stop thinking and begin again?

We see our way out of materiality, we do not die out of it. Does thinking originate in our minds?

Can one think, who is bound by precedent?

When we retire into the inner sanctuary to think, we come forth with power to act.

Is thinking discerning reality?

Can one think without thinking in his own words? How would you define a good thinker?

Can thinking include the human experience of yesterday?

Do you believe we can catch up on yesterday’s thinking, or store up for tomorrow’s?

Should we not go still further, and say each moment’s reflection has to be its own?

Do you believe that every thinking person will be a holy person?

Thinking must surely be a state of delight.

Do we always find ourselves on the “mount of revelation” every time we find ourselves scientifically calm and still?

There are always unpathed waters, undreamed of shores, which are the secret of perpetual delight to one who thinks.

The refusal of private advantage is essential to thinking. Self-interest colors, distorts, and deforms all thinking.

Can prayer be separated from thinking? Can prayer and love be separated?

Discussions of all worthwhile subjects are beneficial and pleasant, while arguments seldom yield much fruit. Why?

Broadmindedness includes seeing the principles of living as patterning divine reality. It includes universal thinking and universal love, and can never include evil.

Would discoverers be a better word than thinkers?

As color has been made the basis for separation in races, so emphasis on one God and one set of qualities can be made the cement of unification.

Examine your thoughts and see if they are really yours. If they are, see clearly why you entertain them. If you find they are not yours, discover whether they originate in Mind. If so make them your own. Do they lead to God — to freedom, to health, to vigorous, radiant living?

As we discipline ourselves through the straight and narrow way until all the principles of living are established — we will find ourselves in broad and interesting paths bordered by the flowers of consecration and promise, and sheltered by the “tree of life” itself.

Thinking must by rhythmic, and it must be simple.

How many focal-points have you in thought around which ideas may naturally cluster? What is the nature of these points?

We never know what another thinks — we only presume to know. And yet, we build up criticism, and hurt feelings, on the fanciful foundation of what we presume another person thinks.

And remember it is a most unlovely sense of bigotry to twist every act to one’s own preferred interpretation of that act.

We must believe in a kingdom of God that extends alike to the thankful and unthankful — to the holy and unholy.

Do you believe we have to get up in the morning, make a living, go to bed, and get up in the morning, to begin again the same dizzy whirl? Is that living?

It is easy for mortals to get down. It is majestic and glorious to rise and stand.

If you have taken time during the day to love clear out into the infinite universe, that day has been well spent.