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1      FROM various friends comes inquiry as to the meaning
         of a word employed in the foregoing colloquy.

3      There are two English words, often used as if they were
         synonyms, which really have a shade of difference between

6      An egotist is one who talks much of himself. Egotism
         implies vanity and self-conceit.

         Egoism is a more philosophical word, signifying a
9      passionate love of self, which doubts all existence except
         its own. An egoist, therefore, is one uncertain of every-
         thing except his own existence.

12    Applying these distinctions to evil and God, we shall
         find that evil is egotistic, — boastful, but fleeing like a
         shadow at daybreak; while God is egoistic, knowing only
15    His own all-presence, all-knowledge, all-power.

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