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1      HOW is a mistake to be rectified? By reversal or re-
         vision, — by seeing it in its proper light, and then
3      turning it or turning from it.

         We undo the statements of error by reversing them.
         Through these three statements, or misstatements, evil
6      comes into authority: —

         First: The Lord created it.

         Second: The Lord knows it.

9      Third: I am afraid of it.

         By a reverse process of argument evil must be de-
         throned: —

12    First: God never made evil.

         Second: He knows it not.

         Third: We therefore need not fear it.

15    Try this process, dear inquirer, and so reach that per-
         fect Love which "casteth out fear," and then see if this
         Love does not destroy in you all hate and the sense of evil.
18    You will awake to the perception of God as All-in-all.
         You will find yourself losing the knowledge and the opera-
         tion of sin, proportionably as you realize the divine in-
21    finitude and believe that He can see nothing outside of
         His own focal distance.

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