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1      MANY misrepresentations are made concerning my
         doctrines, some of which are as unkind and unjust
3      as they are untrue; but I can only repeat the Master’s
         words: "They know not what they do."

         The foundations of these assertions, like the structure
6      raised thereupon, are vain shadows, repeating — if the
         popular couplet may be so paraphrased —

         The old, old story,
9      Of Satan and his lie.

         In the days of Eden, humanity was misled by a false
         personality, — a talking snake, — according to Biblical
12    history. This pretender taught the opposite of Truth.
         This abortive ego, this fable of error, is laid bare in
         Christian Science.

15    Human theories call, or miscall, this evil a child of God.
         Philosophy would multiply and subdivide personality into
         everything that exists, whether expressive or not expressive
18    of the Mind which is God. Human wisdom says of evil,
         "The Lord knows it!" thus carrying out the serpent’s
         assurance: "In the day ye eat thereof [when you, lie, get
21    the floor], then your eyes shall be opened [you shall be
         conscious matter], and ye shall be as gods, knowing good

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1      and evil [you shall believe a lie, and this lie shall seem
         truth] ."

3      Bruise the head of this serpent, as Truth and "the
         woman" are doing in Christian Science, and it stings
         your heel, rears its crest proudly, and goes on saying, "Am
6      I not myself? Am I not mind and matter, person and
         thing?" We should answer: "Yes! you are indeed your-
         self, and need most of all to be rid of this self, for it is
9      very far from God’s likeness."

         The egotist must come down and learn, in humility,
         that God never made evil. An evil ego, and his assumed
12    power, are falsities. These falsities need a denial. The
         falsity is the teaching that matter can be conscious; and
         conscious matter implies pantheism. This pantheism I
15    unveil. I try to show its all-pervading presence in certain
         forms of theology and philosophy, where it becomes error’s
         affirmative to Truth’s negative. Anatomy and physiology
18    make mind-matter a habitant of the cerebellum, whence
         it telegraphs and telephones over its own body, and goes
         forth into an imaginary sphere of its own creation and
21    limitation, until it finally dies in order to better itself.
         But Truth never dies, and death is not the goal which
         Truth seeks.

24    The evil ego has but the visionary substance of matter.
         It lacks the substance of Spirit, — Mind, Life, Soul. Mor-
         tal mind is self-creative and self-sustained, until it becomes
27    non-existent. It has no origin or existence in Spirit, im-
         mortal Mind, or good. Matter is not truly conscious; and

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1      mortal error, called mind, is not Godlike. These are the
         shadowy and false, which neither think nor speak.
3      All Truth is from inspiration and revelation, — from
         Spirit, not from flesh.

         We do not see much of the real man here, for he is
6      God’s man; while ours is man’s man.

         I do not deny, I maintain, the individuality and reality
         of man; but I do so on a divine Principle, not based on a
9      human conception and birth. The scientific man and his
         Maker are here; and you would be none other than this
         man, if you would subordinate the fleshly perceptions to
12    the spiritual sense and source of being.

         Jesus said, "I and my Father are one." He taught no
         selfhood as existent in matter. In his identity there is no
15    evil. Individuality and Life were real to him only as
         spiritual and good, not as material or evil. This incensed
         the rabbins against Jesus, because it was an indignity to
18    their personality; and this personality they regarded as
         both good and evil, as is still claimed by the worldly-wise.
         To them evil was even more the ego than was the good.
21    Sin, sickness, and death were evil’s concomitants. This
         evil ego they believed must extend throughout the uni-
         verse, as being equally identical and self-conscious with
24    God. This ego was in the earthquake, thunderbolt, and

         The Pharisees fought Jesus on this issue. It furnished
27    the battle-ground of the past, as it does of the present.
         The fight was an effort to enthrone evil. Jesus assumed

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1      the burden of disproof by destroying sin, sickness, and
         death, to sight and sense.

3      Nowhere in Scripture is evil connected with good, the
         being of God, and with every passing hour it is losing its
         false claim to existence or consciousness. All that can
6      exist is God and His idea.

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