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A Priceless Boon, page 698

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Page 698

I have long desired to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done, through reading Science and Health, for me and my family. I was healed of profanity, the tobacco habit, and a bad temper, through the understanding that man is the image and likeness of God. I was also healed of kidney disease and rheumatism. What surprised me most, however, was this; I had had one finger thrown out of place some fifteen years

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before. It was crooked, but it became straight and useful. A bone in my foot had also been broken, leaving a bunch, which disappeared after I studied Christian Science and received class instruction. I am an entirely well man and for this I am very grateful. I am also glad that I have learned enough of Truth and love to be able to heal others. I wish to express my thankful appreciation of our Leader, also of the Sentinel and the Journal. — N. R. F., Salina, Kans.

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