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A Critic Convinced, page 666

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Page 666

A Critic Convinced

With gratitude to God I acknowledge my lifelong debt to Christian Science. In 1895 I attended my first

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Christian Science meeting, and was deeply impressed with the earnestness of the people and the love reflected, but as for the spiritual healing of the physical body, I did not believe such a thing to be possible. I bought Science and Health and studied it to be able to dispute intelligently with the supposedly deluded followers of Christian Science. I pursued the study carefully and thoroughly, and I have had abundant reason since to be glad that I did, for through this study, and the resultant understanding of my relation to God, I was healed of a disease with which I had been afflicted since childhood and for which there was no known remedy. Surely my experience has been the fulfilling in part of the Scripture: “He sent His Word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.” I believe that Science and Health reveals the Word referred to by David. — C. A. B. B., Kansas City, Mo.

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