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         [New York Tribune, February 7, 1895]


24    Boston has just dedicated the first church of the Chris-

         tian Scientists, in commemoration of the Founder of that

         sect, the Rev. Mary Baker Eddy, drawing together six

27    thousand people to participate in the ceremonies, showing

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1      that belief in that curious creed is not confined to its

         original apostles and promulgators, but that it has pene-

3      trated what is called the New England mind to an un-

         looked-for extent. In inviting the Eastern churches and

         the Anglican fold to unity with Rome, the Holy Father

6      should not overlook the Boston sect of Christian Scientists,

         which is rather small and new, to be sure, but is undoubt-

         edly an interesting faith and may have a future before it,

9      whatever attitude Rome may assume toward it.

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