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         The rule of divinity is golden; to be wise and true re-
3      joices every heart. But evil influences waver the scales
         of justice and mercy. No personal considerations should
         allow any root of bitterness to spring up between Chris-
6      tian Scientists, nor cause any misapprehension as to the
         motives of others. We must love our enemies, and con-
         tinue to do so unto the end. By the love of God we can
9      cancel error in our own hearts, and blot it out of others.

         Sooner or later the eyes of sinful mortals must be opened
         to see every error they possess, and the way out of it; and
12    they will “flee as a bird to your mountain,” away from
         the enemy of sinning sense, stubborn will, and every im-
         perfection in the land of Sodom, and find rescue and refuge
15    in Truth and Love.

         Every loving sacrifice for the good of others is known
         to God, and the wrath of man cannot hide it from Him.
18    God has appointed for Christian Scientists high tasks,
         and will not release them from the strict performance of
         each one of them. The students must now fight their
21    own battles. I recommend that Scientists draw no lines
         whatever between one person and another, but think,
         speak, teach, and write the truth of Christian Science
24    without reference to right or wrong personality in this
         field of labor. Leave the distinctions of individual char-
         acter and the discriminations and guidance thereof to

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1      the Father, whose wisdom is unerring and whose love is

3      We should endeavor to be long-suffering, faithful, and
         charitable with all. To this small effort let us add one
         more privilege — namely, silence whenever it can substi-
6      tute censure. Avoid voicing error; but utter the truth of
         God and the beauty of holiness, the joy of Love and “the
         peace of God, that passeth all understanding,” recom-
9      mending to all men fellowship in the bonds of Christ.
         Advise students to rebuke each other always in love, as
         I have rebuked them. Having discharged this duty, coun-
12    sel each other to work out his own salvation, without fear
         or doubt, knowing that God will make the wrath of man
         to praise Him, and that the remainder thereof He will
15    restrain. We can rejoice that every germ of goodness will
         at last struggle into freedom and greatness, and every sin
         will so punish itself that it will bow down to the command-
18    ments of Christ, — Truth and Love.

         I enjoin it upon my students to hold no controversy or
         enmity over doctrines and traditions, or over the miscon-
21    ceptions of Christian Science, but to work, watch, and
         pray for the amelioration of sin, sickness, and death. If
         one be found who is too blind for instruction, no longer cast
24    your pearls before this state of mortal mind, lest it turn
         and rend you; but quietly, with benediction and hope,
         let the unwise pass by, while you walk on in equanimity,
27    and with increased power, patience, and understanding,
         gained from your forbearance. This counsel is not new,

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1      as my Christian students can testify; and if it had been
         heeded in times past it would have prevented, to a great
3      extent, the factions which have sprung up among Scientists
         to the hindrance of the Cause of Truth. It is true that the
         mistakes, prejudices, and errors of one class of thinkers
6      must not be introduced or established among another class
         who are clearer and more conscientious in their convic-
         tions; but this one thing can be done, and should be: let
9      your opponents alone, and use no influence to prevent
         their legitimate action from their own standpoint of ex-
         perience, knowing, as you should, that God will well
12    regenerate and separate wisely and finally; whereas you
         may err in effort, and lose your fruition.

         Hoping to pacify repeated complaints and murmurings
15    against too great leniency, on my part, towards some of
         my students who fall into error, I have opposed occa-
         sionally and strongly — especially in the first edition of
18    this little work — existing wrongs of the nature referred
         to. But I now point steadfastly to the power of grace to
         overcome evil with good. God will “furnish a table in
21    the wilderness” and show the power of Love.

         Science is not the shibboleth of a sect or the caba-
         listic insignia of philosophy; it excludes all error and
24    includes all Truth. More mistakes are made in its name
         than this period comprehends. Divinely defined, Science
         is the atmosphere of God; humanly construed, and ac-
27    cording to Webster, it is “knowledge, duly arranged and
         referred to general truths and principles on which it is

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1      founded, and from which it is derived.” I employ this
         awe-filled word in both a divine and human sense; but
3      I insist that Christian Science is demonstrably as true,
         relative to the unseen verities of being, as any proof that
         can be given of the completeness of Science.

6      The two largest words in the vocabulary of thought are
         “Christian” and “Science.” The former is the highest
         style of man; the latter reveals and interprets God and
9      man; it aggregates, amplifies, unfolds, and expresses the
         ALL-God. The life of Christ is the predicate and postu-
         late of all that I teach, and there is but one standard
12    statement, one rule, and one Principle for all scientific

         My hygienic system rests on Mind, the eternal Truth.
15    What is termed matter, or relates to its so-called attributes,
         is a self-destroying error. When a so-called material sense
         is lost, and Truth restores that lost sense, — on the basis
18    that all consciousness is Mind and eternal, — the former
         position, that sense is organic and material, is proven

21    The feasibility and immobility of Christian Science
         unveil the true idea, — namely, that earth’s discords have
         not the reality of Mind in the Science of being; and this
24    idea — dematerializing and spiritualizing mortals — turns
         like the needle to the pole all hope and faith to God, based
         as it is on His omnipotence and omnipresence.

27    Eternal harmony, perpetuity, and perfection, constitute
         the phenomena of being, governed by the immutable and

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1      eternal laws of God; whereas matter and human will,
         intellect, desire, and fear, are not the creators, controllers,
3      nor destroyers of life or its harmonies. Man has an im-
         mortal Soul, a divine Principle, and an eternal being.
         Man has perpetual individuality; and God’s laws, and
6      their intelligent and harmonious action, constitute his in-
         dividuality in the Science of Soul.

         In its literary expression, my system of Christian meta-
9      physics is hampered by material terms, which must be
         used to indicate thoughts that are to be understood meta-
         physically. As a Science, this system is held back by the
12    common ignorance of what it is and what it does, and
         (worse still) by those who come falsely in its name. To
         be appreciated, Science must be understood and consci-
15    entiously introduced. If the Bible and Science and Health
         had the place in schools of learning that physiology oc-
         cupies, they would revolutionize and reform the world,
18    through the power of Christ. It is true that it requires
         more study to understand and demonstrate what these
         works teach, than to learn theology, physiology, or physics;
21    because they teach divine Science, with fixed Principle,
         given rule, and unmistakable proof.

         Ancient and modern human philosophy are inadequate
24    to grasp the Principle of Christian Science, or to demon-
         strate it. Revelation shows this Principle, and will rescue
         reason from the thrall of error. Revelation must subdue
27    the sophistry of intellect, and spiritualize consciousness
         with the dictum and the demonstration of Truth and Love.

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1      Christian Science Mind-healing can only be gained by
         working from a purely Christian standpoint. Then it
3      heals the sick and exalts the race. The essence of this
         Science is right thinking and right acting — leading us to
         see spirituality and to be spiritual, to understand and to
6      demonstrate God.

         The Massachusetts Metaphysical College and Church
         of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, were the outgrowth of the
9      author’s religious experience. After a lifetime of ortho-
         doxy on the platform of doctrines, rites, and ceremonies,
         it became a sacred duty for her to impart to others this
12    new-old knowledge of God.

         The same affection, desire, and motives which have stim-
         ulated true Christianity in all ages, and given impulse to
15    goodness, in or out of the Church, have nerved her pur-
         pose to build on the new-born conception of the Christ, as
         Jesus declared himself, — namely, “the way, the truth,
18    and the life.” Living a true life, casting out evil, healing
         the sick, and preaching the gospel of Truth, — these are
         the ends of Christianity. This divine way impels a spirit-
21    ualization of thought and method, beyond doctrine and
         ritual; and in nothing else has she departed from the old

24    The unveiled spiritual signification of the Word so en-
         larges our sense of God that it makes both sense and Soul,
         man and Life, immaterial, though still individual. It re-
27    moves all limits from divine power. God must be found
         all instead of a part of being, and man the reflection of

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1      His power and goodness. This Science rebukes sin with
         its own nothingness, and thus destroys sin quickly and
3      utterly. It makes disease unreal, and this heals it.

         The demonstration of moral and physical growth, and a
         scientific deduction from the Principle of all harmony, de-
6      clare both the Principle and idea to be divine. If this be
         true then death must be swallowed up in Life, and the
         prophecy of Jesus fulfilled, “Whosoever liveth and be-
9      lieveth in me shall never die.” Though centuries passed
         after those words were originally uttered, before this re-
         appearing of Truth, and though the hiatus be longer still
12    before that saying is demonstrated in Life that knows no
         death, the declaration is nevertheless true, and remains
         a clear and profound deduction from Christian Science.

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