Is Christian Science From Beneath And Not From Above?

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18    Hear the words of our Master: “Go ye into all the
         world”! “Heal the sick, cast out devils”! Christian
         Scientists, perhaps more than any other religious sect, are
21    obeying these commands; and the injunctions are not
         confined to Jesus’ students in that age, but they extend
         to this age, — to as many as shall believe on him. The
24    demand and example of Jesus were not from beneath.
         Are frozen dogmas, persistent persecution, and the doc-
         trine of eternal damnation, from above? Are the dews

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1      of divine Truth, falling on the sick and sinner, to heal
         them, from beneath? “By their fruits ye shall know
3      them.”

         Reading my books, without prejudice, would convince
         all that their purpose is right. The comprehension of my
6      teachings would enable any one to prove these books to
         be filled with blessings for the whole human family. Fa-
         tiguing Bible translations and voluminous commentaries
9      are employed to explain and prop old creeds, and they
         have the civil and religious arms in their defense; then
         why should not these be equally extended to support the
12    Christianity that heals the sick? The notions of person-
         ality to be found in creeds are far more mystic than
         Mind-healing. It is no easy matter to believe there are
15    three persons in one person, and that one person is cast
         out of another person. These conceptions of Deity and
         devil presuppose an impotent God and an incredible
18    Satan.

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