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1      To kindle in all minds a common sentiment of regard
         for the spiritual idea emanating from the infinite, is
3      a most needful work; but this must be done gradually, for
         Truth is as “the still, small voice,” which comes to our
         recognition only as our natures are changed by its silent
6      influence.

         Small streams are noisy and rush precipitately; and
         babbling brooks fill the rivers till they rise in floods, de-
9      molishing bridges and overwhelming cities. So men, when
         thrilled by a new idea, are sometimes impatient; and,
         when public sentiment is aroused, are liable to be borne
12    on by the current of feeling. They should then turn tem-
         porarily from the tumult, for the silent cultivation of the
         true idea and the quiet practice of its virtues. When
15    the noise and stir of contending sentiments cease, and
         the flames die away on the mount of revelation, we can
         read more clearly the tablets of Truth.

18    The theology and medicine of Jesus were one, — in the
         divine oneness of the trinity, Life, Truth, and Love, which
         healed the sick and cleansed the sinful. This trinity in
21    unity, correcting the individual thought, is the only Mind-

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1      healing I vindicate; and on its standard have emblazoned
         that crystallized expression, Christian Science.

3      A spurious and hydra-headed mind-healing is naturally
         glared at by the pulpit, ostracized by the medical faculty,
         and scorned by people of common sense. To aver that
6      disease is normal, a God-bestowed and stubborn reality,
         but that you can heal it, leaves you to work against that
         which is natural and a law of being. It is scientific to rob
9      disease of all reality; and to accomplish this, you cannot
         begin by admitting its reality. Our Master taught his
         students to deny self, sense, and take up the cross. Men-
12    tal healers who admit that disease is real should be made
         to test the feasibility of what they say by healing one case
         audibly, through such an admission, — if this is possible.
15    I have healed more disease by the spoken than the un-
         spoken word.

         The honest student of Christian Science is modest in his
18    claims and conscientious in duty, waiting and working to
         mature what he has been taught. Institutes furnished
         with such teachers are becoming beacon-lights along the
21    shores of erudition; and many who are not teachers have
         large practices and some marked success in healing the
         most defiant forms of disease.

24    Dishonesty destroys one’s ability to heal mentally. Con-
         ceit cannot avert the effects of deceit. Taking advantage
         of the present ignorance in relation to Christian Science
27    Mind-healing, many are flooding our land with conflict-
         ing theories and practice. We should not spread abroad

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1      patchwork ideas that in some vital points lack Science.
         How sad it is that envy will bend its bow and shoot its
3      arrow at the idea which claims only its inheritance, is nat-
         urally modest, generous, and sincere! while the trespass-
         ing error murders either friend or foe who stands in its
6      way. Truly it is better to fall into the hands of God, than
         of man.

         When I revised “Science and Health with Key to the
9      Scriptures,” in 1878, some irresponsible people insisted
         that my manual of the practice of Christian Science Mind-
         healing should not be made public; but I obeyed a diviner
12    rule. People dependent on the rules of this practice for
         their healing, not having lost the Spirit which sustains the
         genuine practice, will put that book in the hands of their
15    patients, whom it will heal, and recommend it to their
         students, whom it would enlighten. Every teacher must
         pore over it in secret, to keep himself well informed. The
18    Nemesis of the history of Mind-healing notes this hour.

         Dishonesty necessarily stultifies the spiritual sense which
         Mind-healers specially need; and which they must pos-
21    sess, in order to be safe members of the community. How
         good and pleasant a thing it is to seek not so much thine
         own as another’s good, to sow by the wayside for the way-
24    weary, and trust Love’s recompense of love.

         Plagiarism from my writings is so common it is be-
         coming odious to honest people; and such compilations,
27    instead of possessing the essentials of Christian Science,
         are tempting and misleading.

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1      Reading Science and Health has restored the sick to
         health; but the task of learning thoroughly the Science
3      of Mind-healing and demonstrating it understandingly
         had better be undertaken in health than sickness.

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