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6      Disease is more than imagination; it is a human error,
         a constituent part of what comprise the whole of mortal
         existence, — namely, material sensation and mental delu-
9      sion. But an erring sense of existence, or the error of
         belief, named disease, never made sickness a stubborn
         reality. On the ground that harmony is the truth of be-
12    ing, the Science of Mind-healing destroys the feasibility
         of disease; hence error of thought becomes fable instead
         of fact. Science demonstrates the reality of Truth and
15    the unreality of the error. A self-evident proposition, in
         the Science of Mind-healing, is that disease is unreal;
         and the efficacy of my system, beyond other systems of
18    medicine, vouches for the validity of that statement. Sin
         and disease are not scientific, because they embody not
         the idea of divine Principle, and are not the phenomena
21    of the immutable laws of God; and they do not arise
         from the divine consciousness and true constituency of

24    The unreality of sin, disease, and death, rests on the
         exclusive truth that being, to be eternal, must be harmo-
         nious. All disease must be — and can only be — healed

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1      on this basis. All true Christian Scientists are vindicat-
         ing, fearlessly and honestly, the Principle of this grand
3      verity of Mind-healing.

         In erring mortal thought the reality of Truth has an
         antipode, — the reality of error; and disease is one of the
6      severe realities of this error. God has no opposite in
         Science. To Truth there is no error. As Truth alone is
         real, then it follows that to declare error real would be to
9      make it Truth. Disease arises from a false and material
         sense, from the belief that matter has sensation. There-
         fore this material sense, which is untrue, is of necessity
12    unreal. Moreover, this unreal sense substitutes for Truth
         an unreal belief, —namely, that life and health are inde-
         pendent of God, and dependent on material conditions.
15    Material sense also avers that Spirit, or Truth, cannot
         restore health and perpetuate life, but that material con-
         ditions can and do destroy both human health and life.

18    If disease is as real as health, and is itself a state of
         being, and yet is arrayed against being, then Mind, or
         God, does not meddle with it. Disease becomes indeed a
21    stubborn reality, and man is mortal. A “kingdom divided
         against itself is brought to desolation;” therefore the mind
         that attacks a normal and real condition of man, is pro-
24    fanely tampering with the realities of God and His laws.
         Metaphysical healing is a lost jewel in this misconception
         of reality. Any contradictory fusion of Truth with error,
27    in both theory and practice, prevents one from healing
         scientifically, and makes the last state of one’s patients

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1      worse than the first. If disease is real it is not illusive,
         and it certainly would contradict the Science of Mind-
3      healing to attempt to destroy the realities of Mind in order
         to heal the sick.

         On the theory that God’s formations are spiritual, har-
6      monious, and eternal, and that God is the only creator,
         Christian Science refutes the validity of the testimony of
         the senses, which take cognizance of their own phenomena,
9      — sickness, disease, and death. This refutation is indis-
         pensable to the destruction of false evidence, and the
         consequent cure of the sick, — as all understand who
12    practise the true Science of Mind-healing. If, as the
         error indicates, the evidence of disease is not false, then
         disease cannot be healed by denying its validity; and this
15    is why the mistaken healer is not successful, trying to heal
         on a material basis.

         The evidence that the earth is motionless and the sun
18    revolves around our planet, is as sensible and real as the
         evidence for disease; but Science determines the evidence
         in both cases to be unreal. To material sense it is plain
21    also that the error of the revolution of the sun around the
         earth is more apparent than the adverse but true Science
         of the stellar universe. Copernicus has shown that what
24    appears real, to material sense and feeling, is absolutely
         unreal. Astronomy, optics, acoustics, and hydraulics are
         all at war with the testimony of the physical senses. This
27    fact intimates that the laws of Science are mental, not
         material; and Christian Science demonstrates this.

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