Origin Of Evil

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         The origin of evil is the problem of ages. It confronts
         each generation anew. It confronts Christian Science.
         The question is often asked, If God created only the
10    good, whence comes the evil?

         To this question Christian Science replies: Evil never
         did exist as an entity. It is but a belief that there is an
         opposite intelligence to God. This belief is a species of
         idolatry, and is not more true or real than that an image
15    graven on wood or stone is God.

         The mortal admission of the reality of evil perpetuates
         faith in evil; and the Scriptures declare that “to whom
         ye yield yourselves servants to obey, his servants ye
         are.” This leading, self-evident proposition of Christian
20    Science, that, good being real, its opposite is necessarily
         unreal, needs to be grasped in all its divine requirements.

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