Blind Leaders

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20    What figure is less favorable than a wolf in sheep’s
         clothing? The braying donkey whose ears stick out is
         less troublesome. What manner of man is it that has
         discovered an improvement on Christian Science, a “met-
         aphysical healing” by which error destroys error, and
25    would gather all sorts into a “national convention” by
         the sophistry that such is the true fold for Christian heal-
         ers, since the good shepherd cares for all?

         Yes; the good Shepherd does care for all, and His
         first care is to separate the sheep from the goats; and

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1      this is among the first lessons on healing taught by our
         great Master.

         If, as the gentleman aforesaid states, large flocks of
         metaphysicians are wandering about without a leader,
5      what has opened his eyes to see the need of taking them
         out of the care of the great Shepherd, and behold the
         remedy, to help them by his own leadership? Is it that
         he can guide Christian Scientists better than they, through
         the guidance of our common Father, can guide them-
10    selves? or is it that they are incapable of helping them-
         selves thus?

         I as their teacher can say, They know far more of
         Christian Science than he who deprecates their condition
         appears to, and my heart pleads for them to possess
15    more and more of Truth and Love; but mixing all grades
         of persons is not productive of the better sort, although
         he who has self-interest in this mixing is apt to pro-
         pose it.

         Whoever desires to say, “good right, and good wrong,”
20    has no truth to defend. It is a wise saying that “men
         are known by their enemies.” To sympathize in any
         degree with error, is not to rectify it; but error always
         strives to unite, in a definition of purpose, with Truth,
         to give it buoyancy. What is under the mask, but error
25    in borrowed plumes?

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