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         It was about the year 1875 that Science and Health
15    first crossed swords with free-love, and the latter fell hors
         de combat; but the whole warfare of sensuality was not
         then ended. Science and Health, the book that cast the
         first stone, is still at work, deep down in human conscious-
         ness, laying the axe at the root of error.

20    We have taken the precaution to write briefly on mar-
         riage, showing its relation to Christian Science. In the
         present or future, some extra throe of error may conjure
         up a new-style conjugality, which, ad libitum, severs the
         marriage covenant, puts virtue in the shambles, and
25    coolly notifies the public of broken vows. Springing
         up from the ashes of free-love, this nondescript phoenix,
         in the face and eyes of common law, common sense, and
         common honesty, may appear in the rôle of a superfine
         conjugality; but, having no Truth, it will have no past,
30    present, or future.

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1      The above prophecy, written years ago, has already
         been fulfilled. It is seen in Christian Science that the
         gospel of marriage is not without the law, and the solemn
         vow of fidelity, “until death do us part;” this verity in
5      human economy can neither be obscured nor throttled.
         Until time matures human growth, marriage and progeny
         will continue unprohibited in Christian Science. We look
         to future generations for ability to comply with absolute
         Science, when marriage shall be found to be man’s one-
10    ness with God,—the unity of eternal Love. At present,
         more spiritual conception and education of children will
         serve to illustrate the superiority of spiritual power over
         sensuous, and usher in the dawn of God’s creation,
         wherein they neither marry nor are given in marriage,
15    but are as the angels. To abolish marriage at this period,
         and maintain morality and generation, would put inge-
         nuity to ludicrous shifts; yet this is possible in Science,
         although it is to-day problematic.

         The time cometh, and now is, for spiritual and eternal
20    existence to be recognized and understood in Science.
         All is Mind. Human procreation, birth, life, and death
         are subjective states of the human erring mind; they
         are the phenomena of mortality, nothingness, that illus-
         trate mortal mind and body as one, and neither real nor
25    eternal.

         It should be understood that Spirit, God, is the only
         creator: we should recognize this verity of being, and
         shut out all sense of other claims. Until this absolute
         Science of being is seen, understood, and demonstrated
30    in the offspring of divine Mind, and man is perfect even
         as the Father is perfect, human speculation will go on,
         and stop at length at the spiritual ultimate: creation

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1      understood as the most exalted divine conception. The
         offspring of an improved generation, however, will go out
         before the forever fact that man is eternal and has no
         human origin. Hence the Scripture: “It is He that hath
5      made us, and not we ourselves;” and the Master’s de-
         mand, “Call no man your father upon the earth: for one
         is your Father, which is in heaven.”

         To an ill-attuned ear, discord is harmony; so personal
         sense, discerning not the legitimate affection of Soul,
10    may place love on a false basis and thereby lose it. Science
         corrects this error with the truth of Love, and restores
         lost Eden. Soul is the infinite source of bliss: only high
         and holy joy can satisfy immortal cravings. The good
         in human affections should preponderate over the evil,
15    and the spiritual over the animal,—until progress lifts
         mortals to discern the Science of mental formation and
         find the highway of holiness.

         In the order of wisdom, the higher nature of man
         governs the lower. This lays the foundations of human
20    affection in line with progress, giving them strength and

         When asked by a wife or a husband important ques-
         tions concerning their happiness, the substance of my reply
         is: God will guide you. Be faithful over home rela-
25    tions; they lead to higher joys: obey the Golden Rule
         for human life, and it will spare you much bitterness.
         It is pleasanter to do right than wrong; it makes one
         ruler over one’s self and hallows home,—which is woman’s
         world. Please your husband, and he will be apt to please
30    you; preserve affection on both sides.

         Great mischief comes from attempts to steady other
         people’s altars, venturing on valor without discretion,

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1      which is virtually meddlesomeness. Even your sincere
         and courageous convictions regarding what is best for
         others may be mistaken; you must be demonstratively
         right yourself, and work out the greatest good to the
5      greatest number, before you are sure of being a fit coun-
         sellor. Positive and imperative thoughts should be dropped
         into the balances of God and weighed by spiritual Love,
         and not be found wanting, before being put into action.
         A rash conclusion that regards only one side of a ques-
10    tion, is weak and wicked; this error works out the results
         of error. If the premise of mortal existence is wrong,
         any conclusion drawn therefrom is not absolutely right.
         Wisdom in human action begins with what is nearest
         right under the circumstances, and thence achieves the
15    absolute.

         Is marriage nearer right than celibacy?

         Human knowledge inculcates that it is, while Science
         indicates that it is not. But to force the consciousness
         of scientific being before it is understood is impossible,
20    and believing otherwise would prevent scientific demon-
         stration. To reckon the universal cost and gain, as well
         as thine own, is right in every state and stage of being.
         The selfish rôle of a martyr is the shift of a dishonest
         mind, nothing short of self-seeking; and real suffering
25    would stop the farce.

         The cause of temperance receives a strong impulse
         from the cause of Christian Science: temperance and
         truth are allies, and their cause prospers in proportion
         to the spirit of Love that nerves the struggle. People
30    will differ in their opinions as to means to promote the
         ends of temperance; that is, abstinence from intoxicat-
         ing beverages. Whatever intoxicates a man, stultifies,

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1      and causes him to degenerate physically and morally.
         Strong drink is unquestionably an evil, and evil cannot
         be used temperately: its slightest use is abuse; hence
         the only temperance is total abstinence. Drunkenness
5      is sensuality let loose, in whatever form it is made

         What is evil? It is suppositional absence of good.
         From a human standpoint of good, mortals must first
         choose between evils, and of two evils choose the less;
10    and at present the application of scientific rules to hu-
         man life seems to rest on this basis.

         All partnerships are formed on agreements to certain
         compacts: each party voluntarily surrenders independ-
         ent action to act as a whole and per agreement. This
15    fact should be duly considered when by the marriage
         contract two are made one, and, according to the divine
         precept, “they twain shall be one flesh.” Oneness in
         spirit is Science, compatible with home and heaven.
         Neither divine justice nor human equity has divorced
20    two minds in one.

         Rights that are bargained away must not be retaken
         by the contractors, except by mutual consent. Human
         nature has bestowed on a wife the right to become a
         mother; but if the wife esteems not this privilege, by
25    mutual consent, exalted and increased affections, she
         may win a higher. Science touches the conjugal ques-
         tion on the basis of a bill of rights. Can the bill of con-
         jugal rights be fairly stated by a magistrate, or by a
         minister? Mutual interests and affections are the spirit
30    of these rights, and they should be consulted, augmented,
         and allowed to rise to the spiritual altitude whence they
         can choose only good.

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1      A third person is not a party to the compact of two
         hearts. Let other people’s marriage relations alone: two
         persons only, should be found within their precincts.
         The nuptial vow is never annulled so long as the animus
5      of the contract is preserved intact. Science lifts humanity
         higher in the scale of harmony, and must ultimately break
         all bonds that hinder progress.

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