Unseen Sin

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26    Two points of danger beset mankind; namely, making
         sin seem either too large or too little: if too large, we

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1      are in the darkness of all the ages, wherein the true sense
         of the unity of good and the unreality of evil is lost.

         If good is God, even as God is good, then good and
         evil can neither be coeval nor coequal, for God is All-in-
5      all. This closes the argument of aught besides Him, aught
         else than good.

         If the sense of sin is too little, mortals are in danger
         of not seeing their own belief in sin, but of seeing too
         keenly their neighbor’s. Then they are beset with
10    egotism and hypocrisy. Here Christian Scientists must
         be most watchful. Their habit of mental and audible
         protest against the reality of sin, tends to make sin less
         or more to them than to other people. They must either
         be overcoming sin in themselves, or they must not lose
15    sight of sin; else they are self-deceived sinners of the
         worst sort.

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