My Students and Thy Students

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2      Mine and thine are obsolete terms in absolute Christian
         Science, wherein and whereby the universal brotherhood
         of man is stated and demands to be demonstrated. I have
5      a large affection, not alone for my students, but for thy
         students,—for students of the second generation. I can-
         not but love some of those devoted students better than
         some of mine who are less lovable or Christly. This
         natural affection for goodness must go on ad libitum unto
10    the third and fourth and final generation of those who
         love God and keep His commandments. Hence the
         following is an amendment of the paragraph on page 47(6)
         of “Retrospection and Introspection”:—

         Any student, having received instructions in a Primary
15    class from me, or from a loyal student of Christian Science,
         and afterwards studied thoroughly “Science and Health
         with Key to the Scriptures,” can enter upon the gospel
         work of teaching Christian Science, and so fulfil the command
         of Christ. Before entering this sacred field of labor,
20    the student must have studied faithfully the latest edi-
         tions of my works, and be a good Bible scholar and a
         devout, consecrated Christian.

         These are the indispensable demands on all those who
         become teachers.

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