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         Mistaken views ought to be dissolving views, since
10    whatever is false should disappear. To suppose that hu-
         man love, guided by the divine Principle, which is Love,
         is partial, unmerciful, or unjust, indicates misapprehen-
         sion of the divine Principle and its workings in the human

15    A person wrote to me, naming the time of the occur-
         rence, “I felt the influence of your thought on my mind,
         and it produced a wonderful illumination, peace, and
         understanding;” but, I had not thought of the writer
         at that time. I knew that this person was doing well,
20    and my affections involuntarily flow out towards all.

         When will the world cease to judge of causes from a
         personal sense of things, conjectural and misapprehen-
         sive! When thought dwells in God,—and it should not,
         to our consciousness, dwell elsewhere,—one must bene-
25    fit those who hold a place in one’s memory, whether it
         be friend or foe, and each share the benefit of that radia-
         tion. This individual blessedness and blessing comes
         not so much from individual as from universal love: it
         emits light because it reflects; and all who are receptive
30    share this equally.

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1      Mistaken or transient views are human: they are not
         governed by the Principle of divine Science: but the
         notion that a mind governed by Principle can be forced
         into personal channels, affinities, self-interests, or obliga-
5      tions, is a grave mistake; it dims the true sense of God’s
         reflection, and darkens the understanding that demon-
         strates above personal motives, unworthy aims and

         Too much and too little is attached to me as authority
10    for other people’s thoughts and actions. A tacit acqui-
         escence with others’ views is often construed as direct
         orders,—or at least it so appears in results. I desire
         the equal growth and prosperity of all Christian Scien-
         tists, and the world in general; each and every one has
15    equal opportunity to be benefited by my thoughts and
         writings. If any are not partakers thereof, this is not
         my fault, and is far from my desire; the possible per-
         version of Christian Science is the irony of fate, if the
         spirit thereof be lacking. I would part with a blessing
20    myself to bestow it upon others, but could not deprive
         them of it. False views, however engendered, relative
         to the true and unswerving course of a Christian Scientist,
         will at length dissolve into thin air. The dew of heaven
         will fall gently on the hearts and lives of all who are found
25    worthy to suffer for righteousness,—and have taught
         the truth which is energizing, refreshing, and consecrat-
         ing mankind.

         To station justice and gratitude as sentinels along the
         lines of thought, would aid the solution of this problem,
30    and counteract the influence of envious minds or the mis-
         guided individual who keeps not watch over his emotions
         and conclusions.

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