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         At the residence of Mr. Rawson, of Arlington, Massa-
         chusetts, a happy concourse of friends had gathered to
         celebrate the eighty-second birthday of his mother — a
5      friend of mine, and a Christian Scientist.

         Among the guests, were an orthodox clergyman, his
         wife and child.

         In the course of the evening, conversation drifted to
         the seventh modern wonder, Christian Science; where-
10    upon the mother, Mrs. Rawson, who had drunk at its
         fount, firmly bore testimony to the power of Christ, Truth,
         to heal the sick.

         Soon after this conversation, the clergyman’s son
         was taken violently ill. Then was the clergyman’s
15    opportunity to demand a proof of what the Christian
         Scientist had declared; and he said to this venerable
         Christian: —

         “If you heal my son, when seeing, I may be led to

20    Mrs. Rawson then rose from her seat, and sat down
         beside the sofa whereon lay the lad with burning brow,
         moaning in pain.

         Looking away from all material aid, to the spiritual
         source and ever-present help, silently, through the divine
25    power, she healed him.

         The deep flush faded from the face, a cool perspiration
         spread over it, and he slept.

         In about one hour he awoke, and was hungry.

         The parents said: —

30    “Wait until we get home, and you shall have some

Page 226

1      But Mrs. Rawson said: —

         “Give the child what he relishes, and doubt not that
         the Father of all will care for him.”

         Thus, the unbiased youth and the aged Christian
5      carried the case on the side of God; and, after eating
         several ice-creams, the clergyman’s son returned home
          — well.

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