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20    Much is said at this date, 1889, about Mrs. Eddy’s
         Massachusetts Metaphysical College being the only
         chartered College of Metaphysics. To make this plain,
         the Publishing Committee of the Christian Scientist
         Association has published in the Boston Traveler the
25    following:—

         “To benefit the community, and more strongly mark
         the difference between true and false teachers of mental
         healing, the following history and statistics are officially

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1      “Rev. Mary Baker G. Eddy obtained a college charter
         in January, 1881, with all the rights and privileges per-
         taining thereunto (including the right to grant degrees)
         under Act of 1874, Chapter 375, Section 4.

5      “This Act was repealed from and after January 31,
1882. Mrs. Eddy’s grant for a college, for metaphysical
         purposes only, is the first on record in history, and no
         charters were granted for similar colleges, except hers,
         from January, 1881, till the repealing of said Act in
10    January, 1882.

         “The substance of this Act is at present incorporated
         in Public Statutes, Chapter 115, Section 2, with the fol-
         lowing important restrictions: In accordance with Statutes
         of 1883, Chapter 268, any officer, agent, or servant of any
15    corporation or association, who confers, or authorizes
         to be conferred, any diploma or degree, shall be pun-
         ished by a fine not less than five hundred dollars and
         not more than one thousand dollars.

         “All the mind-healing colleges (except Rev. Mrs.
20    Eddy’s) have simply an incorporated grant, which may
         be called a charter, such as any stock company may ob-
         tain for any secular purposes; but these so-called char-
         ters bestow no rights to confer degrees. Hence to name
         these institutions, under such charters, colleges, is a fraud-
25    ulent claim. There is but one legally chartered college
         of metaphysics, with powers to confer diplomas and de-
         grees, and that is the Massachusetts Metaphysical College,
         of which Rev. Mrs. Eddy is founder and president.”

         I have endeavored to act toward all students of Chris-
30    tian Science with the intuition and impulse of love. If
         certain natures have not profited by my rebukes,—

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1      some time, as Christian Scientists, they will know the
         value of these rebukes. I am thankful that the neo-
         phyte will be benefited by experience, although it will
         cost him much, and in proportion to its worth.

5      I close my College in order to work in other directions,
         where I now seem to be most needed, and where none
         other can do the work. I withdraw from an overwhelm-
         ing prosperity. My students have never expressed so
         grateful a sense of my labors with them as now, and
10    never have been so capable of relieving my tasks as at

         God bless my enemies, as well as the better part of
         mankind, and gather all my students, in the bonds of
         love and perfectness, into one grand family of Christ’s

         Loyal Christian Scientists should go on in their pres-
         ent line of labor for a good and holy cause. Their insti-
         tutes have not yet accomplished all the good they are
         capable of accomplishing; therefore they should con-
20    tinue, as at present, to send out students from these
         sources of education, to promote the growing interest in
         Christian Science Mind-healing.

         There are one hundred and sixty applications lying on
         the desk before me, for the Primary class in the Massa-
25    chusetts Metaphysical College, and I cannot do my best
         work for a class which contains that number. When
         these were taught, another and a larger number would
         be in waiting for the same class instruction; and if I
         should teach that Primary class, the other three classes—
30    one Primary and two Normal—would be delayed.
         The work is more than one person can well accomplish,
         and the imperative call is for my exclusive teaching.

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1      From the scant history of Jesus and of his disciples,
         we have no Biblical authority for a public institution.
         This point, however, had not impressed me when I opened
         my College. I desire to revise my book “Science and
5      Health with Key to the Scriptures,” and in order to do
         this I must stop teaching at present. The work that
         needs to be done, and which God calls me to outside
         of College work, if left undone might hinder the progress
         of our Cause more than my teaching would advance it:
10    therefore I leave all for Christ.

         Deeply regretting the disappointment this will occa-
         sion, and with grateful acknowledgments to the public
         for its liberal patronage, I close my College.


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