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25    Humbly, and, as I believe, divinely directed, I hereby
         ordain the Bible, and “Science and Health with Key
         to the Scriptures,” to be hereafter the only pastor of

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1      The Church of Christ, Scientist, throughout our land
         and in other lands.

         From this date the Sunday services of our denomina-
         tion shall be conducted by Readers in lieu of pastors.
5      Each church, or society formed for Sunday worship,
         shall elect two Readers: a male, and a female. One of
         these individuals shall open the meeting by reading the
         hymns, and chapter (or portion of the chapter) in the
         Bible, lead in silent prayer, and repeat in concert with
10    the congregation the Lord’s Prayer. Also, this First
         Reader shall give out any notices from the pulpit, shall
         read the Scriptures indicated in the Sunday School Les-
         son of the Christian Science Quarterly, and shall pro-
         nounce the benediction.

15    The First Reader shall read from my book, “Science
         and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” alternately in
         response to the congregation, the spiritual interpreta-
         tion of the Lord’s Prayer; also, shall read all the selec-
         tions from Science and Health referred to in the Sunday
20    Lessons.

         The Reader of the Scriptures shall name, at each
         reading, the book, chapter, and verses. The Reader of
         “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” shall
         commence by announcing the full title of this book, with
25    the name of its author, and add to this announcement,
         “the Christian Science textbook.” It is unnecessary to
         repeat the title or page. This form shall also be observed
         at the Communion service; the selections from both the
         Bible and the Christian Science textbook shall be taken
30    from the Quarterly, as heretofore, and this Lesson shall
         be such as is adapted to that service. On the first Sunday
         of each month, except Communion Sunday, a sermon

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1      shall be preached to the children, from selections taken
         from the Scriptures and Science and Health, especially
         adapted to the occasion, and read after the manner of
         the Sunday service. The children’s service shall be
5      held on the Sunday following Communion Day.

         No copies from my books are allowed to be written,
         and read from manuscripts, either in private or in pub-
         lic assemblies, except by their author.

         Christian Scientists, all over the world, who are let-
10    terly fit and specially spiritually fitted for teachers, can
         teach annually three classes only. They shall teach
         from the Christian Science textbook. Each class shall
         consist of not over thirty-three students, carefully selected,
         and only of such as have promising proclivities toward
15    Christian Science. The teacher shall hold himself mor-
         ally obligated to look after the welfare of his students,
         not only through class term, but after it; and to watch
         well that they prove sound in sentiment, health, and
         practical Christian Science.

20    Teaching Christian Science shall be no question of
         money, but of morals and of uplifting the race. Teachers
         shall form associations for this purpose; and for the
         first few years, convene as often as once in three months.
         Teachers shall not silently mentally address the thought,
25    to handle it, nor allow their students to do thus, except
         the individual needing it asks for mental treatment.
         They shall steadily and patiently strive to educate their
         students in conformity to the unerring wisdom and law
         of God, and shall enjoin upon them habitually to study
30    His revealed Word, the Scriptures, and “Science and
         Health with Key to the Scriptures.”

         They shall teach their students how to defend them-

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1      selves against mental malpractice, but never to return
         evil for evil; never to attack the malpractitioner, but
         to know the truth that makes free,—and so to be a law
         not unto others, but themselves.

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