Address On The Fourth Of July At Pleasant View

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         My beloved brethren, who have come all the way from
5      the Pacific to the Atlantic shore, from the Palmetto to the
         Pine Tree State, I greet you; my hand may not touch
         yours to-day, but my heart will with tenderness untalkable.

         His Honor, Mayor Woodworth, has welcomed you to
         Concord most graciously, voicing the friendship of this
10    city and of my native State—loyal to the heart’s core to
         religion, home, friends, and country.

         To-day we commemorate not only our nation’s civil
         and religious freedom, but a greater even, the liberty of
         the sons of God, the inalienable rights and radiant reality
15    of Christianity, whereof our Master said: “The works
         that I do shall he do;” and, “The kingdom of God cometh
         not with observation” (with knowledge obtained from
         the senses), but “the kingdom of God is within you,”—
         within the present possibilities of mankind.

20    Think of this inheritance! Heaven right here, where
         angels are as men, clothed more lightly, and men as angels
         who, burdened for an hour, spring into liberty, and the
         good they would do, that they do, and the evil they would
         not do, that they do not.

25    From the falling leaves of old-time faiths men learn a
         parable of the period, that all error, physical, moral, or
         religious, will fall before Truth demonstrated, even as
         dry leaves fall to enrich the soil for fruitage.

         Sin, sickness, and disease flee before the evangel of
30    Truth as the mountain mists before the sun. Truth is

Page 252

1      the tonic for the sick, and this medicine of Mind is not
         necessarily infinitesimal but infinite. Herein the mental
         medicine of divine metaphysics and the medical systems
         of allopathy and homœopathy differ. Mental medi-
5      cine gains no potency by attenuation, and its largest
         dose is never dangerous, but the more the better in every

         Christian Science classifies thought thus: Right thoughts
         are reality and power; wrong thoughts are unreality and
10    powerless, possessing the nature of dreams. Good thoughts
         are potent; evil thoughts are impotent, and they should
         appear thus. Continuing this category, we learn that
         sick thoughts are unreality and weakness; while healthy
         thoughts are reality and strength. My proof of these
15    novel propositions is demonstration, whereby any man
         can satisfy himself of their verity.

         Christian Science is not only the acme of Science
         but the crown of Christianity. It is universal. It ap-
         peals to man as man; to the whole and not to a por-
20    tion; to man physically, as well as spiritually, and to all

         It has one God. It demonstrates the divine Principle,
         rules and practice of the great healer and master of meta-
         physics, Jesus of Nazareth. It spiritualizes religion and
25    restores its lost element, namely, healing the sick. It
         consecrates and inspires the teacher and preacher; it
         equips the doctor with safe and sure medicine; it en-
         courages and empowers the business man and secures
         the success of honesty. It is the dear children’s toy and
30    strong tower; the wise man’s spiritual dictionary; the
         poor man’s money; yea, it is the pearl priceless whereof
         our Master said, if a man findeth, he goeth and selleth

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1      all that he hath and buyeth it. Buyeth it! Note the
         scope of that saying, even that Christianity is not merely
         a gift, as St. Paul avers, but is bought with a price, a great
         price; and what man knoweth as did our Master its
5      value, and the price that he paid for it?

         Friends, I am not enough the new woman of the period
         for outdoor speaking, and the incidental platform is not
         broad enough for me, but the speakers that will now ad-
         dress you—one a congressman—may improve our
10    platforms; and make amends for the nothingness of
         matter with the allness of Mind.

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