A Great Man And His Saying

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11    Hon. Charles Carrol Bonney, President of the World’s
         Congress Auxiliary, in his remarks before that body,
         said, “No more striking manifestation of the interposi-
         tion of divine Providence in human affairs has come in
15    recent years, than that shown in the raising up of the
         body of people known as Christian Scientists, who are
         called to declare the real harmony between religion and
         Science, and to restore the waning faith of many in the
         verities of the sacred Scriptures.”

20    In honest utterance of veritable history, and his own
         spiritual discernment, this man must have risen above
         worldly schemes, human theorems or hypotheses, to
         conclusions which reason too supine or misemployed
         cannot fasten upon. He spake inspired; he touched a
25    tone of Truth that will continue to reverberate and renew
         its emphasis throughout the entire centuries, into the vast

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