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16    I hereby state, in unmistakable language, the follow-
         ing statute in the morale of Christian Science:—

         A man or woman, having voluntarily entered into
         wedlock, and accepted the claims of the marriage cove-
20    nant, is held in Christian Science as morally bound to
         fulfil all the claims growing out of this contract, unless
         such claims are relinquished by mutual consent of both
         parties, or this contract is legally dissolved. If the man
         is dominant over the animal, he will count the conse-
25    quences of his own conduct; will consider the effects,
         on himself and his progeny, of selfishness, unmerciful-
         ness, tyranny, or lust.

         Trust Truth, not error; and Truth will give you all
         that belongs to the rights of freedom. The Hebrew bard

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1      wrote, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean
         not unto thine own understanding.” Nothing is gained
         by wrong-doing. St. Paul’s words take in the situation:
         “Not … (as we be slanderously reported, and as some
5      affirm that we say,) Let us do evil, that good may come?
         whose damnation is just.”

         When causing others to go astray, we also are wan-
         derers. “With what measure ye mete, it shall be meas-
         ured to you again.” Ask yourself: Under the same
10    circumstances, in the same spiritual ignorance and power
         of passion, would I be strengthened by having my best
         friend break troth with me? These words of St. Matthew
         have special application to Christian Scientists; namely,
         “It is not good to marry.”

15    To build on selfishness is to build on sand. When
         Jesus received the material rite of water baptism, he did
         not say that it was God’s command; but implied that
         the period demanded it. Trials purify mortals and deliver
         them from themselves,—all the claims of sensuality.
20    Abide by the morale of absolute Christian Science,—
         self-abnegation and purity; then Truth delivers you from
         the seeming power of error, and faith vested in righteous-
         ness triumphs!

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