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         At this date, 1883, a newspaper edited and published
         by the Christian Scientists has become a necessity. Many
         questions important to be disposed of come to the Col-
15    lege and to the practising students, yet but little time
         has been devoted to their answer. Further enlight-
         enment is necessary for the age, and a periodical de-
         voted to this work seems alone adequate to meet the
         requirement. Much interest is awakened and expressed
20    on the subject of metaphysical healing, but in many
         minds it is confounded with isms, and even infidelity, so
         that its religious specialty and the vastness of its worth
         are not understood.

         It is often said, “You must have a very strong will-
25    power to heal,” or, “It must require a great deal of faith
         to make your demonstrations.” When it is answered
         that there is no will-power required, and that something
         more than faith is necessary, we meet with an expression
         of incredulity. It is not alone the mission of Christian
30    Science to heal the sick, but to destroy sin in mortal

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1      thought. This work well done will elevate and purify
         the race. It cannot fail to do this if we devote our best
         energies to the work.

         Science reveals man as spiritual, harmonious, and eter-
5      nal. This should be understood. Our College should
         be crowded with students who are willing to consecrate
         themselves to this Christian work. Mothers should be
         able to produce perfect health and perfect morals in their
         children — and ministers, to heal the sick — by study-
10    ing this scientific method of practising Christianity.
         Many say, “I should like to study, but have not suffi-
         cient faith that I have the power to heal.” The healing
         power is Truth and Love, and these do not fail in the
         greatest emergencies.

15    Materia medica says, “I can do no more. I have
         done all that can be done. There is nothing to build
         upon. There is no longer any reason for hope.” Then
         metaphysics comes in, armed with the power of Spirit,
         not matter, takes up the case hopefully and builds on
20    the stone that the builders have rejected, and is suc-

         Metaphysical therapeutics can seem a miracle and a
         mystery to those only who do not understand the grand
         reality that Mind controls the body. They acknowledge
25    an erring or mortal mind, but believe it to be brain mat-
         ter. That man is the idea of infinite Mind, always perfect
         in God, in Truth, Life, and Love, is something not easily
         accepted, weighed down as is mortal thought with mate-
         rial beliefs. That which never existed, can seem solid
30    substance to this thought. It is much easier for people
         to believe that the body affects the mind, than that the
         mind affects the body.

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1      We hear from the pulpits that sickness is sent as a
         discipline to bring man nearer to God, — even though
         sickness often leaves mortals but little time free from
         complaints and fretfulness, and Jesus cast out disease as
5      evil.

         The most of our Christian Science practitioners have
         plenty to do, and many more are needed for the ad-
         vancement of the age. At present the majority of the
         acute cases are given to the M. D.’s, and only those
10    cases that are pronounced incurable are passed over to
         the Scientist. The healing of such cases should cer-
         tainly prove to all minds the power of metaphysics over
         physics; and it surely does, to many thinkers, as the
         rapid growth of the work shows. At no distant day,
15    Christian healing will rank far in advance of allopathy
         and homœopathy; for Truth must ultimately succeed
         where error fails.

         Mind governs all. That we exist in God, perfect,
         there is no doubt, for the conceptions of Life, Truth, and
20    Love must be perfect; and with that basic truth we con-
         quer sickness, sin, and death. Frequently it requires
         time to overcome the patient’s faith in drugs and mate-
         rial hygiene; but when once convinced of the uselessness
         of such material methods, the gain is rapid.

25    It is a noticeable fact, that in families where laws
         of health are strictly enforced, great caution is observed
         in regard to diet, and the conversation chiefly confined
         to the ailments of the body, there is the most sickness.
         Take a large family of children where the mother has
         all that she can attend to in keeping them clothed and
         fed, and health is generally the rule; whereas, in small
         families of one or two children, sickness is by no means

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1      the exception. These children must not be allowed to
         eat certain food, nor to breathe the cold air, because
         there is danger in it; when they perspire, they must be
         loaded down with coverings until their bodies become
5      dry, — and the mother of one child is often busier than
         the mother of eight.

         Great charity and humility is necessary in this work
         of healing. The loving patience of Jesus, we must
         strive to emulate. “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as
10    thyself” has daily to be exemplified; and, although
         skepticism and incredulity prevail in places where
         one would least expect it, it harms not; for if serving
         Christ, Truth, of what can mortal opinion avail? Cast
         not your pearls before swine; but if you cannot bring
15    peace to all, you can to many, if faithful laborers in His

         Looking over the newspapers of the day, one naturally
         reflects that it is dangerous to live, so loaded with disease
         seems the very air. These descriptions carry fears to
20    many minds, to be depicted in some future time upon
         the body. A periodical of our own will counteract to
         some extent this public nuisance; for through our paper,
         at the price at which we shall issue it, we shall be able
         to reach many homes with healing, purifying thought.
25    A great work already has been done, and a greater work
         yet remains to be done. Oftentimes we are denied the
         results of our labors because people do not understand
         the nature and power of metaphysics, and they think
         that health and strength would have returned natu-
30    rally without any assistance. This is not so much from
         a lack of justice, as it is that the mens populi is not suffi-
         ciently enlightened on this great subject. More thought

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1      is given to material illusions than to spiritual facts. If
         we can aid in abating suffering and diminishing sin,
         we shall have accomplished much; but if we can bring
         to the general thought this great fact that drugs do not,
5      cannot, produce health and harmony, since “in Him
         [Mind] we live, and move, and have our being,” we shall
         have done more.

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