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There is, perhaps, no other one thing of which we are conscious that gives us so much concern as money. This is because we have been educated to believe that our wants and needs can be supplied only if we have money. But in our study of Christian Science we understand that we have all things, money included, because divine Mind expresses all things, all actualities, as man. It is as much a fact that we have money, as it is a fact that we have food, or clothing, or health, or heart, or hand, or air to breathe.

Money Correctly Understood

When correctly understood, money is one of Mind’s divine ideas. Incorrectly considered, money is the false human concept of a divine idea. In its actuality, money is a very high idea in its expression of Substance. Hence, in our human expression of substance, the desire to have money seems greater than all other desires.

When we lose the material sense of money, and understand it as divine idea in oneness with divine Mind, then we shall find it always present and established in our consciousness. Since money is an infinite idea in the compound idea, man, it is inevitable that each and every individual must have money in some form and must have it all the time. Our textbook tells us that “Man is the compound idea of God, including all right ideas.” Then we already include the right idea, money. When we clearly understand that money is a divine idea, and that we include this divine idea in consciousness, then the world’s false sense of money, as material, and as separate from divine Mind, and as separate from man, will not touch us, and humanly we shall have all the money we need all the time.

A Scientific Mental Position

We, as Christian Scientists, should maintain a fixed scientific mental position in regard to money. As long as it seems necessary to have money humanly, we should be persistent and insistent in our thinking that we always have money in its actuality. When once we have established the fact that money in its actuality is a divine idea in consciousness, and we already include it, and include it eternally, then we shall have its corresponding identity humanly. When Jesus needed the tax money, he had it because he knew that he already possessed the actuality or the divine fact of money eternally. Jesus dealt with actualities or facts only, and he had the corresponding identity instantly at hand, humanly or materially.

Earning Our Money

Mrs. Eddy says, “Till Christian Scientists give all their time to spiritual things, live without eating, and obtain their money from the fish’s mouth, they must earn it in order to help mankind with it.” Nevertheless Mrs. Eddy, herself, proved that money was ever a divine idea in consciousness. It is recorded that for many mornings, when her need was very great, she found a dollar bill inside her door, and it was placed there by no human hand. And today we shall have our money readily, and the earning of it made easier, when we clearly understand that both the money and the earning of it, are the divine Mind expressed humanly. Again, “Let us awake and inherit.”

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