Chapter Sixty-six

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Mrs. Eddy and Music

There is a point in connection with Mrs. Eddy’s love for music that deserves its place in this discourse. In her Message for 1900, page 11, she wrote, “Once I was passionately fond of material music, but jarring elements among musicians weaned me from this love and wedded me to spiritual music, the music of Soul.”

She told me with her own lips, that she had reached the point where she could not enjoy man-made music, because there was so much discord, so much mortal mind back of it. She was sensitive to discord that others, who were too gross, could not detect; they could not feel the spiritual lack, or inharmony, back of the outward human harmony.

Mrs. Eddy told me that there were times in the night, as well as in the early morning, when she was awakened by strains of beautiful music, which the human ear could not catch. She offered no comment on the above fact, but I realized that what she intended to convey, was the great realization that the worth or valuelessness of music, in fact, of anything, is determined by its origin. Whatever proceeds from spiritual thought is enduring substance, whereas whatever comes from mortal mind, no matter how cleverly clothed in beauty, is a substitute for the real, hence, in the last analysis, like its parent, mortal mind, it is a murderer and a destroyer of Truth.

Mrs. Eddy predicted to me that the time would come, when man would not listen to or enjoy music performed by one whose underlying thought was sensual, sinful, hateful or jealous, because it would so offend the spiritual sense, that it would destroy the possibility of those who were advanced spiritually from taking any pleasure in it. Then, the universal demand, that the thought back of the music be right before it will give pleasure, will enforce a reform that will compel right thinking to be a right and necessary accompaniment of artistic efforts in every direction.

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