Chapter Ninety-two

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New Bells for Sleigh

At one time, the opportunity arose, through Mr. Mann, to supply Mrs. Eddy with new bells that were needed for her sleigh. I was able to obtain a satisfactory set from the stock of The Congdon & Carpenter Co., my field of labor prior to entering the Christian Science practice. Mr. Mann gave me the old set which had a sentimental value far beyond the new set. Mrs. Eddy thanked me in the following letter:

December 21, 1902

Mr. Gilbert C. Carpenter, Christian Scientist
Beloved Student:

You will please accept my warm thanks for the pretty sleigh bells you sent to me. I love to hear their silver tones over the snow, and think of your kindness to contribute to mother’s one hour cheery vacation from the desk. May the coming Christmas bring you additional joy and advancing footsteps outward, onward, upward, is the prayer of mother.

Ever yours, M. B. G. Eddy.

P. S. I had the pleasure of learning of your acceptance of the place on our Church Bil. Comm. and was greatly pleased therefore. Again M. B. E.

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