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In considering the various books written concerning Mary Baker Eddy, we have been impressed with the need of transcribing her life, not merely as the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, but as the Demonstrator of her own revelation, as one whose life sets forth both the operation of that human deterrent called evil, and a scientific method of overcoming it. Pre-eminently in the world, Mrs. Eddy’s life stands forth as the history of the one who has thrown the most light on the unseen and unknown claims of evil, as they are presented to all spiritually-minded persons, endeavoring to find the way out of this human maze called mortal existence. Therefore, it took only the desire of the Christian Science Board of Directors in Boston, expressed through Judge Clifford P. Smith, that we should compile this material, to crystalize certain conceptions, which were originally intended to clear up several misunderstandings, regarding Mrs. Eddy, which had been circulated by those who knew something of the inside operation of Mrs. Eddy’s household, by throwing upon her footsteps the light of spiritual understanding. The method of approach to Mrs. Eddy’s experience, that is portrayed in this volume, grew out of the realization that the effort to judge her life from the human standpoint of good, has never struck one true note regarding the character of God. Nevertheless, when her activities and teaching in her household are understood from the spiritual standpoint, they set forth lucidly and extensively the true nature of Deity, as expressed through man by reflection.

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