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Watching Point 99

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99 — WATCH lest you believe that the commonly accepted cause of disease is the real one, such as exposure causing a cold, or bad food upsetting the stomach. A Scientist has gone beyond the primary causes that mortals believe they suffer from. He could manifest a cold only as his thought dropped from the high recognition of God’s law as supreme, to the level where he accepted consciously or unconsciously the power and reality of medical law, mental malpractice or contagious fear. The scientific cure is to cast out false belief and regain one’s understanding and acceptance of the fact that man is perpetually under the law of God, where his health is permanent and independent of the claims of matter.

We must always be suspicious of any cause for disease that seems humanly obvious or materially logical. The power of error lies in its ability to conceal the causes of its effects. One must trace from effect back to cause to find the latter to be mental. Then can the problem be corrected at its source. The argument of a material cause for a material effect is as much part of the animal magnetism of illusion that must be exposed and cast out, as the evidence of the sickness itself.

Once a man had a small growth that did not yield to Christian Science treatment. The argument came to have a slight operation. This suggestion that the condition was material and that an operation could remedy it was the animal magnetism that needed to be gotten rid of, since in reality the effect was no more material than its cause.

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