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Watching Point 98

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98 — WATCH lest, in your efforts to progress, you accept the false assumption that your work is to perfect this mortal, imperfect man, instead of to throw off the false belief that man is or ever can be mortal or imperfect. This error is exemplified by the student who mistakenly believes it is Science to affirm, “I am prosperous, I am healthy, I am happy.” Such affirmations are no better than an attempt to graft holiness on unholiness, if the ‚I‛ the student has in mind is still mortal man.

The only time one can rightly affirm, “I am the image and likeness of God,‛ is when his conception of ‚I‛ has risen above imperfection and fleshliness. Otherwise his effort descends to what is called mind-cure, or reaching out for the so-called good side of mortal sense, instead of trying to throw off all mortal sense. Mind-cure, or New Thought, tries to bring man good mortality; Science strives to do man good, by regenerating him spiritually.

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