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Watching Point 97

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97 — WATCH lest, in your effort to be scientific, you leave in your premise some assumption of the reality of mortality, or materiality, without realizing it. If you start with the declaration that there is no matter, — matter merely being the way God’s universe appears to one who is in rapport with mortal mind’s claim of mesmerism, — if you still retain the belief that you have, or ever have had the capacity to be controlled by human thinking, this belief would keep man mortal, and prevent him from making the demonstration of the fact that he is receptive to divine Mind alone and never has had any other capacity.

The declaration that man is perfect must include the realization that he is not a wrong thinker, that he has no desire to be such, that he has never been one, and that God never created in him a capacity to think other than correctly, since his eternal existence as God’s child has forever included the qualities of perfection and goodness.

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