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Watching Point 90

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90 — WATCH lest you treat the body of your patient, as though it were sick apart from his thought, or even treat his mind in order to make his body well. The mind is all that is ever sick, and the body shadows forth what one is believing and accepting as true. Furthermore, the man that calls itself sick is the false man, which we are seeking to put off, so that we may restore man to his Father, God. Therefore, we should not give the false sense of man a treatment in order to restore it to harmony, since then it would be more firmly entrenched in belief.

Mortal man is sick when he accepts and fears thoughts and pictures of sickness. Restored harmony merely proves the inward correction of thought, just as a white dress appears to be white, when a shadow falling on it is removed. You believed the dress to be soiled when it was not. Man’s body is never sick, and thought is all that ever needs correction. Thus all metaphysical treatment is given to thought, in order to divest it of its weight of fear, and to make it better. This is done through the realization that divine Mind is forever supreme in man. The spiritual regeneration and spiritualization of thought is the only goal the practitioner should have in thought, in helping either himself or another. Mrs. Eddy once said, “All mental science is Christian Science, that bases its power to heal only on its power to do good.”C.S. Journal, April 4, 1883.

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