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Watching Point 87

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87 — WATCH that you bear in mind Jesus’ rule, “This kind cometh not forth except by prayer and fasting.” The most efficient way to dispose of an animal that troubles you is to cut off its supply of food. Error is sustained by mortal man’s belief in it, and Truth is put into operation by being brought into consciousness as a reality; fasting and prayer, must mean denial and affirmation, starving error and accentuating Truth. You starve error by making nothing of it, by refusing to acknowledge it, think about it, or believe in it; you feed truth and build up a consciousness of good by emphasizing it, affirming it and trusting in it.

Thus we have the perfect rule: starve error by seeing its nothingness, until it falls and is self-destroyed from lack of support; build up a consciousness of good until it becomes so real to you that you can feel its presence constantly, trust in it as a power outside of yourself which you reflect, and know that it is operating in the world and through you by your reflection of it.

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