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Watching Point 86

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86 — WATCH lest you interpret the spiritual blessings of Christian Science in terms of material blessings alone, and continue year after year to apply your understanding with them in mind. The Children of Israel in Egypt are an illustration of an effort to appropriate the spiritual idea humanly year after year. The Egyptians enslaved them and made them work for them, refusing to let them go. In like manner it would appear as if mortal man captures the spiritual idea, or knowledge of Truth, and makes it work for him as a slave, to bring to human sense health, peace and prosperity.

While this is the beginner’s conception of Christian Science, the call soon comes to release the spiritual idea from this slavery to material sense, in order that it may become his spiritual guide out of the materiality of Egypt into the Promised Land.

It is possible that if one refuses to take this forward step when the right time comes, he will experience suffering and chastening, until he releases his concept of Christian Science from the narrow limits of being just a better means of keeping him happy and harmonious in hell. The Master’s final experience on the cross illustrates this higher concept of the spiritual idea, since he refused to use it to protect himself humanly and physically, and employed it wholly to lead his thought up to God and to keep it there. In that way he gained his resurrection and final freedom from all materiality.

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