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Watching Point 84

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84 — WATCH lest you forget that there is only one Mind, and that what we call the human mind is only a humanized, limited or distorted sense of divine Mind. When one individual absorbs his thoughts from another, that is an illustration of the adulteration of the Science of Mind, in which ideas really come from God direct to man. Contagious thinking is an adulterated or humanized sense of mind. Science means to reflect and manifest the pure Mind of God, unadulterated, carrying with it wisdom, power, guidance and healing. This means to reflect the ideas of God from Him, and not from man, and these must be reflected fresh every morning, and new every evening. Absorbing a used, or second-hand mind is taking on that which has lost so much of its divinity, that it is almost mortal in every respect.

When I want fresh water, I do not want water that my neighbor has already used. Paper money becomes soiled with use. One can obtain new money only at the bank; but if one is too lazy to go there, he will content himself with money that is not clean. Mortals accept adulterated and second-hand thinking because of the claim of laziness. One believes it is hard work to apply directly to divine Mind for his ideas. Yet one never really gains divine Mind until he reflects it directly from its divine source. Even the highest spiritual thoughts which you gain from a practitioner or teacher can never be pure divine Mind to you, even though they may heal you and improve your thinking; and this watching point is not intended to belittle or forbid the sweet interchange of spiritual thought between advancing pilgrims. As a matter of fact, it is essential that we go to Mrs. Eddy’s writings for our right ideas, until we are able to reflect them from God directly. Likewise we may accept help from our practitioner or teacher when we need to, provided we do not rest content in that help.

Animal magnetism might be defined at this point as contentment with second-hand thinking. One who has reflected a spiritual idea from God cannot pass it on to another and have it a fresh spiritual revelation to the latter. Every man’s salvation depends upon his success in going to God and reflecting his thoughts and wisdom directly from that primitive source. To be veritable divine Science, the Holy Ghost must be reflected from the Father to the Son, since in reality the Son is the expression of the Father.

The wisdom you receive from God may help another to find God, but animal magnetism is the belief of intercommunication between man and man with God left out. When you reflect divine Mind directly, it carries with it a spiritual authority that is lacking the moment you transfer that reflection to another. Mind without its spiritual authority becomes human in belief, because in belief it is cut off from its divine origin. It can be thought of as the dying condition of a tentacle of an octopus, the moment it is severed from its body.

In Is. 66:6 we find three steps, the first of which is the voice of noise from the city. This is mortal mind, since all it is is noise. Then we have the voice from the temple. This must include all the good embraced in the Christian Science organization, which Mrs. Eddy reflected from God and left for us. But it is second-hand truth. So we must hasten to the third stage, which is the voice of the Lord, or our reflection of God without any intermediary.

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