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Watching Point 80

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80 — WATCH lest you continue to accept the world’s belief in good and bad matter, or mortal mind, instead of perceiving that whenever or wherever matter or mortal mind appear to be more harmonious or desirable to the advancing student, it is either mesmerism putting forth its claims to hinder one’s growth, or belief melting into such thinness that more of truth is shining through.

Bottled soda is all made of the same ingredients; yet we like some flavors and dislike others. Mortals are fundamentally the same, and differ only in flavor. How inconsistent for a student of Christian Science to continue to admit that he likes mortal mind or matter when flavored in certain ways, when he has pledged with himself and before God to deny the existence of all mortal mind or matter, and work for the elimination of the belief in its existence, in order that Truth and its desirability may appear!

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