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Watching Point 76

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76 — WATCH lest the world’s conception of sin throw you off the track in learning what the real enemy of Truth is. A thief planned to rob a bank; as a gesture of arrogance he announced the exact hour to the police. He succeeded in his plan by first setting fire to the courthouse. While everyone rushed to the fire, he was left free to rob the bank without interference.

Mortal mind starts a conflagration which it calls sin, and makes a great ado about it. This human sense diverts man’s attention from the real robbery, and enables mortal mind to accomplish its purpose, which is to steal away man’s desire for God, through the illusion of pleasure and good in matter, or mortal mind, which appear to offer themselves as able to satisfy man’s aspirations and to still his desires, thus claiming to provide a satisfactory substitute for God.

Under this delusion mortals are kept asleep in the dream that they now possess good, and will be pleasing to God if they only seek and attain the better side of mortal belief, and fulfill the demands of civilization, morality and religion. Thus are mortals robbed of their longing for spiritual good and their effort to attain it.

When you run to mortal mind’s conflagration and persuade others to do so, because you permit yourself to be troubled and upset about the evident evil in the world — meaning by evident, the obvious — you permit the thief to steal away the real treasure, which is man’s hunger for spiritual good, since your concern over the evil in the world is proof that you have a strong belief in human good. Thus you unite with mortal mind’s greatest claim of animal magnetism.

In this watching point the thief represents the wolf in sheep’s clothing who, to divert attention from his own wolfishness, points to the fire as being the wolf. Not outward sin or evil, but wrong thinking or erroneous belief is the wolf. Mrs. Eddy once declared, “It is not enough to live good moral lives. Life must be spiritualized.” It is not enough to try to put out the conflagration called sin. One must spiritualize thought.

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