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Watching Point 75

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75 — WATCH lest, as you progress spiritually, you fail to seek to advance beyond the human standard of right and wrong, because the world keeps it before your eyes constantly. Isaiah 41:15 promises a new threshing instrument having teeth. The old threshing machine which the beginner brings into Christian Science must be a human conception of right and wrong, and he uses Science to enable him to do right. Advancing footsteps bring students to the point where they must divide between human and divine thinking, between thoughts which come from the erring mortal mind and from divine Mind. At this point a much sharper insight is requisite than a student has used heretofore.

Animal magnetism is an important term in Christian Science, because it is the only expression that adequately conveys the fact that all human thinking, whether it seems base or angelic, is error, since it is enmity against God, even though Mrs. Eddy tells us that an improved belief is one step out of error. To the advancing student the best the human mind has to offer becomes animal magnetism, when it is mistaken for divine Mind. Yet without an improvement in mortal mind and body we would have no proof of progress.

A student’s real growth begins when he seeks to improve material belief, not because he wants to retain improved beliefs but to put them off. At that point he is beginning to use the new threshing machine, and to see that mortal man’s standard of right and wrong relates to effect, while God’s standard relates to cause.

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