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Watching Point 73

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73 — WATCH lest you regard animal magnetism as an aggressive force. In contrast to man it can be defined as having no more power than a sparrow; yet if you were attempting to cross Niagara Falls on a tight-rope, one inquisitive sparrow fluttering around you might constitute a very bothersome problem.

Animal magnetism is the human mind on the way out, aroused to resistance by Truth. It threatens your reflection of God at times through the very minutiae of daily life, the little distractions, irritations and experiences that cause depression. Once the lowlands of Holland were threatened by a tiny stream of water coming through a dike. Legend has it that a boy put his finger in the hole, and held it there through the night; otherwise the country would have been inundated by the washing away of the dike. Similarly animal magnetism may claim to disintegrate one’s spiritual thought through little things as well as big; but in reality it is powerless and the student will do well to adopt the realization that, because

of the divine power he reflects, he is a terror to error!

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