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Watching Point 71

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71 — WATCH lest your thought be frightened, discouraged or confused by Mrs. Eddy’s insistence that teachers fit students to guard themselves against the wouldbe mental assassin, who, she declares, attempts to kill morally and physically (Science and Health, page 445). A mental assassin attempts murder in the mental realm, attacking mind rather than body. When you realize that God is Mind, and Mind is the true Life reflected by man, then it becomes plain that Mrs. Eddy must be referring to erroneous suggestions, which tend to darken and depress one’s spontaneous reflection of Life, God, so that he loses his sense of conscious spiritual dominion.

The mental assassins, when they attacked the Master, did not merely try to kill his body; they attempted to kill the Christ idea, to darken his spiritual consciousness or reflection, which was his real life. By crucifying him they sought to reach and destroy his reflection of God by abusing his body. They failed because the Master let none of these things move him.

If man truly lives by a continuous influx of reflected spiritual ideas, a mental assassin to be successful would have to cut him off from that daily supply. To a mirror a mental assassin would be the dust which, if not cleaned off each day, would dull its reflection.

Adam Dickey was directed by Mrs. Eddy to swear before God that he would record that, if she should ever leave here, it would be because she was mentally murdered. Many students have been disturbed by this information; yet the Master called the devil a murderer from the beginning. On page 47 of Miscellaneous Writings we read, “That which has a beginning must have an ending.” If suggestion can persuade a mortal that he had a beginning, or a birth into matter, in that acceptance hides murder, or inevitable death. The suggestion of a beginning is the devil that murders, or ensures an end for mortal man.

In stating what she did to Mr. Dickey, Mrs. Eddy was rebuking the malpractice in connection with birth and age, endeavoring to bring out its culmination in Mrs. Eddy of a belief of death, which she felt from members of her household as well as from the world, and which acted as a darkener of her spiritual thought.

Mrs. Eddy knew that murder was always mental, — and never physical. Every mortal that dies is mentally murdered. Only when a student establishes his freedom from human thinking and mesmerism, and seeks refuge in the secret place of the Most High, is he completely protected from the mental assassin.

Once one of Mrs. Eddy’s early students said to the writer with great pride that she was over eighty. A pang smote him, because he recognized in this admission the mental assassin going unrebuked, which as a metaphysician she should have detected and handled, since it was the effort to make her end certain, by the admission of birth and time.

When the Bible asks, “O grave, where is thy victory?” we can answer that it is to be found in the belief of birth, since the grave wins its victory only as it persuades one to accept the belief of a beginning. The first step, therefore, toward overcoming death is to assail the lie and belief that asserts the reality of birth.

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