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70 — WATCH lest, in your effort to expose the nothingness of animal magnetism, either you make a reality of it, and hence become afraid of it, or else you ignore its claims to power and existence, which is equivalent to being handled by it. It is nothing and it must be recognized as nothing. It must be proved to be nothing and it must be kept nothing; but this attainment must come through a knowledge of its operation, and not through ignoring it. Teachers in school recognize the nothingness of ignorance; yet their whole function is to deal with its claims.

In Pilgrim’s Progress the pilgrim proved the powerlessness of the lions that confronted him, by facing and passing them. Their utter powerlessness because they were chained did not appear to him, however, until he had passed them.

Once Mrs. Eddy wrote to a student, “Teach your students what animal magnetism is, how it works in themselves and from outside sources on them. These are the points in which my students fail most in teaching. And are the most difficult to teach rightly so as not to frighten but strengthen the students.”

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