Watching Point 69

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69 — WATCH lest you believe your problems, or those of others, are personal. There is no such thing as a personal problem, or error. The rain is never personal although it may come into your house through a leak.

In Luke 22:10 the Master gives the rule to antidote the belief that one has a personal problem. We are to follow the man with the pitcher who will lead us to the large upper room where we will find the passover, or communion with God. The pitcher is symbolic of the need to pour out to all humanity the river of water of Life, in order to give them a cup of cold water in Christ’s name. This is accomplished through the effort to see all mankind as already being God’s children, hence already being in this upper room of God, or in perfect oneness with Him. Through such a demonstration, whatever personal problem one may seem to have, will be swallowed up in universal Love.

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