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68 — WATCH lest, when you read on page 97 of Science and Health, that the higher Truth lifts her voice, the louder error will scream, you believe that this means that error increases in power. When an animal that is being hunted screams, this scream is often a dying scream, the sure evidence that it has been given its death blow.

There are Biblical references to show that the destruction of error by Truth is preceded by a chemicalization in which error screams the louder; but it is a harmless ineffectual effort, since, as Science and Health declares, it is an aggravation of error that foretells its doom — the last cry of a doomed creature. Thus such screaming should always be to us the proof that our work against the lie is being successful.

In II Peter 3:10 we read that the heavens, or material conception, shall pass away with a great noise. In several of the recorded cases of healing by the Master, the chemicalization manifested itself in the devils crying out with a loud voice before they were cast out.

Many toy balloons are designed to screech as they are deflated. The screaming of error should always indicate that the error has received its death blow and is vanishing into its native nothingness. It is proof that error is on the way out.

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