Watching Point 65

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65 — WATCH lest the fear of making mistakes cause you to stand still and do nothing, when the demand is for action. What harm comes from mistakes, when one’s motives and desires are right? What if you do seem to get into trouble? If you make a mistake in an honest effort to follow God’s guidance, that were better than the timid stagnation of one who, because he is afraid, does nothing.

Mrs. Eddy said, “There have been times in working out a problem, when I have not known just what step to take, and finding it necessary to make a move of some sort, I have taken a step as nearly as I could in the right direction. Perhaps I would find out shortly that it was wrong, but this step gave me a new point of view that I would not have had, had I not taken it as I did. I would not condemn myself, therefore, for what seemed to be a mistake, but would include it as part of the working out of the problem.”

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