Watching Point 63

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63 — WATCH lest you endeavor to cast out wrong thoughts, without including wrong thinking in this effort. We have the thought, and the thinking of the thought. The effort to cast out wrong thoughts is palliative and temporary. The claim of wrong thoughts will assail us until we remove our capacity to think wrong thoughts.

Evil suggestions will come as long as one believes that he is receptive to them. Only when one neutralizes this wrong receptivity, by knowing that God’s child is open only to God’s thoughts, will the latter be established as man’s native and natural state of consciousness. The only way to be certain that your radio would never again receive anything from an undesirable station, would be to fix it so that it could never again be tuned to that particular wave length. Mrs. Eddy once wrote, “There is nothing in me that corresponds with, or responds to any form of evil.”

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