Watching Point 61

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61 — WATCH that you free your treatment from all limitation, by realizing that it is the Word of God that goeth forth to do His will; that it is omnipotence, and in no way limited in its effect by being put forth by yourself — one who appears still to be a sinful mortal. Realize that the moment it leaves you, it is in God’s care and its effect is instant and successful.

Mrs. Eddy once declared, “My treatment is not afraid. A Christian Science treatment dissipates all the supposititious presence, power and law of fear … Treat to know with each treatment, ‘This treatment is effectual, a good treatment, and nothing can reverse it.’‛

If you dropped a bomb from an airplane, you would have faith in its effect, which would in no way be limited by the fact that you were the one who dropped it; a sense of inferiority on your part would not affect its explosive power.

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