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60 — WATCH lest the salt lose its savor, or that you endeavor either to express humanity without having established the basis, or divinity, of which the humanity is the outward expression, or try to be absolute, without any application to the human need. Science and Health says, “The divinity of the Christ was made manifest in the humanity of Jesus.” Divine Science is expressed in Christian Science.

If the humanity, or salt, comes to occupy first place in your thought, you may drop the divinity, and become all salt. If you seek divinity without expressing it in humanity, the salt loses its savor.

The effect of divinity applied to humanity is to give life a flavor as it heals and blesses man. Yet since the fate of all that is human is ultimate destruction, we must not make the salting of it our goal. We can be grateful for every improvement in the human without making a god out of it. Idolatry is putting effect ahead of cause, seeking health of body, for instance, more than spiritualization of thought, or a knowledge of God. One who worships effect puts something ahead of God in his procession, when God should always lead, and all else follow, according to Matt. 6:33.

When one fails to express divinity in humanity, in loving helpfulness, compassion, unselfishness and selfsacrifice for others, the salt loses its savor, since the salt savors life only so long as it is the right expression of divinity.

The so-called absolute Scientist, if he saw a man getting soaking wet in the rain, would declare, “Never mind; above the clouds the sun is shining.” The student seeking to express humanity would hand the man an umbrella to use until the storm was over. Then he would be ready for the absolute teaching which would show him that, even while it was raining, and there were dark clouds, the sun was not affected by them, but continued to shine.

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