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59 — WATCH lest you become a pillar of salt, in that you do not promptly and rightly complete each demonstration. No demonstration is finished if you look back to see the destruction of the error, since looking back carries the implication that, although the unreality of the error is now being demonstrated, it was once real.

Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy tells us, is divine Science reduced to human apprehension. The former carries the admission of a human problem, while the latter does not. No demonstration is finished until you retreat into divine Science and realize that no error ever existed, or even claimed to exist; hence there was nothing to be destroyed.

The pillar of salt in the case of Lot’s wife might have represented the unfruitfulness following a looking back to effect, when all attention should be given to cause, a clinging to Christian Science, when one should be rising to divine Science.

Mrs. Eddy once wrote to a student, “Now dear, a dream is not real! You have not been sick and cannot be sick. It is impossible, so I shall not worry. No mortal, however malicious can make a lie true, and if they tell you you are poisoned, it has no effect whatever, for a lie is not real, and you know this.”

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